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Release + Review - Dark Prince - Michelle Hercules

There are only two ways a human can cross the gates of Bloodstone Institute: as a familiar to one of the blueblood vampires who attend the elite school or as a snack.

I’m neither, but I have to get in at all costs. My brother made a big mistake, and now I have to fix it by stealing from the most powerful and cruel vampire to ever come to Bloodstone, Lucca Della Morte. If that wasn’t almost suicidal, I need to get it done before the spell concealing my human nature wears off.

But I forget that I’m only pretending to be a vampire. I’m still human and susceptible to Lucca’s dangerous allure. His darkness calls to my soul. His savagery makes my blood sing. I’m falling for the dark prince, craving him in a visceral way that’s frightening and exciting at the same time.

If he discovers my secret, he’ll destroy me. And yet, I can’t help wanting to get closer. I never thought I had a death wish until I met him.

Jennifer's Review 
Don't we all want a dark prince? Dark Prince is a paranormal novel that has a lot of great character development and world building. I enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the next one.

The plot if this book was very engaging. I loved the paranormal aspects. The prince in the story is an interesting one. He is a jerk at first, but there is more than meets the eye. I liked that about him. Our girl is amazing as well. I loved her tenacity.

The heat in the story is perfect. I also really liked the writing style. The way the author peeled back each layer of the story, keeping us wanting more. 

Overall, thank you for this book. It was amazing and I cannot wait to see the next story.

Ratings: Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5


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Author Information:
Michelle Hercules always knew creative arts were her calling but not in a million years did she think she would become an author. With a background in fashion design she thought she would follow that path. But one day, out of the blue, she had an idea for a book. One page turned into ten pages, ten pages turned into a hundred, and before she knew, her first novel, The Prophecy of Arcadia, was born.
Michelle Hercules resides in The Netherlands with her husband and daughter. She is currently working on the Legends of Gattica series.

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Release + Review - Charmer - Kayley Loring

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Charmer by Kayley Loring is LIVE!!  You will be enchanted by this steamy romantic comedy about Nico, a dreamy singer-songwriter who falls hard for a single mom and her young son! #OneClick today!


She serves me coffee late at night when I come around to write lyrics,
but it’s not the caffeine I’ve gotten addicted to.

We’ve got the spark, but she’s the only woman in town
who seems to be immune to my charms.

When it’s time for me to leave for my cross-country tour,
I just can’t imagine not seeing her for months.

So I offer her a job on the road with me.


Everyone in LA knows that Nico Todd has a way with songs and with the ladies.

What he doesn’t know is that I would love to let him have his way with me.

But my life can only revolve around one infuriatingly cute guy—
the six-year-old that I live with.

Imagine my surprise when Nico finds out about my little boy
and tells me to bring him and my mom on the road too.

And imagine Nico’s surprise when he realizes my son
is the biggest charmer of them all.

Cover Designer: Stacy Garcia, Graphics by Stacy

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Johnaka's Review 
“Musician and the waitress, 5 stars”

I would like to start off that Kat is so much more than a waitress, she’s a lady boss. But to learn more about that than you need to read Charmer. I absolutely enjoyed Charmer. Loring pulled me in with Nico and his fun self who falls for Kat who is oh so serious. Not because she wants to be but because she has to be. I sped through Charmer like the pages were on fire and when I finished, I sighed in contentment. I cannot wait to see what Loring does next.

Nico can’t help but find himself in Kat’s workplace. He drinks coffee late at night while writing lyrics and watching her work. Is she into him? Is he crazy? When they finally run into each other outside of her job things change. Nico has one goal and that’s to make Kat his. He doesn’t care about her “baggage” he just wants her.

Kat is attracted to Nico, there’s no denying that. But her life isn’t all sunshine and roses and easy. Her life is messy. Just the simple fact that Nico wants her, Kat the woman makes her smile. Will he still want her when he realizes there’s more to her than what meet the eye? When he offers up the chance of a lifetime will she take it?

