Monday, December 14, 2015

REVIEW - On The Rocks by Gillian Jones

Title - On The Rocks

Author - Gillian Jones


Four years ago, losing the love of my life almost destroyed me.
Years of being labeled and looked upon with disdain by everyone in my hometown almost wrecked me.
Four years ago, I became a mother and together we were enough… until I met him.
He wanted to rebuild my broken —I just didn’t know how to let him.
This is my story, of how one man’s love changed everything I thought I knew about life, love and myself.
Can Levi Eddison prove to be my restoration?

Everything in my world changed the day Braunwyn Daniels walked into my pub.
She was a woman of many contradictions. I recognized the happiness and sorrow each fighting its way to the surface from deep within.
I was drawn to her immediately.
Behind her long legs, chestnut brown hair and beautiful eyes lay a damaged soul.
I needed to change that —I just didn’t know how.
This is my story of how I met a broken girl and vowed to make her whole.
In the end, it turns out I knew nothing about true happiness until Braunwyn Daniels let me love her.

What I Thought

Did you know, Hero's exist! Or at least they do in On The Rocks. Levi is a Hero!

I've not read the first book in this Pub Fiction series 'My Minds Eye' so I came into this completely unknowing of Gillian Jones' style of storytelling and quality of writing. Or of any history there may have been and honestly I'm blown away. This is a standard that is exceptional. I smiled, I cried (and i'm not a crier) I was 100% on this Journey with Levi and Braun from start to finish.

"It took me a moment to comprehend the scene unfolding in front of me. To understand this was really happening, that this was real. That I needed to believe what I was seeing."

Braun has been left broken and has spent 4 years trying to put herself together for the sake of herself and her (awesome) baby daughter, finally taking the step to get a job, at Pub Fiction where she meets Levi, the boss. 
Levi, upon meeting Braun wants to repair her but he has no clue what he's in for. As he learns about her he learns about himself and lets just say his life becomes a lot more interesting.

"F*** me if I don't feel like I've just defeated the worlds greatest villain. I fight the urge to pound my chest in triumph."

I find myself not wanting to reveal any of the plot here, not for fear of spoilers but because I truly just want everyone to read this book fresh & blank like I did. With no expectations or prior thoughts.

This book does deal with Mental Health and the effects a person's mental well being can have on those around them or those left behind, but it's dealt with in a way that is both refreshing and realistic. And yet still manages to pull me in with romance and passion and electric drama and hope.

Beautifully written and engaging On The Rocks is more that a love story, it's a life story. And life is a roller coaster.

Star Ratings:
Plot = 5/5
Characters = 5/5
Heat = 4.5/5
Writing Style = 5/5
Overall Rating = 5/5


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