Tuesday, May 19, 2015

REVIEW - Love Reflection by Maria Macdonald

Title - Love Reflection (Entwined Hearts Book One)
Author - Maria Macdonald


What happens when you find the love of your life, then you lose them?

Pearson Amberry lost the only man she’d ever loved. She has secrets she’s kept close for many years. Descending into a downward spiral that she couldn't pull herself out of, her life was fast becoming just an existence. That was until a new man entered her life. A man with secrets of his own, and when the love of her life comes back unexpectedly, she knows it’s time to come clean.

Conner McKenna took a step back when he hurt Pearson. He left for another country when his work took him there, even though he didn’t want to. After years of trying to be her friend, and wanting to be back in her bed, he decided enough was enough. When one of their friends is attacked, he realises that life is too short and he needs to move heaven and earth to try and win her heart one more time. However, when he realises the truth will he be able to deal with it, and will he still look at Pearson the same way?

What will happen when secrets are revealed, and emotions are running high? Can they move on from their past and can they recognise the love reflected in each other?

What's it all about

Pearson and Con, getting over their past's, circumnavigating the present in the hope of a joint future.

What I thought

I'm always nervous about trying a new author. I needn't have been with Maria Macdonald. She drew me in Characters who were normal, and my goodness it was refreshing to see normal! and the Glossary at the beginning..... PMSL!

"Wind my neck in. - To get on with it, get over yourself or sort yourself out."

The story is set in the present with flashbacks, its a strange mix but it worked. Its basically the story of Pearson and Con, two people, who just belong together. But shit just keeps on  getting in the way.

"I know I've cut you off recently, so I understand why you might've just texted me and then switched your phone off. Please know I haven't ignored you because I don't care. I've given myself some space because I care too damn much. I need to get my head straight and when I'm around you everything... it's all about you, Pea. You're killing me"

With them on their Journey are their lifelong best friends Sophie and Saul, they both play in important role in the book and the four of them are a great unit. Until in walks Dane!!! He is everything a heartbroken girl trying to move on with her life could want in a man, but he is REALLY not what she expected. Dane has a secret of his own (And its a goodun)

Some seriously sad stuff happened to Pea, and Con never knew, she never told him. Part of Pea's Journey is revealing herself to those around her and in turn, being honest with Con. The whole revelation scene and the aftermath is both devastating and lifting. My eyes did leak a little bit! 

" I want to look into your eyes every day and see the love I feel for you reflected back at me, I want to know that i'm everything you will ever want... ever need"

Soph kind of annoyed me in most of the book, but by the end I was a million percent behind her! She's so much more than I originally thought. Con is just bloody lovely, and the secondary males Dane and Saul I adored as well. I was torn between who I liked more, but having had time to think about it this reviewer is firmly on  #TEAMSAUL

So long and short of it, I took a chance, it was worth it. I loved this story and am very much looking forward to the the next book in the series.

Star Rating - 5 Stars

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