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

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I may have studied to be on the wrong side of the camera, because I am the Meryl Streep of acting like I don’t want to lock myself in a closet with Nico Todd and lick him all over.
I can feel his beautiful brown eyes on me as I walk away, but I’m not going to look back at him. If I look back at him, he’ll think I’m flirting. And I’m not flirting. I’m just a really awesome waitress who obsesses about the well-being and voice and eyelashes and butt and hands and full lips of all my customers. I check in with my other table to see if these non-Nico people want anything else, and quickly glance over my shoulder at him.
He’s scribbling in his notebook. Not looking at me. Good. Why should he? 
But praise the Disney gods, he grew up good. I wasn’t a huge fan of that wizard show—always more of a movie nerd—but I watched the first season if I was at home when it was on. I was thirteen and my friends had pictures of Shane Miller and Nico Todd up in their lockers. I may have had Annie Leibovitz portraits and stills from Ken Burns documentaries taped to mine, but I had eyes and hormones. Still do! 
I didn’t recognize him immediately the first time I saw him walk into the coffee shop, but my stomach flipped in a way that it hadn’t in years. We get all kinds of celebrities in here pretty much every night, because Beachwood is that kind of neighborhood. It’s a casual hipster restaurant, so most people roll in here wearing T-shirts and jeans, unless they’re talent agency doucheholes. But some people look better in T-shirts and jeans than others. Some people have that glow about them, even in a dimly lit retro coffee shop. And all the other waitresses who were on that shift were talking about Nico in the back of the house. It seemed like every one of them knew someone or had heard about someone who’d been out with him—once or twice. I’ve been somewhat out of the loop for about six years, so that was the first I’d heard of him becoming a musician, and that was when I knew for certain that he’d be off-limits for me. 
But I mean, it’s my job to take good care of him while he’s here. And to occasionally wonder what the fuck he’s up to when he isn’t here. And to think about him every time I take a shower. 
Because once I had listened to him on Spotify, I became a fan.
I fell in love with the songs and tried to stay detached from the singer.
Which is impossible, because he’s so good. His voice is sexy, sure, but he has this way of singing with his whole heart and soul even though he isn’t usually belting things out. And he’s got magic fingers because the way he plays guitar—I swear it feels like he’s strumming my clitoris. His songs are cool but warm at the same time, like an ice cream sundae. They’re all about women, of course, and it’s so easy to close your eyes and picture him singing to you. Even the songs that are about things not working out with a girl are somehow poignant and swoony.
But by the tenth time I’d listened to every song on all of his albums, I realized something: even though he writes and sings love songs—he never once says the words “I love you.”
Which is why he’d be nothing but trouble.
But I can still appreciate his talent when I’m alone, in the privacy of my bedroom.
I can still have a crush on him.
Everyone needs a little crush to get through the day.

Before writing steamy romantic comedy novels, Kayley Loring got a BFA in creative writing from a Canadian university and had a fifteen-year career as a screenwriter in Los Angeles (under a different name). She mostly wrote PG-13 family comedies that studios would pay her lots of money for and then never make into movies. In 2017 she decided to move to the Pacific Northwest and write about all the fun stuff that she wasn't allowed to write about in those PG-13 scripts. Now she’s breathing cleaner air and writing dirtier words. It’s an adjustment she’s happily getting used to.


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Release + Review - Beautiful Vengeance - Keylea Cross


BEAUTIFUL VENGEANCE by Kaylea Cross is available now!

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They made her into the perfect weapon.

Kiyomi Tanaka is the final piece needed to unlock the deadly threat stalking the remaining Valkyries. After years of sacrifice as the ultimate femme fatale, she’s prepared to give up everything to find justice. But suddenly that’s not such an easy choice anymore, because now she has more to lose than she ever thought possible: her freedom, the family she’s always longed for…and the wounded warrior who’s stolen her heart.

Now she’s coming after them.

