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Review - Laughing Eyes (Bittersweet Familia) - Melissa Jane

Laughing Eyes (Bittersweet Familia)
Melissa Jane


They are real. They watch you from their safe place, taunting, knowing. They breathe down your neck and chase you in your dreams. You wake, but they are still there.
Saving everyone was impossible. The destruction, heartbreaking. One man was to blame. Anna knew he was there. His eyes following her every move, his presence beckoning a fate she needed to escape.
This was a war where good never stood a chance. Danny knew he was a target, trapped in a place that would bring him to his knees, survival holding no promises.
How do you win a battle that was lost from the very beginning?
They will destroy you.

Before Little Doll and & Crimson Desert, Danny faced the ultimate challenge, one that would scar him for life. 


I absolutely loved Little Doll and Crimson Desert, they were different, intriguing, the story had me on the very edge of my seat, and I loved the characters so much, that I wanted so much more. 

So when I heard about Laughing Eyes, I was stupidly excited!
Laughing Eyes is a new story and character, but it overlaps some of what took place in the other 2 books. 

This time it's about Danny, and what happened to him in the past. Something that was hinted at in the other 2 books, but not enough to spoil the story.
Danny and Aiden, are snipers. Extremely well trained, and incredibly good at what they do. They are sent on a secret and life threatening mission. 
There is a group that is tearing it's way through Costa Rica and Panama, in the small remote, rural villages, murdering, and destroying everything in it's path. Nothing or nobody is being left safe.
Danny and Aiden are called in to take out the leader, who goes by the name of El Leon (The Lion), a ruthless, heartless man with evil, soul less eyes. 

After training to become a nurse, Anna and best friend Luisa decide to become aid workers, and go help out in these villages that have been destroyed, and ripped apart. They didn't quite realise what they were signing up for, and would never forget the sights they have seen.
The 2 snipers find the aid workers, and decide to help out where they can, to protect the volunteers, that are putting their own lives at risk, to help the fallen and destroyed. 
It's here that Anna and Danny discover just how much they like each other, seeing a tiny shred of something good, in all the bad that is surrounding them. 

The first 70% of this story was absolutely incredible. Seriously, I couldn't put down my e-reader. It was brutal, hard, and shocked the hell out of me. But it was incredibly well written, and an addictive story. I think what I have loved most about this series, is how it hasn't held back on anything. Even if the details are quite brutal. It's another blackened and brutal look at something that isn't all that fictional. But running alongside this, is a love story that is really sweet and natural, not forced or fake.

Now, I had read both the books that came before this one, so I know the events that took place with Danny, Aiden and Layla. The last 30% maybe less, is Danny's take on what happened in Crimson Desert. Which was great, and it's always good to see another POV. But, I think if I hadn't already read what happened in the first 2 books, I would of absolutely loved that part of the story. Yet, as I already knew what happened, it wasn't necessarily as gripping as the main story. I knew the outcome, and I would rather have read more about Danny and his missing years, or his future. 
Not to say, it was bad, it wasn't, not at all. It was still incredibly good, and I loved it. I can also see why it was done the way it was, and it was very clever. 

I spent a lot of time, literally gripped by this story. I read it one day, and couldn't put it down. From feeling incredibly nervous, and cringing, to extremely ugly crying. This book had me feeling all different emotions, and I loved it. 
This series has been such an addictive read. I can't wait to read Sophia's story. That's going to be another gripping story, I can tell. 
I can remember thinking how the writing style of Little Doll, had me completely captivated. It was written in such a way, I felt everything within that story. It continued flawlessly in to Crimson Desert, and I'm happy to say Laughing Eyes wasn't the exception. Just as well written, just as addictive. 

If you love stories, that are raw, dark, nothing is held back, full of suspense, gripping and edgy, but also has plenty of page melting hot scenes, and dominant alpha Males. This is perfect for you!! Go grab it now!

4.99999999 stars!! (Not sure that is allowed, I'll give it a go ;) )

**I was given a copy of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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