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☆The Lily Trilogy (The Gilded Flower Series Books 1 - 3) - Vivian Winslow☆ SALE!!


The Lily Trilogy(The Gilded Flower Series Books 1 - 3) by Vivian Winslow is on sale for $1.99 from Aug 28th -Sept 1st! 

THE COMPLETE LILY TRILOGY OF THE GILDED FLOWER SERIES — Contains all three books: Gilded Lily, Calla Lily, and Tiger Lily.

Gilded Lily (Book 1)- After catching her fiancé Jack in bed with her sister the day before her wedding, New York socialite Lily Baron escapes to Rio, her honeymoon destination—alone. There, Marcelo, the dark and sexy hotel masseur, releases a heated passion Lily had never experienced with Jack. When Lily meets handsome and powerful Brazillionaire Gustavo de Lima, she can hardly resist him. There’s just one problem. He’s married. In this uber-sensual city, will Lily’s reluctance to be with a married man, in light of her own fiancé’s betrayal, give way to her burning desire for Gustavo?

Calla Lily (Book 2) - Having experienced a profound personal and sexual awakening during her solo honeymoon to Brazil, New York socialite Lily Baron rushes back to New York upon hearing the news that her father has fallen ill. Now, Lily must take the helm of the Baron Media empire and fend off a high-stakes hostile takeover attempt. With the fate of the company hanging in the balance, will Lily be able to resist the advances of the luring, unwanted suitor in the boardroom as well as the bedroom? Things get steamy in this highly anticipated sequel to Gilded Lily.

Tiger Lily (Book 3) - Weary from battling a hostile takeover attempt of her family’s company, Lily seeks a distraction in Todd, an erstwhile bartender with a large trust fund and magical tongue. Meanwhile, a connection seems to be developing between Lily and Alejandro, a wealthy and gorgeous Cuban-American, whose brother, Rodrigo, is dating Lily’s twin sister, Dahlia. When Alejandro unexpectedly rebuffs Lily one night, she is deeply dismayed. But, after seeing Alejandro’s picture with a gorgeous Latina model in the gossip pages, Lily thinks it wasn’t just a misunderstanding. When the sisters and brothers reunite in Aspen for a ski weekend, will Lily’s heart remain frozen or will the fire between her and Alejandro rekindle and melt away the ice?

COMING SOON (OCTOBER 2014) - Blue Dahlia, the 1st book in the Dahlia Trilogy of The Gilded Flower Series

Mature readers only. 18+


Vivian Winslow was born and raised in Southern California. Before becoming a writer, she made a career out of moving around the world every couple of years thanks to her husband’s job. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two elementary school age children, and is grateful to finally have a place to call home for more than two years. New York is the perfect city to indulge her love of shopping, the arts and especially food. If she’s not at home writing or running around the city with her kids, you’ll most likely find her indulging in pizza on the Lower East Side or having a cocktail at her favorite bar in Alphabet City. That said, she’s still a California girl at heart and would gladly trade in her heels for a pair of flip-flops to catch a sunset on the beach

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★Cover Reveal - The Lover's Game (No Exceptions #2) - J.C. Reed★

Cover Reveal: 


Title: The Lover's Game

Author: J.C. Reed

Genre: Mature New Adult/ Adult Contemporary Romance
Recommended for ages 18 and up.
Full Length Novel
Expected Publication Date: September 9th 2014

When love is a game...

After having her heart broken, Brooke tries to rebuild her life and closes herself off from the one man she loved deeply.

When she meets Grayson, a photographer, she has no idea that her new boss will offer her more than she bargained for. The pay is great, her new friends more than welcoming and everything seems to be running well…until everyone insists she find herself a new suitor during a night out.

Jett knows how to play games. He is used to getting attention from everyone except the beautiful dark haired woman who doesn’t like to be fooled with and doesn’t trust him as far as she can spit. He wants Brooke but, more than that, he wants to own her, and the only way to get her is to make her owe him…against her will.