Marcus Laidlaw survived captivity, torture and certain death because of a Valkyrie. Now his solitary existence has been turned upside down by a team of them determined to hunt down the corrupt government officials who stole their lives. He’ll do whatever he can to protect them, but there’s one Valkyrie he’d do anything for—a brave, beautiful survivor who showed him what it means to live again. And when the unknown threat hovering over them is finally revealed, Marcus will be forced to do the unthinkable to save the woman he loves.

Johnaka's Review 
“The end, 5 stars”

Can I just say that I am sad to see the end of the Valkyries? This series is what introduced me to Cross and I couldn’t be more thankful. Beautiful Vengeance is packed with action, growth, and heat. I loved Marcus and Kiyomi. Both damaged in their own ways who have to let all that go and embrace one another. Beautiful Vengeance made both of them look hard in the mirror and dang did it make you feel. If you take a chance on Beautiful Vengeance you won’t regret it.

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

Add it to your TBR Pile

About the author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge-of-your-seat military romantic suspense. Her work has won many awards, including the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence. A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and family.

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Release + Review - Mum's the Word - Staci Hart

THE TIME HAS COME!! Mum's The Word is available NOW!

I cannot even with these brothers, and I am so sad to see the series end! This twist on Pride and Prejudice is sure to spark an obsession, and now that the final book is live, you can binge the whole series! Don't walk, RUN, and snag this brand new book from Staci Hart today!

Johnaka's Review 
“the most serious Bennet, 5 stars”

Marcus is the most serious of his siblings and he will do whatever he needs to do for his family business to thrive once again. Bower though is willing to fight dirty to make that never happen. When Marcus is literally hit with love, he didn’t expect her to be the enemy’s daughter. Star crossed lovers and all that jazz. But soon Marcus realizes you cannot bury your feelings no matter how hard you try.

Ugh! I want to equal parts shake Hart and hug her. I loved Mum’s the Word! I love how once Marcus says screw it, he really is all in. Maisie his heroine is absolutely perfect for him and fits in so well with him family. I floved the Bennet Brothers series and I’m ridiculously sad to see it go even though I know Hart will give us the last two siblings love stories in a different series.

Harts one of those trusted one-click authors for me and once again she didn’t disappoint. I hope you love Mum’s the Word as much as I did.

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

Mum's the Word (Bennet Brothers #3)- Available NOW! 

Binge the series! 
Coming Up Roses (Bennet Brothers #1)

Gilded Lily (Bennet Brothers #2)

Staci Hart

Release + Review - Frat House Confessions: Brody - Bethany Lopez

▶ Giveaway: Enter to win a signed copy of FRAT HOUSE CONFESSIONS: RIDGE, WES and BRODY!

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She’s looking for someone with a rich character, not bank account…
Emma’s life has not been easy. Rather than using her disadvantages as a crutch, they have fueled her passion for helping others. She believes in working hard, loves her brother unconditionally, and has no time in her busy life for a certain cocky playboy who has obviously never been denied a thing in his life.
He’s searching for something, but isn’t sure what…
Brody may come across as a fast-talking rich boy with a sweet car. He’s secured a position in the hottest frat on campus and has the attitude of a guy who’s never known what it’s like to go without. So, yeah, it’s a pretty accurate description. But there’s more to the youngest Temple brother than meets the eye.
When Brody keeps showing up in Emma’s world, her initial assumption is that he’s still playing games. As his confessions come to light, Emma starts to see beneath the surface. Will it be enough to change her perception of him? And will she be able to teach Brody that love is worth more than all his money can buy?


Johnaka's review 
“The youngest Temple meets his match, 5 stars”

Brody can admit it’s a little awkward having feelings for someone whose brother your frat booted. But they had their reasons and they were all legitimate even if Emma doesn’t see it that way. When Brody takes on a new role for the frat, he gets to spend more time with Emma. His feelings become stronger, the question is, is her opinion of him changing for the good?

Brody is everything Emma hates... or so she thought. When she finally gets to know the man, he is she can’t help but fall for him. Will they last or are they doomed from the start? How will her brother handle this change in development? Only one way to find out.

