Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Release + Review - Fateless - Meli Raine

The future isn’t real.
The past isn’t real, either.
Only the present is, solid and full, flying at our faces, our bodies, our hearts and souls at breakneck speed as we work to take it all in.
As we work to protect others.
And, finally - ourselves.
We’ve started to break the bonds of Stateless, a system as rotten as the one it seeks to destroy. But systems are organisms with one brutal goal: to survive, whatever it takes.
Kina has to do the unfathomable to save a different system, one she created out of empathy and love for children we rescued from the only home they know.
She’ll use her mind, her body, her spirit — and her ultimate weapons: love, and —
Fateless is the final book in USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine's newest trilogy.
The Stateless Trilogy also includes:

Jennifer's Review 

Whew. What a great conclusion to a thrilling trilogy. Fateless, well the whole series really, causes you to take a step back and really think. While it is fiction, I liked that it made me go huh that makes sense. This could happen. 

I really dare not say too much other than if you are starting this book and have not read the others, I feel you will not be satisfied. The only way to truly enjoy this series is to read it as a whole. A five star series for me that I cannot wait to dive back into.

Ratings: Plot: 5/5 Character: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5

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Also available in audio narrated by Joe Arden & Andi Arndt
“I love you,” I say, watching as his fingers halt, two buttons undone, a sprinkling of chest hair showing from his open shirt.
Smoldering eyes meet mine.
“You were going to say it when I came back, but you never did. I told you I loved you. Love you.” Boldness makes me confront this head on, the timing bizarrely perfect. In Stateless culture, clarity mattered. Emotion wasn't allowed, but being blunt and direct was prized.
Can we balance both?
“Do you need me to say it?”
“Only if you want to.”
“That's not an answer to my question.”
“No. I don't need you to. I want you to love me, though. That much I know.”
“Do you doubt it? That I love you?”

#1 Stateless
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#2 Traceless
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Meli Raine writes romantic suspense with hot bikers, intense undercover DEA agents, bad boys turned good, and Special Ops heroes — and the women who love them. Meli rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family.

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