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Hello! My name is Jennifer and I live in the beautiful state of Florida in the USA. I am happily married with three furbabies, Menchi(cat), Leo, and Red (both dogs). I am extremely blessed to have a work from home job that allows me to spend quality time working on this blog.

I always tell everyone I am the Beta to Lou’s Alpha. I am her right hand man here to assist her with whatever she needs. I read anything with romance in it. I love me some romance no matter what the overall story is. With that being said, two of my favorite books are The Outsider’s by SE Hinton and And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Each book has added a special aspect into my life that increased my love for reading.

If you ask others about me, they would say I am kind and caring with a bit of a bite. When I am not working or spending time with my husband, I am either listening to music (HUGE Music Junkie) or writing. I have recently started writing a book with fellow blogger Johnaka and whether we release it or not, I can honestly say the journey has been amazing. It is all thanks to Seraphim Book Reviews that we were able to meet and connect with our love of reading and writing.


Hello from the other side!
I’m Johnaka and I live in the USA. I am a married mother of two crazy kids, but I am also an avid reader. I can read anywhere from one to four books each day, depending on how much time I have. I am willing to try just about anything book wise. I love to read Romance (all sub genres), PNR, and Mystery.

What I love most about reading is getting lost in the written word in this crazy thing called life. I love being able to share my love for these books on this blog and with other readers through my reviews. I try to write my reviews in a way that entice readers to want to read the story themselves.

I am told I am sarcastic, but honestly, that’s why people love me.  They love my wittiness and humour that I bring to each conversation. In my free time away from my family and reading, I also write a little on the side. Nothing published, but it is something I am working on with fellow blogger Jennifer. It’s one more step into the book world that we are excited about.

Louise O

Hello! I'm Louise O and i am addict, you wont find my iPad very far away from me, day or night (Thanks to my night owl toddler).
I live in Perth, Australia & I am a Married, Stay at home Mum with 3 very active & gorgeous kids.

On most occasions i will read a book a day, except when Hubby is home and he doesn't want to share my attention with my latest book boyfriend. 

I will read most genre's as long as they have Romance and i cannot pass up a MC novel.

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