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REVIEW - Somehow, Some Way - Jennifer Probst

TITLE - Somehow, Some Way

AUTHOR - Jennifer Probst 


Bolivar Randy Heart (aka Brady) knows exactly what he wants next in life: the perfect wife. Raised in a strict traditional family household, he seeks a woman who is sweet, conservative, and eager to settle down. With his well-known protective and dominant streak, he needs a woman to offer him balance in a world where he relishes control.

Too bad the newly hired, gorgeous, rehab addict is blasting through all his preconceptions and wrecking his ideals…one nail at a time…

Charlotte Flowers knows who she is and refuses to apologize. Growing up poor made her appreciate the simple things in life, and her new job at Pierce Brothers Construction is perfect to help her carve out a career in renovating houses. When an opportunity to transform a dilapidated house in a dangerous neighborhood pops up, she goes in full throttle. Unfortunately, she’s forced to work with the firm’s sexy architect who’s driving her crazy with his archaic views on women. 

Too bad he’s beginning to tempt her to take a chance on more than just work…one stroke at a time…

Somehow, some way, they need to work together to renovate a house without killing each other…or surrendering to the white-hot chemistry knocking at the front door.


Somehow, Some Way is a wonderful novella. This story is a short and sweet contemporary romance. While is it classified as a novella, it feels like a complete story. This is a enemies to lovers romance with a lot of steam. There are also some very sweet and endearing aspects to this novella.

The plot of this novella is a strong woman who is on her own decides to take a side project flipping a house outside her normal work. Her employers, who also view her as family, decide she should not be doing it alone so they task their partner and friend to assist her. The only problem is the two cannot stand each other. I love this type of plot. I love when two characters feel so passionately about each other that they feel they cannot stand one another. Especially when it is due to misguided opinions about each other. This leaves room for some wonderful development and lots of sparks.

Charlie is a wonderful female character. Charlie is a strong willed woman who knows how to take care of herself. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to do what’s necessary to get it. What I think I love most is that she is determined and not afraid to get her hands dirty in order to finish her task. Brady is a character I loved to hate at the beginning. He seemed so overly confident and cave man like. The alpha male can be hot, but only if there is some give and take between the characters. I was not seeing this at first for dear old Brady. I loved watching these two interact. They are wonderful characters. The author even had enough time in this novella to allow them both to have some personal growth. I love that!

The heat is unrivaled in this book. I think because these two characters are so explosive with each other outside the sheets, that witnessing them getting into the sheets should be just as hot. These two could burn a house down with the smoldering looks and intense feelings. Now whether those feelings are love or hate that is to be determined through most of novella. Either way, it lead to some amazing scenes.

The writing style of this novella is great. The pace is a bit quick, but not so fast as to make the story feel rushed. I think the author did a good job slowing the story down enough that the reader still felt they were reading a full length novel. I loved the dual point of views. Getting to read from Brady’s point of view had me in his corner a bit more than in the beginning of the book. I also loved how the author wrote the ending to the novella. It shows that things change quickly in life and it is up to us to jump on and change with it or stay behind and miss out on amazing opportunities.

Overall, I loved this novella. I think the characters were amazing and I would read more from them in the future. I also really liked the feel of the series. It is obvious that I missed a book (I read book one but missed book 2) but I still felt like I understood what was going on. I cannot wait to see what happens next with these characters.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

REVIEW - Hard Stick - L.P. Dover

TITLE - Hard Stick

 AUTHOR - L.P. Dover

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Releases June 13th


He carries a big stick. And he’s not afraid to use it.

On the ice, I’m Kellan Carter, powerhouse enforcer for the Charlotte Strikers. Off the ice, I’m just a regular guy. The last thing I want is to get mobbed by a bunch of groupies who are only after me for my fame and money. My ideal woman knows how to enjoy a little good, clean fun—and maybe some not-so-clean fun too. That’s the kind of girl I’d never let go.

When Kristen Robinson, the gorgeous, down-to-earth bartender I’ve been crushing on, agrees to let me take her out, I’m thrilled. We have an amazing night together, culminating in the most electrifying kiss of my life—and that’s it. Kristen tells me we can’t see each other again, but I know that kiss meant as much to her as it did to me. What I don’t know is that Kristen has a dangerous secret. . . .

I’ve proved to Kristen that she can trust me with her body and her heart. But when her past comes back to haunt her, I need to prove that she can trust me with her life. And I might have to get my hands dirty after all.


“Sports and Suspense, 5 stars”

Let me be completely honest I didn’t read the blurb of Hard Stick. I saw it was a sports story because of the cover and saw it was by L.P. Dover and signed up, and I am so glad I did.
During the first chapter I was seriously wondering what I signed up for because I wasn’t expecting suspense and pure craziness. The story needed it though to make you better understand Kristen.