I loved Brody and Emma. They were similar yet opposite. Lopez reminds us not to judge a book by its cover in Frat House Confessions: Brody. I hope you enjoy this group as much as I do and I cannot wait to see what Lopez does next in this series.

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5


Bethany Lopez is a USA Today Bestselling author of more than thirty books and has been published since 2011. She's a lover of all things romance, which she incorporates into the books she writes, no matter the genre. 
When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with family and traveling whenever possible. 
Bethany can usually be found with a cup of coffee or glass of wine at hand, and will never turn down a cupcake!


Release + Review - Piper Rayne - A Royal Mistake

He’s not your average Joe from the corner bar.
He’s the heir to the crown.

I should know, I’ve followed him for years. 
Not in a stalkerish way. Magazines and online gossip blogs are fair game when you’re royalty.
But I do know every detail about him, down to the brand of boxer briefs he wears. 

All my studying  of the man who plays a starring role in my dreams pays off when I win a dinner with him. As if that wasn’t enough, he barters a deal with me that has him moving into my spare guest room.

I forgot that fairytales don’t exist though because just as I’m about to get everything I want, including the prince, I find out there’s someone in Prince Adrian Marx’s life I don’t know—his fiancΓ©e.

Johnaka's Review 
“A prince and the reporter, 5 stars”

Prince Adrian would rather be anywhere but here about to meet the woman who won a date with him. Then he sees Sierra, gets to know her, and she captivates him. He’s never wanted his title but Sierra really tempts him to walk away from it. The question is will he? Is he just enamored with her or is this thing between Sierra and him the real deal?

Okay so Sierra might have a tiny thing for Prince Adrian. It’s mainly because he intrigues her though. First impression? Not great. The second though she could see it. A reluctant date turns into so much more than she could have ever imagined. When things start to get serious will Sierra pull back like she’s done in past relationships? Or will she actually give the prince a shot?

I enjoyed A Royal Mistake. The banter between the two was awesome. The Rooftop Crew totally embraced Adrian and made sure to push Sierra when she needed pushed. Piper and Rayne weaved a story that sucked me in and then spit me out at the end. I cannot wait to see what they do next. If you love a good royal story about a prince who doesn’t fit the mold look no further.

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

Louise's Review
A Royal Mistake is book 2 in ‘The Rooftop Crew’ Series; i couldn’t wait to get my hands-on Adrian and Sierra’s story.

Win a date with a Prince every girls fantasy, until you meet the Prince and he isn’t at all what you thought. Adrian was not interested in this date until he met Sierra and got to know her; he never wanted to be King especially if that meant he had to marry someone he didn’t love his parents being a shining example of that. Giving up everything for true love without putting his siblings or anyone he cares about in a position they don’t want might be the hardest choice he has ever made.

I personally really enjoyed this story, after meeting Sierra in book 1 she has redeemed herself and we finally get the real Sierra. I am looking forward to reading book 3 ‘The Rival Roomies’; Dylan & Rian’s story.

Star Ratings; Plot: 4/5 Characters: 4/5 Heat: 4/5 Writing Style: 4/5 Overall: 4/5

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About the Author:
Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have "Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle" ( caught us, that's our tagline). A little about us... We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We're both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We're both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

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Release + Review - Through the Water - Shannon Myers

Ten years ago, I saved his life.

The daughter of a megachurch pastor, I always assumed that the walls were there to protect me. Now, I see that they're meant to hold me captive. My father's followers were my family, his church my home, and his teachings my law.

When Killian re-entered my life, I was nineteen. A lost soul in need of a savior. He started out as a distraction. A distraction that quickly grew into compulsion. I tried to stay away, but he stirred up something within me that was more real than anything I ever experienced inside the church.

What happens when a girl from the inside falls in love with a boy on the outside?

He's a baseball player, known around the entire world, and I'm—well, I'm nothing more than a hostage of my faith.


Perhaps it's fitting that his name means church as he is my sanctuary.

Ten years ago, I saved his life. If only he could save mine.

