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REVIEW - Topping The Alpha (Trident Security #4) - Samantha Cole

TITLE - Topping The Alpha (Trident Security #4)

AUTHOR - Samantha Cole


Trident Security operative, Jake Donovan, has been a member of the BDSM lifestyle since his teenage years. Starting as a submissive, he eventually became a Dom, but a brutal incident, years ago, changed Jake's life forever. Unable to shake the ghosts of his past, Jake avoided giving his heart to anyone for sixteen years. Until Nick. 

Navy SEAL, Nick Sawyer, knew it was probably a bad idea to get involved with his brothers' friend and employee, but there was something about Jake that drew him in. While his brothers also owned a private BDSM club, The Covenant, Nick never understood what attracted people to the lifestyle. He had nothing against it, but it just wasn't for him. Until Jake. 

An old missing person's case has Jake running to rescue a teenage girl and Nick volunteers to watch his back. But when things go awry, Jake must confront his past, before he can ever think about a that, hopefully, includes Nick. 

My Review:

This story is a male/male version. Topping the Alpha is Jake and Nick’s story.    
To be honest, this type of story is not my cup of tea so to speak but Samantha Cole is one of my favorite authors and I read it anyways.  

The story itself is great. You still have the sexy-six pack Trident guys, along with the females.  Plus there is always some type of action going down that the guys are ready for to protect someone. I think that is one of the reasons why I love this series so much.  You still have the BDSM lifestyle (so if that is something you don’t like to read about then Topping the Alpha book #4 by Samantha Cole is quite different from the first three books in the series. go onto something else).

The characters in this book are described nicely and can be “real life people.”    
Jake and Nick are the main characters.  At first they were trying to avoid each other but their chemistry for each other was making it hard to do so. 

Samantha Cole’s writing is great. Her books are easy to read.  If you’ve never read her books I’d recommend starting at the beginning with book 1- Leather & Lace.
Parts of the story I liked:

“Each one of them had a trust fund in their names which they gained full access to at age thirty, but received a small monthly dividend from the fund to help with bare-bones expenses until then. Anything they wanted beyond that had to come from a paycheck.”

“As long as a man didn’t remind her of her bastard father, she was able to relax , unless he was a ‘creep-a-zoid’, as she put it.”

“Don’t worry about it. They understand how hard it can be for some gay people to come out. But now you know you don’t have to lie to anyone anymore. We love you, ass-hat—gay or straight – doesn’t fucking matter to us. As long as you’re not fucking any farm animals, we’re good.”

“Yes, he could have been killed, but you know as well as I do, Jake, there are no guarantees in life. What I don’t believe is your claim that it’s your fault. Would Ian or Devon have done anything differently than Nick or you did? I know all my boys, and that includes everyone at Trident, because I love all of you..all of my boys would have done exactly the same thing to protect that girl and their teammate. I wouldn’t expect less from any one of you. No mother wants to bury their child—I’ve done it once before and hope to God I don’t have to go through it again. But if I do, and if it’s because he was saving an innocent young woman’s life in the process, I’ll be damn proud despite my grief.”

I like the ending as well.

Plot- 5/5
Heat- 4.5/5
Characters -5/5
Writing Style -5/5
Overall rating – 4.5/5 


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