Thursday, May 10, 2018

REVIEW - Impossible Bachelor - Ruth Cardello


TITLE - Impossible Bachelor
AUTHOR - Ruth Cardello


I like a challenge. Tell me something’s impossible and I’ll make it happen. From our very first meeting it’s 
obvious the Bachelor Tower’s newest female addition doesn’t think I’m her type. When I’m asked to distract 
her from the politics of the building, she tells me I have no chance with her.

Proving her wrong will be fun and might just take us to the brink of love. 

I ask her to trust me, but I’m not prepared for what she shares when she does.

My life was following a set plan before he comes into it and turns everything upside down. Sure, he’s sexy 
as hell with a smile that can melt any heart—but I can’t afford to make another mistake. In my experience, 
the only people who can hurt me are the ones I let in.

He says he’s different, that he understands me.

He says that until I show him who I really am.

Then love is. . .impossible?

Johnaka's Review:

“Is love real? 4 stars”

Kylie knows love isn’t real. It’s a illusion one makes you believe in until they can run and take a piece 
of you with them. Her mother has shaped her into who she is and she’s starting to question if she she’s 
really where she should be. She’s a shark in her board room and its bleeding into her personal life and 
she doesn’t know how to stop. Will she stay on a destructive path or will she stop and find out that love 
can be real and men can stay?

Ben is laid back but successful. He was instantly intrigued by Kylie but she blew him off. But that’s the 
thing about Ben is he’s up for a challenge. Soon he gets Kylie on his side and all is going well. Until 
Ben sees something that worries him. Will he convince her its time to lay down the boxing gloves or 
will he walk away?

Ben was definitely the yin to Kylie’s yang. They were opposites that worked. There were secondary 
characters I loved and one that I hated. Those characters really brought the story full circle. Impossible 
Bachelor was definitely a story about slowing down and enjoying life and not just working and going 
through the motions.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-4/5

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