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Release + Review - Traceless - Meli Raine

It's not against any formal rule for us to sleep together.
It is, however, strictly forbidden to have feelings for each other.
I can't do one without the other at this point.
Which means I am doomed.
When you don’t know who you can trust, reality distorts. It twists and oozes, disintegrating and reformulating to meet whatever needs its masters demand.
Just like me.
Just like Kina.
Except everything is different now that we know who we really are.
But there’s a second reality, you see.
This one can’t be manipulated.
It just is. Solid and true, it takes our mission, our training, our orders, turning them into nothing but secrets and lies.
And this new reality means my old reality is trying to kill everything I love.
Including her.

Jennifer's Review 

Next please? Traceless is the second book in the Stateless series. These books are meant to be read in order and together. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait for more.

The author of this series has a way of shaking a person to their core. She introduces us to this world then shifts it irrevocably. The characters are so dynamic and built on many layers that you never feel like you can get enough of them.

Add in the budding romance along with the mystery and high intensity of the overall plot and well I was on the edge of my seat. The writing style is perfect. The pace is great. 

In conclusion, i enjoyed this book. I cannot wait to reread it, along with the first book in preparation for the final book. Who knows what secrets I'll learn the second time around?

Ratings: Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5

Read the second book in USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine's new Stateless trilogy.
The Stateless Series also includes:
Stateless, Book 1 (Available 10.15.19)
Fateless, Book 3 (release date 12.26.19)

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Also available in audio narrated by Joe Arden & Andi Arndt
I pull her into my arms on impulse, her small sound of pain as her eyebrow brushes against my shoulder making me let go.
“No. It's okay. I like being close to you.”
“You do?”
We breathe into each other, mouths a few inches apart, her features blurring. An edge lives inside me, vibrant and real, relocating wherever it's needed. It divides me, making me know the difference between baseline calm and danger.
I want to live in baseline with her.
I want to live with her. Not co-exist.
She turns, somber and achingly present.
“We can't keep doing this.”
“Doing what?”
“Not talking about this.”
Instead of asking her what she means, I slide my hands to her waist, palms greedy at her curves. She's taut and fit, with more muscle than I can see. My hands find it, memorize it.
Want it.
“Let's talk, then.”
“We're breaking every rule.” Her eyes flit to the jammer bar on my wrist again.
“Once you’ve mastered the rules, you know when you have to break them.”
“We were never taught that.”

#1 Stateless

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#3 Fateless – Releasing December 26, 2019

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Meli Raine writes romantic suspense with hot bikers, intense undercover DEA agents, bad boys turned good, and Special Ops heroes — and the women who love them. Meli rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family.

Release + Review - A Billion Times No - Kenzie Reed


A Billion Times No by Kenzie Reed is available now!! #OneClick today!

His nickname’s Sexy Satan.
For the past three years I’ve called him boss.
So why is he telling everyone that he’s my boyfriend?
Working for Chase Lancaster was supposed to catapult my marketing career. Instead, I’m trapped in personal assistant hell. His hobbies include barking orders, torpedoing my advertising campaigns, and reducing the office staff to tears.

On a good day, he acts like I’m invisible. On a bad day, I remind myself arsenic is not an acceptable sweetener for coffee. And prison orange would be murder on my complexion.

Imagine my surprise when Chase follows me home to Bitter End, North Carolina, where I’m about to endure my ex-fiancé’s wedding.

The moment he chases off my date and offers to pose as my boyfriend, I know he's got a hidden agenda—especially when he plays the part a little too convincingly. Unfortunately, I have to play along to find out what he’s really up to.

To satisfy the town gossip squad, I’ll have to let him kiss me. Who knew Satan’s lips were so soft and inviting? And if we’re really playing the part, we’ll have to go to Lover’s Lane – testing my willpower beyond its limits.
The more time we spend together outside the office, though, the more I see a different side of him. He’s still bossy and demanding, but is it wrong that I find it kind of, well … hot?
This wedding is bound to be hell, so I might as well spend it in the arms of a sexy dev

Jennifer's Review 

Caught me by surprise! A Billion Times No was a great novel that sucked me in. I don't normally read this trope, but the blurb just made me want to read it. I was not disappointed. This is a stand-alone book.

