Tuesday, May 26, 2015

REVIEW - Family Secrets - Kasey Millstead

TITLE: Family Secrets

AUTHOR: Kasey Millstead


Secrets. Every family has them.

The unseen. The unheard. The things that would tear a family apart if discovered.

Cassidy Delaney has a secret. One she wished she didn’t have to keep.

Brock Mason thought the secret was safe.

He had no idea their secret wasn’t the only one Cassidy was hiding.


Family Secrets is a book about step siblings who fall in love. 
I really liked the "secret" that Cassi kept and how it came to light. 
Other than that I did not find too much of the book that I liked. 
The book itself seems to become compartmentalized. 
I felt like the scenes of the book did not flow together, at the end there's a specific scene that seems out of place. 
I also feel that the story was not developed fully, as I never truly felt invested in the relationship between the two main characters. 
I felt like the story was rushed, and that we never truly get enough of the past, to see why these two should be together. 
I also think that Cassi introduced Brock into her life, after reconnecting way too soon, it seemed too unrealistic. 
Overall I think this book could be a great story, but it needs to be developed more. 

*Received an arc in return for an honest review.*





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