Sunday, November 20, 2016

REVIEW - Peace, Love, Resistance - Jettie Woodruff

TITLE - Peace Love Resistance
AUTHOR - Jettie Woodruff


My name is Tobias Thomas Sheffield. 

I would like to tell you a story about the girl 
who changed my life forever. 
This is deeper than a love story, 
this is a connection that most never find; 
something that occurs once every few lifetimes or so. 
I was written in her, she was written in me, we were written in the stars. 
Before you invest your time in our story, 
I should warn you. If you don’t believe in love at 
first sight or you rely on an unbending system 
to give your life a false sense of security and meaning, 
you should probably skip our story. 
On the contrary, if you can get to know us with an open mind, 
pretend for a little bit that you may have been 
systematically lied to your entire life, 
then my hope is that Tristan will have the same impact 
on you as she did me. I’m a better man because of her, 
and I hope that you find something potentially life-changing in her as well. 
She made me someone I didn’t know I wanted to be. 
For her. For me. For humanity. 


I am currently sitting here wondering what in the heck I just read, and I mean that in a positive way. Peace, Love, and Resistance came onto my radar thanks to one of my favorite authors. She recommended this story so I jumped at the chance to review it, and I’m glad I did. I don’t remember the last time a book made me question the way I look at things. 

The Heroine Tristan is an activist, but even the word activist doesn't do her justice. She is all about opening people's eyes and getting them to see the bigger picture in life. Tristan is the most passionate heroine I've read in ages. Ranging from what we put into our bodies, to what the media sets us out to believe, be it true or false. There were times I thought she was a little too hardcore but I still got it.

Tobias starts out as this angry kid but definitely grows into himself. With Tristan’s help he opens his eyes and lets go of the anger he carries towards his family. The love connection is out of this world. Ty would do anything for Tristan and her son. I think my favorite part was that he loved her son just as much as he loved her.

I would definitely recommend Peace, Love, and Resistance to someone with an open mind. You can go from healing crystals, conspiracy theories, to something called twin flames. Tristan and Ty don’t have it easy and they struggle along the way, but I think the outcome was worth it.

I cannot wait to read more from Jettie Woodruff.

Here are two quotes that clicked with me from Peace, Love, and Resistance;

“That’s because you have. We’re twin flames. We’ve loved each other for a long time, many lifetimes from our pasts.”

“I watched you move a worm from the sidewalk to the dirt. I’m not afraid of you, so try again. At least tell me where you came from.”

Star Ratings:

Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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