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REVIEW - A Moment of Weakness - Brooklyn Skye

TITLE - A Moment Of Weakness
AUTHOR - Brooklyn Skye


Until her new job starts in September, buttoned-up elementary school teacher Laurel Harris is at loose ends and in need of cash. Fortunately her best friend's older brother is a single dad and desperately needs a nanny. Or so she’s told. She doesn’t anticipate him being such a menacing, muscled, and undeniably gorgeous man…or that he has zero interest in hiring a nanny.

Micah Crane will do right by his young daughter, no matter the cost. And right now, that cost is juggling parenthood with long hours at his bar and working as an enforcer for a notorious crime boss. He doesn’t need another complication in his life, but the sweet, frustratingly opinionated little blonde hell-bent on caring for his daughter stirs his blood like no woman ever has. 

All it takes is a moment of weakness to ignite the lust blazing between them. A moment that will unravel their self-control and unleash all of Micah’s darkest secrets...

My Review:

A Moment of Weakness is a romantic novel that focuses on overcoming one’s own issues in order to embrace a new life. This book follows Laurel and Micah as they each go through their own self-discovery journey. While the book focuses on how they interact with each other, this book is more than just a romance novel. It also explores family dynamics and dealing with one’s past. Brooklyn Skye did an amazing job when writing this book. I was pulled in from the first chapter and didn’t put it down until I finished it!

Micah is a textbook bad boy. Tattoos, owns a bar, gorgeous, bad attitude-check. Pretty much the perfect bad boy. He is also a single father trying his best to raise his daughter the best way he can. I love Micah and his story. He has a rough past, but is trying to avoid it by creating a better future for his daughter. He has major trust issues and a terrible attitude, but it is easy to see that he is the way he is because he thinks it is the best way to keep his daughter safe.

Laurel is a good girl who is on a long hiatus from men. She is a teacher looking for a temporary summer job. She is having a hard time finding a job until her best friend April suggests she meets her brother for a possible nanny position. Laurel was raised in a good home with both parents. She can be seen as a good girl, but everyone has their own issues to work through. I liked how Laurel transformed throughout this book. She needed someone to test her limits and boundaries in order for her to blossom into the person she is meant to be.

Shae is Micah’s daughter and is completely adorable. I think that she is more observant than Micah realizes. I love the interactions between Micah, Laurel and Shae. I think these scenes were the best of the book. I might just be sappy and like seeing a happy family, but the reader can really tell that Laurel pretty much loves Shae from the moment they meet.  It takes a special type of person to accept another person’s child with open arms. It makes complete sense that Laurel would be a teacher.

There were plenty of minor characters in this book as well. April, Micah’s sister and Laurels best friend, could easily have her own book.  It is obvious that she has her own issues that could be worked through. I would love to see her find love. Ryan, Micah’s best friend and partner, also was an enjoyable character for me. I also would not mind reading a book about him. The author did a good job leaving these plots open for examination if she felt the need to continue this series.

Although I did enjoy this book, I did have some issues as well. I feel the ending wasn’t as satisfying as I would have liked. With one added scene, this could be fixed easily. I also felt like the beginning of the story moved a little fast for me. I think that there were sometimes scenes that didn’t quite fit with the characters. With that being said, it wasn’t enough to completely ruin the book for me.
Overall, I enjoyed A Moment of Weakness. The characters dealt with real life issues and were relatable to readers in my opinion. There was enough heat in this book for it to be enjoyable, without seeming forced. I would recommend this book to my friends and family as my only issues with the book were minor. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Favorite Quotes:

“All I’ve been able to think about since this afternoon is if you always taste as amazing as you did last night.” Micah, A Moment of Weakness

“A nanny with exquisite tits. Who’d have thought?” Micah, A Moment of Weakness

“No. For getting a fish drunk. It’s illegal to do that in Ohio. Or… It was seven years ago. I don’t know if it still is.” Laurel, A Moment of Weakness

Star Ratings:
Plot = 4/5
Characters = 4/5
Heat = 5/5
Writing Style = 4/5
Overall Rating = 4/5


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