Kristen is an interior designer, during a job she fell in what she believed to be love with one of her clients. Only it wasn’t love and the dude was the definition of crazy. Kristen’s escape from said guy was intense, her life was falling apart all around her and nothing would be the same. Then finally after over a year she can start living her life again and getting back to “normal.”

After a while she accepts a date from a hockey player she knows. She planned on going on one date, but one date would never be enough. Kellan is not the guy everyone assumes he is. People think since he plays hockey he must be a player, when in reality nothing could be farther than the truth. He asked Kristen out for months and figured he would never be given the green light, but when it comes he takes it and runs. He easily falls in love with the feisty red head and when her past comes crashing in with a vengeance he won’t let her do it alone.

Kellan and Kristen fall hard and fast. The thing I loved about Kristen is she kept no secrets from Kellan and he knew what he was getting himself into with her. This story covers so many things that it’s hard to describe. Nothing I say will give the story justice, you just need to read it for yourself. You’ll be sucked in from the start and will feel the book hangover before you’re done.

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Writing Style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

REVIEW - Demon Ember - M.J. Haag

TITLE - Demon Ember

AUTHOR - M.J. Haag & Becca Vincenza

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Releases June 20th


Mya’s world is falling apart. After a series of earthquakes, deadly animals with glowing red eyes begin attacking people and start the spread of a zombie-like plague. Safety is just a memory as she tries to make her way home. When a different creature attacks the people helping her reach Oklahoma City, Mya is sure she’ll never see the light of another day.

Despite his eerie yellow eyes and very sharp teeth, the grey-skinned creature is more intelligent and humanlike than he first appears. He’s determined to keep Mya by his side and protect her from the new world’s dangers. When his path starts taking her further away from home, she much choose between safety and her family.

*Part 1 of 3


This is nothing like anything I have ever read before. Demon Ember is such a refreshing paranormal story. It has a resemblance to the zombie takeover and the world ending. It has mystery and fear along with hope. I loved this book.

The plot of this book is so new for me. A normal college girl gets her world shook when strange things start happening around the world. Then it starts happening close to her. Her one goal is to make it to her family and get them to safety. The question is will she make it in time? Add in one of the creatures' fascination with Mya, our main character, and you get a wonderfully written novel.

Mya is our main character. She's a college girl who seems to be smart and resourceful. She is resilient as well. I love her character and how she puts the puzzle pieces together. Then we have Drav. He is the other main character. He is a male, but his species is not human. He is an interesting character on his own. He takes a special interest in Mya and I think he knows what's going on.

There isn't much heat in this book in the physical sense. I think this story is more about easing fears and learning to trust. I think it shows that with a little bit of faith, things can change for the better. I think the main theme between the characters is friendship in unlikely places.  

The writing style of this book is brilliant. This book is told from a single point of view which is Mya's. We learn a lot about this new world from what she hears and sees. I also love all the descriptions used in the book. The author did an amazing job describing these "hell hounds" and "grey men." The author has a way of telling this story so that I truly felt I was living it with the character. There were many times I was mentally screaming at Mya to run or stop what she was doing. It takes a special storyteller to do that for readers.

Overall, I am in love with this new story. I devoured it in one sitting. I just didn't want to put it down. I had a book hangover when I was done and I think I might die waiting for the next book. I cannot wait to recommend this book to others.

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

REVIEW - Above and Beyond - Kathryn Shay

TITLE - To Serve and Protect

AUTHOR - Kathryn Shay

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Releases June 13th


A family of heroes, all in dangerous jobs, all irrevocably tied to those they love. Read about the Marino clan in this fast-paced, emotional new series, To Serve and Protect, by NYT bestselling author Kathryn Shay. 

Nick Marino is the top guy on POTUS’s Secret Service detail. But he’s temporarily sent to upstate New York to guard the president’s sister, Isabelle Barton, who is being threatened in anonymous notes. There, Nick becomes involved with the widowed mom and twin boys, who quickly win over what he thought was his hardened heart. Amidst the heightened anxiety of tracking down the threats, the constant vigilance and an ever-growing sexual attraction between Isabelle and Nick, these two people must uncover not only the plot against her, but determine what to do about their impossible romance. 

ABOVE AND BEYOND provides a deep dive into the life of a Secret Service agent and a close look at being related to the most powerful man in the world, along with the glamor of Washington, D.C. politics. The story will keep you interested and capture your heart.


“Suspense with a side of love, 4 stars”

Nick has one goal and one goal only to become a Director of the Secret Service. The closest thing to a family man he is being close to his parents and siblings, otherwise he doesn’t do relationships. They are a conflict of interest with his job. But when he spends a little time with Isabelle the POTUS sister that may change.

