Friday, November 20, 2015

REVIEW - Torn - AF Crowell

TITLE - Torn

AUTHOR - A.F. Crowell


Torn between two powerful men who adore her, ER nurse Leila Matthews has found the love of her life...but the road to happily-ever-after is paved with betrayal, secrets, and dead bodies. 


For ER nurse Leila Matthews, life has never been easy. Her father turned his back on their family and her mother died young. Her cop brother’s near fatal gunshot wound brought Brody Davis into her life, the handsome CEO who promised her the world but left her pregnant with his child. Enter Jaxon Henderson, the sexy-as-sin VP of the local MC. Friend first, he has become the great love of her life. Tall, handsome, golden, his passion is matched only by his possessive and protective nature. But Jaxon has dark secrets, and his deception tests Leila’s love to its core. 

Jaxon Henderson knows three things: He loves Leila Matthews more than anything, he's lied to her, and he’s sworn to secrecy about the danger and violence that gathers on the horizon. To keep Leila safe, he must tell her all, but full disclosure has a price, and that price may just be everything. 

My Review:

I've been waiting what seemed like forever to read this and let me tell you it was worth the freaking wait! You all want to know what I thought right.. here it is in these words-  totally amazeballs!! You'll probably have a heart attack while reading this book so I'm just warning you now, and have some tissues handy. 

My oh my so many emotions reading this book. There’s a little bit of everything in it - suspense, drama, love etc. AF Crowell's writing is phenomenal. I love how you can be at 7% and then bam you've finished the book and wanting more. The series flows together, like it was meant to be. Awesome Job Af Crowell--keep up the great work!   

The three main characters are Leila, Jaxon, and Brody. I just love reading about them. Which guy do you like, are you #teamjaxon or #teambrody?

Parts of the story I liked:

I liked the scene with Leila in the ICU. The baby girl name is pretty 
*You're gonna have to one-click to find out what they named her*

"And stop staring at my as*. I can feel you eye f****** me from here."  
*When I read that I literally busted out laughing*

"Oh.My.God.." Barb shrieked as she spun and bolted from the dining room. I'll never, ever, be able to unsee that. Jesus, who has sex on their dining room table?" Fuc***' Christ Bar, don't you ever knock?"

“Barf. You two are givin’ me diabetes over here. Take that sweet, sappy sh** to the bedroom.”

If you are never heard of AF Crowell please go and one click the first book in the series it's called  Pushed! 

Star Ratings: 
Plot 5/5
Characters 5/5
Heat 5/5
Writing style 5/5
Overall rating 5/5


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