This book has humor and romance, but also a bit of mystery. It definitely kept me guessing what was up. I hate to admit I was even wrong at times. With that being said I loved the characters and the heat between them. I was not so sure about this book in the beginning, but it quickly grew on me.

I enjoyed the writing style of this book. It is steady paced. Its told from a dual point of view. My only complaint would be I wish we had more from our male pov. I feel like it couldve really enhanced the story at time to hear from him. 

In conclusion, I enjoyed this book. I would not be opposed to reading it again. I would recommend this book to others.

Ratings: Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5


I’m two seconds away from bursting into tears when Chase slings his arm around my shoulders. I stiffen in shock—and something else. A strange heat floods my body, making me shiver.
He pulls me in close and leans down as if he’s about to whisper something sweet and romantic in my ear. “Relax, you moron. Do you want to sell this, or what? I’m your wedding date, not your kidnapper.”
My wedding date? He’d do that for me?
I’m completely discombobulated by this sudden turn of events, and the feeling of his warm breath on my ear, and his muscular arm wrapped tightly around my shoulders. And I still have no damned idea why he’s in Bitter End.


I'm a life-long reader of romance, and cut my teeth on Jennifer Crusie books (they were chewy, but flavorful.) I take in rescue dogs, and I've never met a dog I didn't want to add to my pack. I love a good rom com, whether it be in the form of screwball comedy movies from the 1930s, modern day Katherine Heigl/Meg Ryan/Reese Witherspoon/ et cetera laugh-fests, or books by my many favorite authors. I love to hear from readers, so please stop on by or and say hey!


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Release - His Royal Highness - R.S Grey

I’ve spent eight years wishing I’d fall out of love with Derek Knightley. Blowing out birthday candles, chasing after shooting stars, making it rain spare change into mall fountains—every time it’s the same wish: forget about Derek. 

But the day he walks back into my life, I realize there are two things time has yet to soften: my feelings for him and his chiseled jawline.

It’s infuriating that my heart still races when he walks into a room. I refuse to fall prey to old unrequited love, so I decide the less I’m around him, the better. Avoidance is key.

Unfortunately, Derek isn’t going to make it easy. As a teenager, I would have crawled on my hands and knees to attract his attention. Now I can’t seem to escape it.

I’m not sure why he’s bothering. He’s not just out of my league—he’s out of my tax bracket. As the sole heir to the Knightley Company, he’s as close to American royalty as you can get. As for me, I’m just a part-time princess at Knightley’s flagship magical theme park.

I spend my days playing make-believe, but Derek has no use for fairytales. His unwavering confidence makes it clear he thinks I’ll surrender in the end. 

He’s just biding his time.
Making me sweat. 

His Royal Highness always gets what he wants.
And he wants me.

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About R.S. Grey:
R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of thirteen novels, including THE FOXE & THE HOUND. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs, and can be found reading, binge-watching reality TV, or practicing yoga! Visit her at

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Release + Review - Filthy Rich - Julie Kriss

A billionaire. His assistant. And a game that could cost both their hearts

Aidan Winters. Gorgeous, brilliant, ruthless, and filthy rich. He’s known as the Man in Black, because New York’s most sought-after bachelor is icy perfection in an all-black suit.

As his executive assistant, I know his suit size, the security code to his penthouse, and the number to his private line. The only thing I don’t know is what would make him fall to his knees for a woman.

And then, one night, I discover Aidan’s sexy secret. And he discovers mine.

Now we play a very dirty game. By day, we’re all business. But by night… he’s not Aidan and I’m not me.

No emotions. No lies. Except for one.

If you think this is a story about a girl who hates her boss, think again.

Louise's Review 

Filthy Rich is book 1 in a new series, once i picked up this book i couldn't put it down; Kriss she has blown me away.

Samantha Riley is the best executive assistant in New York and now she is working for the Man in Black himself; Aiden Winters. A high-powered CEO Aiden is living the bachelor life, during the day he is feared and by night he is a mystery. When their attraction leads them to playing a game when lines become blurred and the game starts to be more than fake names and roles how will they handle reality?

Kriss is a new to me author and I could not put this book down, I cannot wait to get my hands on more from this series.

Star Ratings; Plot: 5/5  Characters: 5/5  Heat: 5/5  Writing Style: 5/5  Overall: 5/5

Start reading Filthy Rich today!
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Book 2 in the series - SEXY AS SIN - is up for preorder exclusively on Apple!