Isabelle is a widow with two twin boys. Her life hasn’t been easy between the death of her husband and always having a target on her back because of her brother. When threatening notes start to show up at home and at her business she knows it’s time to tell her brother. When her Secret Service detail shows up she has a few demands, will those demands work or will they put her and her children’s lives in danger?

Nick and Isabelle have a decent relationship throughout the story. There were times when she was the head strong female and he was all alpha. My only issue was, I didn’t get as much of the romantic feelings as I wanted out of the two. They were both very affectionate people with others, except each other. I know they were stuck between a rock and a hard place and no one could know, but I just didn’t connect with them when no one was around.

Nick is a diehard family man when it comes to his siblings and parents. His siblings play a huge roll in this story which I thought was fantastic. Isabelle and her sons really did just fall into the sync with the Marino’s. The suspense was spot on where the romance lacked. You could become invested in finding out who was after sweet Isabelle. If you’re looking for a quick suspense with a side of romance then I would go with Above and Beyond.

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 4/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing style- 4/5
Overall- 4/5

REVIEW - Battle of the Sexes - Adriana Locke

TITLE - Battle of the Sexes
AUTHOR - Adriana Locke

Available June 6th


Carver Jones’ partner at Jones + Gallum had to step down for medical reasons. He’s absolutely devastated. He swears. Just ignore his cheeky grin, okay?

When word reaches his fancy corner office that Gallum is replacing himself with his daughter, Amity, Carver is ecstatic. 

For real this time. 

Jones squashes men in the business industry flat. A woman? Pfst. He’ll be completely in charge in no time, doing whatever he wants. He’s so ready for this. 

But is he ready to fight the hardest fight of his life? No, not the one to maintain control of his company. The one to keep control of his heart.

The battle may begin in the boardroom, but the war will definitely be won in the bedroom. May the best sex win.


“Enemies to lovers, 5 stars”

I will be the first to admit I don’t like novellas. I always want more out of them and I’m never satisfied. Well that isn’t the case when it comes to Battle of the Sexes. Yes, it’s a fast pace story, that’s somewhat insta-love but at the same time it’s not. Yes, I wanted more but I wasn’t screaming at my phone for more. I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them, but I was satisfied with where the story went.

 Carver and Amity grew up together. They were those friends that were friends because their parents were tight. But after over hearing something she shouldn’t have Amity removed herself from Carver and they’re group of friends and started over.

This is the story of Amity coming back to where it all began for her and at the same time finding love. A love no one would have seen coming. She always had a small crush on Carver, but knew it would never amount to anything, or that’s the vibe I got. 

Carver always had a thing for Amity because she was deeper than the other girls he knew. She could have a conversation outside of gossip which was nice. But she took off and has been doing her own thing.

Now Amity and Carver are thrown together fighting for the title of CEO of the company their dads built together. Who is more qualified? Who has more passion for the job? It’s a battle of the sexes between these two. Their ideas are polar opposite along with their personalities, but didn’t you know opposites attract.

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5

Overall- 5/5

Release Blitz & Review - Imbalance - Heather Hildenbrand

Imbalance: (New Adult Paranormal Romance) (Heart Lines Series Book 4) by [Hildenbrand, Heather]

Title: Imbalance (Heartline Series #4)
Author: Heather Hildenbrand 

Image may contain: one or more people and text


She has come to right the balance. He seeks to destroy it…
Somewhere on another astral plane, a lover’s quarrel between gods, millennia old, has come full circle.
Ea, a dark and ancient god and the father of the first Werewolf, is hell bent on destroying his supernatural offspring. And he’ll use anyone and everyone he can to get it done even from beyond the physical. For now, his vessel is the evil and mysterious Indra, a witch whose powers only slightly outweigh her penchant for hitting on the help.
Too bad Alex is cured and once again immune to Indra’s invasive magic. A healing from which Sam almost didn’t come back.
Hina, the wolf mother goddess, has sworn to protect her cubs. And she lives on… inside Samantha Knight. Sort of like that still, small voice of reason. Except MAGICAL and pissed at her ex. If Sam can’t find a way to heal the wolves and stop Indra from harming them, the goddess will take matters into her own hands. But an appearance like that promises destruction, chaos, and worst of all: no more Sam.
Indra isn’t holding back.
Sam is on the run.
Alex is in a cage.
The clock is ticking.
Book 4 in the Heart Lines Series by Heather Hildenbrand


Shattered! If I had to choose one word to describe how I feel at the end if this book, it would be shattered. If you have not started this series yet, you're crazy. Imbalance is the fourth book in the Heartlines series. This book had me captivated from the beginning to the very end.

