Monday, January 11, 2016

REVIEW - L is for Luminous - Amity Cross

TITLE - L is for Luminous

AUTHOR - Amity Cross


When desperado dork Lux Dawson gets stuck in an elevator at a comic convention, she couldn’t be any more mortified.
She’s just another writer trying to get her work seen, not to get stuck in a three by four metal box with the sexiest male specimen she’s ever seen…who just happens to be guest of honor, Jude Atwood.
Jude’s the star of the hottest TV series on the American airwaves, the supernatural detective show Naturals, and he’s at the height of his star studded career. Too bad she’s a nobody and he has a famous actor girlfriend, who just happens to be his onscreen, epic love. Who could compete with that, right? But for some insane reason Jude wants to know all about Lux…including her disaster of a writing career.
Once those elevator doors are pried open by the jaws of life and reality arrives in the form of hordes of waiting paparazzi, Lux’s life is about to explode…
She just doesn’t know it yet.

My Review:

The blurb of L is for Luminous was very interesting to me so I wanted to read it. 
Amity Cross delivered a very enjoyable book! The first word got me sucked in all the way till it was done. I can’t wait to read more by Amity Cross.  

Something interesting as well was that in this book there are Episode(s) which worked instead of chapters.  I liked how the story was effortless.  

Lux is the main character in this book. Lux is a 25 year old who wants adventure and heart-stopping romance.  She always wanted to be an author and with getting rejected she decided to publish them herself. Her friend Melody (Mel) was showcasing her comic books at a convention so she decided to sign up too. Maybe someone will take her seriously.    

At the convention she meets Jude Atwood who is an actor on Naturals. She has a huge crush on him. Well something happens and after that day Lux Dawson was finally someone! She got a job offer!

There are other characters in this book and they all fit perfectly together just like a jigsaw puzzle.
I liked the ending as well.
If you like to read romance than I’d recommend this book to you!

Parts of the story I like:

“You can’t focus on the what if’s. You’ll make yourself sick. All of those things might never happen, and if you don’t go, you’ll have the rest of your life to wonder what might’ve been if you had of said yes. The hardest part is taking the first step. So, go! Say yes, and make your dream come true!”

“The most unpredictable part of a human being was the heart. Not in a technical way-it always beat, pumped blood, and did what it was supposed to most times-but more in the emotional sense. Why the heart wanted the things it did was a mystery that was right up there with the Bermuda Triangle and that strange other realm where all the odd socks go during the spin cycle.”

“Sitting on white velvet with a long chain was a delicate letter L encrusted with tiny diamond chips. It was small and simply, nothing flashy, and I instantly knew that he’d listened to the things I told him. He’d listened and remembered. A white card sat in the lid of the box, and I flipped it open. In black pen he’d written ‘L is for luminous’.”

“As he spun me around on the ice, I knew he’d always hold a special place in my heart.”

Star Ratings: 
Plot- 4.5/5
Characters- 4.5/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall rating – 4.5/5 


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