We stood there, our gazes locked, and I felt the same way I had the last time, when we’d played the game. I let myself feel the pure intoxication of being close to him, of wanting him. Of knowing that he wanted me. My body throbbed, and I felt purely alive. This gorgeous man was going to have me. I wasn’t sure where or how, which made it thrilling. I just knew it was going to happen, and it was going to be amazing.
I never wanted this game to end.

Julie loves reading and writing hot, sexy romances with awesome alpha heroes. Her favorite things are books, coffee, her perfect cat, and her husband, not necessarily in that order. She's a writing addict who is always hard at work on her next steamy romance.

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Release + Review - Trying to Score - Kendall Ryan

Teddy King excels at many things. Playing hockey. Check. Scoring on and off the ice. Check. Being stupidly attractive ... Double check.

Despite his demanding schedule, he still finds time to annoy me. I knew him way back when. Before he was the guy everyone wanted a piece of, he was just a rebellious college co-ed and one of my more energetic study partners.

But secrets have a way of getting out, and a steamy encounter from our college days (that we probably shouldn't have filmed) is about to cause a major scandal. Unless we can work together to stop it.

Teddy’s no stranger to hard work … but the thing he wants most?

Is me.

Note: This high-heat standalone is chock-full of scorching banter and steamy good times. He's a testosterone-dripping hockey player who wants a second chance. She's a tough as nails attorney intent on making partner. Frienemies to lovers. No cliffhanger. Enjoy!

Your favorite hot jocks are back with an all new stand-alone novel. If you like sexy, confident men who know how to handle a stick (on and off the ice), and smart women who are strong enough to keep all those big egos in check, this series is perfect for you!

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Johnaka's Review 
“Second chances, 5 stars”

Teddy and Sara knew each other back in college. In fact some might say they had a thing in college…if anyone knew that is. It’s their little secret that they’ve been ignoring until someone else finds out and puts both Teddy and Sara’s professional lives in jeopardy with a secret they share. Will they be able to stop the scandal? What about Teddy’s ever-present feelings for Sara, will he be able to convince her to give him a shot? Only one way to tell..

I adored Teddy and Sara. The chemistry between them was always silently humming between the two. Now they actually have a reason to explore it. Ryan weaved a story for these two that pulled me in and cross my fingers hoping they would find their HEA. To date I will have to say Trying to Score is my favorite Hot Jock Series. You will not regret reading it and you don’t have to read the other two books in the series before, but I do recommend it.

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

Louise's Review 
Ready to Score is book 3 in the Hot Jocks Series, a standalone 2nd chance love book. 

Teddy is living his best life, when he receives a message that will affect not only his life but someone he cares about very much. Sara is achieving her goal, she is on the track to be the first female to make partner at her firm. When a Teddy & Sara’s past relationship is put front and centre damage control is a must to protect both them. This scandal will either bring them closer towards a HEA or will it fall apart in public? 

I personally loved this book, Ryan continues to write sexy alphas and strong woman which is always a winner in my book. 

I cannot wait to read the next instalment, Crossing the Line. 

Star Ratings; Plot: 5/5  Characters: 5/5  Heat: 5/5  Writing Style: 5/5  Overall: 5/5

About Kendall Ryan

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than three dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 3 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world.
Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than 70 times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras.

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Release + Review - Insatiable - Melanie Harlow

“Absolute magic!”
—Helena Hunting, New York Times bestselling author 

Insatiable, an all-new fun and flirty friends to lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow is available now! 

I didn’t mean to see him naked--it was an accident.

It had to be, right?

Because Noah McCormick and I have never been anything more than friends. In all the years I’ve known him, he’s never once laid a finger on me. And even though he was a cute lifeguard at 16 and a hotter-than-hell sheriff’s deputy at 34, he's always been that protective guy I could trust to keep his hands to himself. I never wanted to mess with that.

Until I walked in on him getting out of the shower and saw his hard, muscular body totally bare and dripping wet. At that moment I never wanted to mess with anything so badly in my entire life. 

I should have covered my eyes. Said I was sorry. At the very least, I could have handed him a towel.

After all, I was only in town for a few days, and he was just doing me a favor by escorting me to my sister’s wedding. It wasn’t a real date. 