Another piece of the puzzle has been revealed to both the characters and readers. While there was plenty of action, there was also quite a bit of quiet time for our characters to reflect as well. This book shocked me. I mean I tried to be prepared for the conclusion, but actually reading it left me speechless and heartbroken.

Sam is continually growing throughout this series. She's made some major progress along the way. She did changed a bit in this book, but I think this book was more about Alex and his development. I feel like he had a major turning point that helped decide his fate. Alex is a wonderfully written character and I'm glad he's finally gotten some much needed attention.

When Sam and Alex are together, their chemistry is palpable. Even the other characters in the book can feel how they feel for each other. There was definitely some wonderful scenes between these two in the book. I love them together.

The writing style of this whole series has been amazing. I love the dual point of view story telling the author uses. It allows us to learn more information. This book has a pretty steady pace. The author sure doesn't hold any punches back. She knows where this story is going and she's not afraid to make decisions that are hard. This makes her a wonderful author and story teller.

Overall, I loved this book. It put me through an emotional wringer, but left me wanting way more. I just have to know what happens next! I have been recommending this book tii others and cannot wait for the next installment.


Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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Release Tour & Review - All I Ask - Elizabeth York

Title: All I Ask
Author: Elizabeth York
Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 23, 2017
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Designer: MGBookcover & Design

My name is Devan Anderson and I am a photographer and the by product of a cheating father and a childhood evaporated by illness. I'm stubborn, protective, but I care more than I let on. What does a girl like me do when I taste life for the first time? 

I'll give you a hint. It isn't what you think.

My name is Ian Jensen and I am a Pediatric Oncologist that works day and night with kids that prove to be braver than I. I am open to Nerf gun fights, having fun, and taking control. What's a doctor who lives life by the book do when given a new chapter to live in? 

Ask me again tomorrow?

What happens when a photographer set to live in the dark meets the doctor that lives in the light? What happens when our world collide?

“Hot doctor + shy photographer = chemistry off the charts, 4 stars”

Elizabeth York is a new to me author, going into All I Ask I had never read anything by her. Well I can confidently tell you I plan on changing that now. She wrote a real, beautiful, moving, book with struggle all throughout. The only complaint I have is that at one point it went a little too slow for me and I wanted to speed up the HEA. Other than that, I loved it.

Devan has never had an easy life. She was sick all throughout her childhood leaving her feeling jaded and wanting to keep people at arm’s length away. Her philosophy no matter how skewed is that if you don’t let anyone in then no one can hurt when you die and vice versa. 

Devan is an aspiring photographer whose work is phenomenal and wants to give back. She wants to raise money to help kids who were like her. Help ease the burden for the families financially if she can. In those regards Devan is aspiring, there needs to be more people like her and Ian when he comes into the picture.

Ian is a pediatric doctor; his life’s mission is to make those sick kids better, that way no family has to go through what his did when his brother died of childhood cancer. When he meets Devan, he has no idea what’s going to happen. Ian has no idea the impact she will make on him and the one he will make on her. He’s a patient man, far more than one should have to be, but he knows that she’s worth it. He falls hard and fast.

Together Ian and Devan are a killer team. Not only raising money but with the kids on the floor at his hospital. York weaved a tale that should have been hard to read but made it happy one. The couple was fantastic, no matter how many times I wanted to Gibbs slap them, and the secondary characters are what made the story. 

As a mother, there were times it was hard to read when York got to describing the kids but I couldn’t stop. This wasn’t just a cut and dry story, the twists had me shouting WTF because there was no way I saw them coming. Take the time, spend the money, and read All I Ask.

Here are a couple pieces from the story that stuck out to me;

“The first time I met you I didn’t think you were real. I thought I had passed exhaustion and was starting to hallucinate because when I looked at you. When I truly saw you, you looked like an angel on your knees.”

“You can’t just buy me a camera every time something upsets me or you screw up,” she admonished me. “No,” I smiled as I moved in so she felt me behind her. “You will need lenses, grips, flashes, and whatever else you use to progress your skill. You truly have a gift.”

“Devan, if I were to fall for you and then you died then I would go to my grave grateful for the opportunity to have had someone as wonderful as you in my life for however long God let me have you.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing style- 4/5
Overall- 4/5

Author Elizabeth York has been writing for about seven years. Located in the southeast, she spends her days drinking sweet tea on the porch with her laptop in hand. She has devoted her life to her family and her books. With the loss of her Father to cancer in 2010 she makes "Dear Daddy" dedication pages in each book and donates 10% royalties to cancer research.

Elizabeth was given a 2015 Author of the Year award sponsored by 31 blogs for her role in helping her fellow authors and her writing. She was also accepted into the Romance Writers of America organization in May of 2015.