Wednesday, February 3, 2016

REVIEW - Hearts On Fire - Cole Jaimes

Title - Hearts on Fire
Author - Cole Jaimes


Of course it was never going to be perfect. 
Of course it was always going to be wrong.
When Essie Floyd snuck out of his apartment in the early hours of the morning, Aidan Callahan pretended he was still out cold. The truth was he’d never even fallen asleep. How could he, when the girl he should never have developed feelings for, a girl he never thought he’d get, was finally lying in his arms?
It was obvious she was going to run.
Ever since she walked into his office, she’s playing games.
Now only one question remains:
Will she stop playing long enough to realize this thing between them is real?

How could she do it?
How could she enjoy it?
Guilt is a wicked thing. It will never leave Essie be. It’s not the intense, incredible sex that’s tearing her apart, though. Sex has always been a weapon, a tool, something to be used as and when necessary. No, it’s not the sex.
It’s how she felt when Aidan was inside her. How she felt when he kissed her so deeply. How safe she felt when she woke in his arms.
Her wretched heart has betrayed her, and not only that. It’s betrayed her brother, too. Now, the only way to make amends is to focus on her original plan:
She must break Aidan Callahan at all costs. If she doesn’t, she’ll never be able to forgive herself.

What I thought

When I first agreed to read Hearts on Fire I didn't realize that it was the second book about one couple. I was worried that I would be incredibly lost in this book. Thankfully I wasn't. Cole Jaimes gave enough back story to help understand why the two main characters were the way they were.

Aidan Callahan is a man of honor and integrity. When his brother fell asleep at the wheel killing their parents, himself, and another driver he packed up his life and moved home to take over the family business. Also he made sure that the other drivers only living relative was taken care of. Only he was attracted to Essie. Can he win her over and claim her as his?

Essie has dedicated the last five years to finding every dirty thing out about Aidan and his deceased family. His brother killed her brother. The only person she had left in the world. Only problem is she's starting to like him. The sex is fantastic, but he's the man that she plans to take down. His family ruined her life so she wants to ruin his. But can she? Or will her feelings get in the way.

There were two things I didn't like about this book. I felt like the conversation between the two main characters was kind of stilted. I don't know why but I didn’t feel like it was how a real conversation sounds. Unless your listening to two very awkward people. The other thing I didn’t like was you never really got to know any of the secondary characters. Essie only talked to her best friend in this book once, I don’t know about you but I talk to mine a lot more then that. And you had no one from Aidan’s side. It was just weird to me.

Nonetheless it was still a decent book. 

Here are some snip bits that caught my attention;
“She’s so beautiful. I often find myself wishing there was another word , another more effective word for describing how stunning she is.”
“I love that she finally feels like she can curl up next to me, and I love that even though I’m no longer inside of her, it still feels like we’re connected, like we’ve merged and become one, into something bigger than ourselves and more important than an orgasm.”
“Even before I open my eyes to the early sunlight that is just peeking through the curtains, I know that she’s still here, still in my arms. I can’t help the smile that spreads over my face.”

Star Ratings
Plot - 3/5
Heat - 3/5

Characters - 2/5
Writing style - 3/5
Overall Ratings - 3/5


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