Friday, December 18, 2015

REVIEW - Broken Ever After by Stephanie Hoffman McManus

Title - Broken Ever After

Author - Stephanie McManus


Sometimes when you get to the end, it's necessary to go back to the beginning . . .

Not every story has a happy ending . . .

It's time to go back. Back to the story that started it all. The untold story of how an angel fell in love with the devil himself. How did Patricia and Jack's story unfold all those years ago? You already know how it ended, but how did it begin? Was he always the devil?
And when it's all over, find out if the others truly got their ever afters.

What I Thought

I am absolutely with out a doubt in love with the Ever After series and Broken Ever After finally made the series come full circle. I legitimately don't know what to do with my self now. I have always wondered how Patty and Jack ended up together and now we have the answers.

Jack is a product of his environment. He comes from an old school mob family and it's known that he will take over the business when the time comes. He's slowly been moving the pieces into place to take over sooner rather then later. Much like a game of chess. Everything Jack does is thought out and we'll calculated. Until one night he saves Patty.

Patty is from a well off family. Although her parents don't pay attention to her she has one person who she stays for. At 17 she loses that person and leaves the only home she's ever known. To say she is in over her head is an understatement. When Jack comes into her life everything changes.

Jack tries to keep Patty out of the family business. Although sometimes everything doesn't go according to plan. Accidents happen, lives are lost, lives are made, plans are put into action sooner rather then later. We finally got the answers as to how Patty ended up on her own with Jaxyn. We get answers as to why Jack treated Jaxyn the way he did. The question is is there such a thing as redemption? And if so will Jack get it?

I always wanted Jack to be the awful guy he was made out to be. When I read Jaxyn’s book I felt like he was more cold and broken vs. Just a cold as*hole. After reading this I feel as if I was right. No matter his flaws he always did the right thing when it came to Patty. She was the only one he would ever truly love. I loved how we got a glimpse of the Ever After crew in here. Like I said before this book really made everything come full circle. This is one of those series that you mourn the end of.

Here are some of my favourites from this book:

"I just mean that this thing between us is inevitable. I’m not going away, and if you’re honest with yourself, you don’t really want me to."

"I’m just saying that love doesn’t always work out the way you hope it will. It’s messy and ugly. Makes you soft. Makes you weak and dependent."

"That’s not something you will ever be. And don’t let anyone, not even me, make you feel otherwise. Nobody in this life gets to tell you what you’re worth. You tell them. Better yet, you show them."

"I’ve realized that who we are isn’t just what we do. It’s how we look at the world, how we look at people and how we make other people feel."

"But even the devil was once an angel , and maybe there’s something good left in Jack. Something more than just what he’s become."

"You’re the light in all of the dark that fills my world. I never craved the light until I knew what it was to be in it."

Star Ratings:
Plot - 4.5/5
Character - 4.5/5
Heat - 3/5
Writing style - 4.5/5
Overall Ratings - 4.5/5


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