Tuesday, August 9, 2016

REVIEW - Luke's Dream - Melissa Haag


Luke’s been kicked in the teeth by fate enough to know: nice guys finish last.  He’s done being nice and waiting for his due. 

Finding Bethony, another potential Mate, was supposed to be his chance at a true Mate. However, she’s young and afraid and needs time to get to know him first. Bethony has different plans. She’s willing to Claim Luke, but only to stop her terrifying dreams; she’s not interested in love or romance. 

The closer the pair get to the Compound, the deeper the danger becomes. Luke isn’t the only wolf looking for Bethi. He must choose between Bethi’s safety and peace of mind, or his dream of finding a true Mate.


Melissa Haag has done it again! Luke’s Dream is an amazing book. I absolutely loved it! 

This book is the 3rd book in the companion series to her Judgment of Six series. Melissa has done a spectacular job of writing these companion books in a way that still follows the story line, but also offers a different perspective that refreshes the story rather than making it feel repetitive. Luke’s Dream is the companion to Unwise.

Luke’s Dream is told from Luke’s perspective. We all fell in love with this British hunk when we really got to know him in Unwise. Bethi has such an interesting perspective that I didn’t think that reading Luke’s would give me much. Boy was I wrong. Luke is such an in depth character, even more than I realized. By being able to read the story from his point of view, we are able to learn more about him and his past then we did through Bethi’s view. Especially since Bethi has such a weight on her shoulder as it is, she really doesn’t have much time to get to know Luke’s past. It was really nice being able to get that layer by reading from Luke’s point of view.

We already watched these characters develop in Unwise, but watching it from Luke’s point of view and really understanding his motivations behind his actions truly added to the story. While there were plenty of times I was hitting my forehead and thinking, come on Luke, wise up and stop being an idiot, there were also times I was thinking about how his actions are sweet. I honestly think that he sticks to his morals, which is admirable, but I think he does it because he wants to do what he thinks is best for both him and Bethi. While this is frustrating, I can understand why he does it. 

The heat in this book is more of a slow burn. We go from these two people not knowing each other, to them learning more about each other than they can imagine in a short period of time. I don’t mean their likes and dislikes and where they grew up. I mean being thrown into an impossible situation and having to learn to trust and depend on each other really changes people. The people in these situations tend to develop a connection due to the things they have seen and been through. I really enjoyed watching these two go through the trenches and learn about each other in that way.

Overall, I absolutely adored this book. There wasn’t one thing I could complain about it. The characters are comical and unique, while the storyline is furthered by writing the companion. We actually learned a little bit more about the main plot of the series by reading this book. I loved that Melissa adds in more about the main plot into each companion book because it just adds to the whole world that she has created. Melissa Haag is a very talented author and I cannot wait to see where she takes us next.

Star Ratings: 
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

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