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REVIEW - Meant To Be Mine by Sarah King

Meant To Be Mine
Sarah King 


What happens when the lines of friendship are crossed? 
Ben has been friends with Callie for fifteen years. He’s also been in love with her. There was never a right time to tell her…until now. When her current relationship ends, can he summon the courage to tell her or will he lose everything? 
After her relationship of three years comes to an abrupt halt, Callie swears she’s done with men. They’ve all let her down…except for Ben. He’s always been there for her. But when she starts to feel something more, is she willing to take a chance? 
With their relationship on the line, can these friends overcome the challenges to find what they deserve…what’s been in front of them all along? 

My Thoughts

Meant to Be Mine is a good romance novel. Sarah King is a good writer that was able to bring this cute story of two people who have grown up together and whose feelings have changed over time. I really liked the idea and plot behind this book. I think that as a young girl with an older sibling, I found myself hoping that one day his friends might notice me. This book allows me to live out those dreams. With that being said there were some parts of this book I did not like and things I felt could be improved.
I really liked how Sarah started off the book doing slight time jumps to show us quickly (kind of like a montage) the interactions Callie and Ben have had over the years. I especially liked that while she did this, she told it in dual point of views so we could be inside both Callie and Ben’s head and see how they were reacting to the situations.  It added a depth and complexity to the story which really had me intrigued. The whole plot itself was good as well. I really liked how the author presented these two characters and how they interacted with each other.
Speaking of the characters, I feel they were developed, just not as well as I would’ve liked. Callie I found annoying at times. I know she is young, but I felt that at times, her insecurities were making her seem crazy and annoying. Honestly, there were a couple of times I felt bad for Ben because of it. Ben is a good character, but I think that he was a little too reserved at times. While I enjoyed the realistic nature of him, it annoyed me too, just like it would in real life if he was one of my friends. I did like these two characters together though and enjoyed their story.
The major issue I had with this book was all of the sex scenes. At one point I literally thought to myself “we get it. You can’t keep your hands off each other.” I just felt that these scenes were being used to try to help develop the story, but fell short and instead felt like filler until the big conflict. With that being said, they are good scenes, I just had a hard time getting over how many in a short period of time there were.
The conflict in the story is constant. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but would be worked on. The major conflict in the story is totally believable and really touched my heart. With that being said, the aftermath of the conflict was like fireworks. I think I am a sucker for scenes like this because it truly is heartbreaking and makes me want to cry. This was the best part of the story for me.
Overall, this was a good book. I really did like a lot of it, but the parts that caused me issues were distracting and took away from the story for me. Sarah King did a good job writing this story and a lot of my issues are mostly personal preferences. I would recommend this book to my friends as they would probably have a different view on it. I would be willing to read more from Sarah in the future.
Plot: 4/5
Characters: 3/5
Writing Style: 4/5
Heat: 4/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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