Johnaka's Review 

“I can’t even, 3 stars”

Let me start off by saying that Through the Water was in no way bad. I just don’t think I was in the right mind set when I read it which is why it gets a three. I enjoyed the characters and their dynamic. I liked the twists and turns. I just didn’t love it. But like I said that could just be me and the mood I was in when I started it.

Killian is all about baseball. When he gets hurt and ends up in rehab he didn’t expect to his soulmate. Ariana is the quiet obedient daughter of a mega-church pastor who is in the rehab center after a bad car accident. She’s never clicked with a man before and for her to do so with Killian is…uncomfortable. He pulls her out of her shell. But when her family’s secrets come to light and Killian’s baseball career is put on the line will these two be able to weather the storm?

Plot-3/5 Characters-3/5 Heat-3/5 Writing style-3/5 Overall-3/5

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Meet Shannon Myers:
Shannon is a born and raised Texan. She grew up inventing clever stories, usually to get herself out of trouble. Her mother was not amused. In junior high, she began writing fractured fairy tales from the villain's point of view and that was the moment she knew that she was going to use her powers for evil instead of good.

In 2003, she moved to Denver and met the love of her life. After some relentless stalking and a few well-timed sarcastic remarks, the man eventually gave in to her charms and wifed her so hard. They welcomed a son in 2007 that they named after their favorite Marvel superhero, Spiderman.

Sick of seeing beautiful mountains through their window every day, the three escaped back to the desolate landscape of the west Texas desert in 2009. She welcomed her second son not long after and soon realized that being surrounded by three men was nothing at all like she'd imagined in her fantasies.

After an unplanned surgery in 2014 and a long pity party, she decided to pen a novel about the worst thing that could happen to a person in order to cheer herself up. She's twisted like that. Thus, From This Day Forward was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Not only does Shannon enjoy stalking people, she also has a fondness for being stalked. Find her on your favorite social media site to keep up with the latest schemes and shenanigans.

Connect with Shannon Myers:

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Release + Review - The Model - Harlow Layne

The Model by Harlow Layne is LIVE! This is a hot and sexy reverse age gap (younger man/older woman ;) office romance that will steam up your Kindle! #OneClick today!

The moment I heard Ryder’s voice I was a goner.

As a photographer, I was used to working with beautiful people, but Ryder Williams was the most perfect male specimen that had ever stood before me. I knew without a doubt it would take no time at all for him to be the next big thing... or for him to steal my heart.

Model and photographer, we shouldn’t cross that line, but there was no stopping the passion we felt. Nothing else mattered. Not the age difference. Not that he was a client. Not even our pasts.

After my assistant caught us together, he was gone. I tried to put him out of my head, until fate threw him back into my life and my bed.

Time and time again we’re brought together, should I keep fighting or finally accept what my heart wants?

Louise's Review 
The Model is a standalone age gap romance that makes you fall in love with these 2 characters.

Lexie is a well-respected Photographer, when she comes face to face with the model she is taken back by him, never feeling this must instant chemistry with someone before. When Ryder’s career takes off thanks to Lexie’s amazing photography skills he still cant get her out of his head, they end up meeting up and starting something neither of them want to admit to more to each other. When a picture tells a thousand words everything falls apart leaving them both wondering how they got to this point.

Can they get the truths before its too late?

I personally really enjoyed this story, Layne is a new to me author and has done an amazing job with Lexie and Ryder; their chemistry was on point and I thoroughly enjoyed the age gap troupe.

I can’t wait to read more from Layne in the future.

Star Ratings; Plot: 4/5 Characters: 4/5 Heat: 4/5 Writing Style: 4/5 Overall: 4/5

Amazon Universal ➜

To celebrate The Model’s release, Harlow Layne is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card. 
Goodreads Giveaway:

Harlow Layne is a hopeless romantic who writes sweet and sexy alpha males who will make you swoon.

Harlow wrote fanfiction for years before she decided to try her hand at a story that had been swimming in her head for years.

When Harlow's not writing you'll find her online shopping on Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram, reading, or hanging out with her family and two dogs.


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