But I didn’t apologize. And he didn’t cover up.

(Talk about a hot mess.)

After all those years of being just friends, suddenly we’re insatiable.

He’s made it clear he’s not interested in romance. Which is fine with me because 
I’ve got a plane ticket back to my real life at the end of the week. 

It’s all in fun...or is it?

Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
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Johnaka's Review 
“Best friends to lovers, 5 stars”

Meg and Noah have been friends since they were teenagers. The best of friends, the kind who will drop everything when the other needs them. And over the years they have never once crossed that thin line…but now in their 30s its too tempting. They say best friends make for the best lovers, will that be true for Noah and Meg or will they ruin decades worth of friendship over some chemistry?

I floved Noah and Meg. I loved how Meg was independent and driven. I loved how Noah just knew how to read her and did his own thing. When they were together it was kind of like time stopped. Harlow sucked me in from the get go. I wanted these two together BAD. There were a couple times I wanted to slap Noah upside the head, but you know what its okay because he was scared. I love small town romances and Insatiable definitely falls into that category. I hope you enjoy Insatiable as much as I did.

Plot- 5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

Louise's Review 

Insatiable is book 3 in the Cloverleigh Farm Series, a standalone best friend to lover’s romance. 

Meg and Noah have always been best friends, they have always been there for each other even after she moved away; a drop everything and be there for one another friendship that is hard to find. 
When Meg comes home to visit the chemistry between them spark something that will either make or break their friendship.

I personally loved these two characters; I was rooting for them from the beginning hoping that they would both find their happily ever after. 

Harlow has me hook line and sinker, I can’t wait for read more from her in the future. 

Star Ratings; Plot: 5/5  Characters: 5/5  Heat: 5/5  Writing Style: 5/5  Overall: 5/5


Sawyer?” I said in disbelief. 
Breaking into a huge grin, she started to run. 
I was still standing there in shock when she barreled into me, throwing her arms around my neck. She smelled fucking fantastic. Feminine, sweet, delectable. 
“What are you doing here?” I asked, trying to hug her back without getting sweat or paint on her. “I thought you didn’t get in until Thursday.”
“I changed my ticket.” She let go just enough to smile up at me impishly. “I’m glad to see you too.”
I laughed. “I’m glad to see you. You just surprised me is all.”
“That was my plan.” She stepped back, and I figured my odor was probably repulsing her. 
“I stink, sorry. I went for a run earlier and I never showered. Then I painted the garage.”
“I never mind the smell of sweat. It means hard work.” She brightened. “Will you run tomorrow? I’d love to go with you.
“Sure. We can run tomorrow. I’m off again.”
“Great! Although I’m probably way out of shape.” She made a face. “My work schedule is so crazy, I don’t run as much as I used to.”
“You look great,” I told her. And it was true—she did look great. Maybe not quite as skinny as the last time I’d seen her, but the added curves looked good on her. My eyes wandered without my brain’s permission to her slightly fuller chest and rounder hips. Quickly, I attempted to look at her face again, but then my gaze lingered on her mouth. I remembered what it had looked like the other night in my fantasy as she’d wrapped her lips around my cock and moaned like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. 
My dick twitched beneath my running shorts, and I cleared my throat. “You’ve got a favorite murder? Is there something I need to know?”
She glanced down at her shirt and smiled. “It’s a podcast about true crime. I’m addicted.”
“Never heard of it.”
A sound of exasperation escaped her. “You live under a rock! I can’t believe you’re still not on social media.”
“Yes, you can.”
“Okay, I can, but it makes it really hard to stalk you.” 
I shook my head. “People like you are exactly why I don’t want to be on social media.”
She hit me on the shoulder. “I’m kidding! I just want to keep up with your life. I miss you.”
“So come home more often. Talk to my face.”
She grinned. “I do like seeing your face. Want to go grab a beer? Maybe some food?”

About Melanie

Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her heels high, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she's not writing or reading, she gets her kicks from TV series like VEEP, Game of Thrones, Succession, and Homeland. She occasionally runs three miles, but only so she can have more gin and steak.

Melanie is the author of the ONE & ONLY series, the AFTER WE FALL series, the HAPPY CRAZY LOVE series, the FRENCHED series, and the sexy historical SPEAK EASY duet, set in the 1920s. She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and pet rabbit.

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