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REVIEW - Pitching For Amalie - Hayley Faiman

TITLE - Pitching For Amalie AUTHOR - Hayley Faiman


When tragedy ruins her life, Amalie Aagaard cuts ties with her family and moves to Boston, leaving her past behind. Even in another city, far away from the man who loves her, memories plague her mind. 

Then, one night at a club, her life takes a turn during a sensual encounter with a stranger. Jarrod Harrison is determined to discover more about Amalie, but she wears a mask, shielding herself from him. With a bit of persistence, eventually, Jarrod dominates his way into her heart. Amalie lets go a little at a time, on her way to finding happiness with this man. 

When the past rears its ugly head, can their newfound relationship survive? Or will it shatter their future together? 

Book 1 - Standalone 

My Review:

Pitching for Amalie is a romance novel. The title of this book is clever. Once readers get into the book they will realize why. This book is the first book I have read by Hayley Faiman. Pitching for Amalie is the first book of her Men of Baseball series. Hayley already has the second book finished and plans to write at least one more from what I can tell.

Pitching for Amalie is an OK read. While I really enjoyed the plot, I just felt like this was more of an erotica book. That’s not to say that erotica novels are not good. I do like them sometimes, but I was expecting something different from this book. I felt that the description of the book offered more content than was delivered to the readers.

First let me tell you the things I did enjoy about this book. I really like the idea of the overall plot. It is romance mixed with a little bit of mystery which I thoroughly enjoyed. I really enjoyed the beginning of the relationship between Amalie and Jarrod. I also enjoyed the romance between the two. It was sweet and passionate, which I love reading about characters. I also enjoyed all the minor characters in the book.  The author did a good job of setting up the next book by providing the minor character interacting with Amalie and showing that she is having issues. This set up the plot for the next book.

Unfortunately there was just so much I did not like about this book. First I felt like every other scene in the book was about them having sex. Now I enjoy some hot sex scenes just like every other girl, but I like more story than sex. I just felt like all the sex scenes took away from the story. I also felt like the author switched things up in the story too late for me. Near the end of the story we start to be able to read parts of the story from other characters. I think that we should be reading from these other characters throughout the book rather than just at the end.

I also can not figure out how she is going to keep this series going. All of the minor characters she has introduced seem to be happy and in a relationship, minus the one I mentioned earlier. Unless she plans to introduce more minor characters in the next book, which would be a little confusing. The only other option is to break up the couples already mentioned in the book. I think that would be a turn off for me. I don’t like to see couples previously portrayed as happy being broken up.

Overall it's not that this book was not a good read, It was just too much for me. Actually, after reading the plot and after reading about the other minor characters I really wanted to read their story as well, but mostly because I am hoping the next book is better. I wouldn't really recommend this book to a friend just because I think most of my friends like more content and their books like I do.

Star Ratings:
Plot = 4/5
Characters = 3/5
Heat = 5/5
Writing Style = 2/5
Overall Rating = 3.5/5


“That you’re mine,” he states matter-of-factly, like it should explain every question I have along with the possible cure for cancer and world hunger.

The man’s cock is like crack, cock crack.

Sweet, timid, shy little Maggie just advised me to blow Jarrod for forgiveness.


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