Thursday, May 28, 2020

Release + Review - Sweet Spot - Rebecca Jenshak

Sweet Spot by Rebecca Jenshak is LIVE and FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

A hot-headed college golfer falls for her swing coach in this fun and sexy sports romance.

Lincoln Reeves may be a pro golfer and revered swing coach, but when I meet him, he is just one more person telling me I’m not good enough.
So, I do what any girl in my position would do. I tell him to get lost and take his arrogant, annoying smirk with him. I never expect to see him again. I certainly don’t expect to run into him that same night after one too many tequila shots.
Turns out that he’s kind of a big deal. Okay, fine, a really big deal. In fact, he might be the one person who can take my game to the next level.
Convincing him to help will be difficult.
Not throwing my club at his handsome face when he makes me work harder than I thought humanly possible will be excruciating.
But not falling for him will be the hardest thing of all.

Johnaka's Review
“can they find their sweet spot, 5 stars” 

Okay, I’m going to be completely transparent. I loathe, and I mean loathe with a passion of a thousand burning suns golf. I don’t understand it. It puts me to sleep. But I highly enjoy Jenshak’s books. So, when I saw Sweet Spot, I was lightly hesitant. I decided to go for it though and I’m glad I did. Jenshak made me question if golf was really that bad. I loved Lincoln and Kiera that much. You should totally take a chance on Sweet Spot. Besides who doesn’t love a good sports romance? Especially one with a slight age gap.

Kiera loves golf. She eats, sleeps, and plays. Guys are barely on her radar. When she meets Lincoln, her starting spot is on the line. She will do anything to be the best so even though its hard she takes his advice. The more they talk, the more they spend time together, the feelings grow. Will they be able to keep their hands off each other? One way to find out…

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

Jennifer's Review 
Sigh. That hit my Sweet Spot. Sweet Spot was an amazing experience. Seriously, I fell in love with this story. I wasn't too sure at first because well golf, but I was surprised with how much I loved it. I am so happy I took a chance on it.

The plot of the book is great. College student athlete needs a little help reaching her goals. Enter sexy former golf player who happens to run a company helping players. Fate? Destiny? Whatever you call it, it sets up an amazing little romance I couldn't put down.

The characters in this book were great. I really loved the way they each had noticing factors that clearly drove them to make the decisions they made. I love most the support the characters had. Not just the main ones, but the minor characters too. It was sweet and endearing.

There is plenty of heat and tension in this book. It is perfect for the story. I also loved the dual point if views and the way the author laid the story out. It kept me drawn in until the very last page. I cannot wait to see what's next!

Ratings: Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5


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Rebecca Jenshak is a self-proclaimed margarita addict, college basketball fanatic, and Hallmark channel devotee. A Midwest native transplanted to the desert, she likes being outdoors (drinking on patios) and singing (in the shower) when she isn't writing books about hot guys and the girls who love them.

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