Friday, December 29, 2017

REVIEW - Chore Play - Piper Rayne


TITLE - Chore Play
AUTHOR - Piper Rayne


People like to see the womanising jerk fall…the one who takes the number, but never calls? The guy who beds and never weds? Everyone wants to see that guy fall in love, right? 

Pfft. Sounds like a script straight out of one of the box office movies my clients make.

Get your head out of the clouds because in real life the arrogant player doesn’t fall head over heels for the feisty brunette. 

Unless the feisty brunette met him years before he’d perfected his cool demeanour. Unless she carved a spot out of his heart that never fully healed. 

Our first meeting kick started my heart. Fourteen years later, our reunion was less heart and more kick. Turns out Quinn is just as hot and bothered to see me as I am her and I have the head injury to prove it.


“the habitual bachelor and his kryptonite, 5 stars”

Jagger…Jagger…Jagger… dear lord that man…he is all man and an unapologetic a**hole. He’s the kind of guy you love and hate. Looks killer in a suit and at the same time can turn you off as soon as his mouth opens. He considers it a blessing. He has no time for woman except for a quick roll in the hay other than that he doesn’t need them. Never has never will…or so we thought.

Quinn knew love once. It was everything and more than she expected. Then one night it all changed in a blink of an eye. Its been years since that experience but it’s still something she thinks about. Of course, when she moved back to L.A. she figured she would see him again and look like a million bucks. But that is so far off the mark its not even funny.

Seriously, I know this is the biggest tease of a review, but I can’t give you any more than that. This story is hilarious, from the way they meet to the banter back and forth. I love Jagger’s friend’s reactions and getting small pieces of previous Piper Rayne couples. Chore Play is for sure my favorite story out of the Dirty Truth series. Plus, this writing duo gave us the perfect glimpse of their next write and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Take a chance on Quinn and Jagger… you won’t regret it!

Star Ratings:
Writing style-5/5

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