Tuesday, May 2, 2017

REVIEW - So Wicked - Melissa Marino

TITLE - So Wicked
AUTHOR - Melissa Marino 


Release Date - May 7th


Fate has a wicked sense of humor.

Alexis's new life was made up of two things: baking and hiding the details of her old life in Chicago. The first allowed her to finally find some happiness. And the second is about to be destroyed by a man who knows all her secrets. 

Marshall Rawlins was prepared to do anything when he moved cross-country to launch an upscale cocktail bar---anything except work with Alexis, his best friend and business partner's ex-wife. Adding Alexis's boozy-baked goods to his menu would be a major feat for his bar. But striking a deal means getting in bed with the enemy.

Battling between distrust and desire, Alexis and Marshall give in to a passionate, forbidden affair. They know if they're discovered the consequences would be bad---it's just hard to remember that when being together feels so, so good.


“Wrong kind of love turned right, 5 stars”

We all know about the “code” between friends, right? If they don’t like someone then you don’t, their ex is like your ex and is off limits, when someone wrongs them they wrong you as well. This is the way it’s been since the start of time. This is the story of a man who magically falls for is his best friend’s ex even though he hates her.

Marshall is loyal in a way that is incredibly sexy. When his best friend’s wife left him he stepped up and helped Aaron in all the ways he could. He may have been a bachelor but he was in love with Aaron’s daughter Delilah and would drop everything for that blue eyed blonde with ringlets.

After the death of his mother he went through some life changes and found his true career calling and passion, the bar industry. When the opportunity to open his own bar with the help of Aaron arises he takes it. Yes, it takes him away from the two people he considers family but he has to do it for himself. Only he doesn’t see the storm coming. What will happen when a ghost from his past comes knocking? And will business turn to pleasure?

Alexis ran from her ex-husband and daughter. She was never cut out to be a mother and it was slowly killing her. The ghosts from her past mixed with her daughter wasn’t boding well for her and she thought about ending it. Someone gave her an out she needed and she took it. That doesn’t mean she didn’t love them, she just loved them enough to go. When her ex’s best friend shows up in her town and she’s supposed to do business with him she knows everything is about to change. Because truth be told Marshall is the one she wanted originally.

Marshall and Alexis fight the pull between each other like crazy. The story is intense, one minute you want them to get together and the next you want her far away from Marshall. But it’s not just about them, what about Aaron and Delilah? Can one truly move on from the past or is the past repeating itself?

At first I hated this story, only because I didn’t want to know Alexis. When her past was revealed everything suddenly fell into place and made sense. Next thing I knew is I was rooting for Marshall and Alexis and for Aaron to accept them.

Marino set up a story that was perfect about someone moving on and about how the love from the right person can really set one free. The secondary characters new and old were awesome. I loved Alexis' best friend. The story just simply fell into place. I would defiantly recommend not only this book but this series to anyone.

Here are a couple quotes from So Wicked that I really liked;

“The hint of a garter holding up the lace top of her stocking. I couldn’t help but stare. I don’t think any man could not have, but when she stood back up, she caught me fixated on her legs. Her hands pushed the skirt back into place as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. The innocent blush. The sexy garters and stockings. It was too much for me.”

“and I knew that when I saw her tomorrow, the harshness of what I’d just said would still be hanging in the air like stale beer and cigarette smoke.”

“There was desire and tragedy and so much hidden beneath the blue. I wanted to reach inside and pull it all out of her. I wanted to lay it in front of her so she could see all the things I did, all the wondrous things that rose above all the past bullshit. It was there. I just couldn’t reach it yet.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing style-5/5
Overall- 5/5

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