And what Jett owns, Jett keeps forever.

The Lover's Secret (No Exceptions 1)

Available now:  

worldwide, print and ebook
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No Exceptions #1 (No Exceptions, #1)

The Lover's Game (No Exceptions 2)

Available: 9/9

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No Exceptions #2 (No Exceptions, #2)

About J.C. REED
J.C. Reed is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of SURRENDER YOUR LOVE series. She writes steamy contemporary fiction with a touch of mystery. When she's not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, she dreams of returning to the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. You can also find her chatting on Facebook with her readers or spending time with her two children. 

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★Pieces of Autumn - Mara Black★ Blog Tour!!

Pieces of Autumn Banner photo PiecesofAutumnBTBanner_zps06cdc5f7.jpg

Pieces of Autumn photo autumnfinal-400_zpsd40add7d.jpg

Title: Pieces of Autumn
Author: Mara Black
Genre: Dark Romance 18 +
Publish Date: July 31, 2014
Publisher: Indie Published
Event organized byLiterati Author Services, Inc.

~ Book Synopsis ~

I wish I could tell you that I was stolen.
Kidnapped off the street in some third-world country, sold against my will, while a desperate family back home waited and prayed and talked about me on the news.
I wish I could tell you that, because then you might understand.
What really happened? I walked to my fate with my eyes wide open. But before you say I deserved whatever happened to me, you should know. I was desperate. I was alone. I was afraid for my life. You would have done the same thing.
I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse.
But then, I woke up in darkness, unable to move. There was only one thing I was sure of: I wasn’t alone anymore.
And then I heard HIS voice...

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About the Author:

Mara Black is a connoisseur of love that lurks in the shadows .


My Review:

Wow. Yet another fantastic book that I have been lucky enough to read lately. 
When Pieces of Autumn started, I wasn't sure what to expect or if I would even like it. It was a little confusing and a lot was happening that I had to pay close attention to. Autumn lives in a world and time where things have changed considerably. I have no idea of what date, but things as we know them have changed and not in a good way. People are starving and money has no value anymore. Everyday essential items are like gold dust and acquired through various means. Not all good ways either. Influence, connections and power rule the world that we have come upon in Pieces of Autumn.
Autumn is a 18 year old girl, living on the streets. She has lost everyone close to her and is struggling to survive from day to day. There is people after her for the things that she has seen, so not only is trying to survive she is also trying to keep hidden. Not easy. 
Above all the suffering, poverty, deception and chaos. There is an organisation that still seems to thrive. From their ivory tower sits 7 evil, twisted men who run Stoker. Stoker is an organisation who deals in slaves. They plant the seed of a better life into the minds of those who have nothing left. Once they take the bait, they come to stoker sign away their freedom and life and become a slave. Stripped of anything they once were, moulded into a toy and object for those who still have the money to pay, for the luxury of having a slave. 
Autumn is one of those who can no longer put up with running and hiding. She wants out. Her only friend already went to Stoker, she has nobody left. Only Autumn is different, it would seem she is the best in the newest batch of recruits. Before there was even a chance to start training her, she is given as a gift. She is taken away and finds herself in yet another new and frightening place, all she knows is the whispers she hears surrounding her. Talk of how the person she is being given as a gift to, is the worst kind of person for any new slave to be given to. He is a monster and is well known for his cruelty. More reason for Autumn to be petrified.
Upon waking in a barn, Autumn meets her Master. Tate. Apparently the quiet recluse with sin and darkness in his eyes, is well known throughout Stoker. He was one of their best. A headhunter, someone who found the potential slaves, and broke them down and rebuilt them. Only he was ruthless and far too good at it. He also left in a rather dramatic way and still years later is talked about, by everyone. Also feared by many.
So begins the story of Autumn and Tate. I'm not going to say what happens between them, as that is what makes this book so amazing. The feeling of not knowing what will happen next, and what will become of the both of them is what made this story so captivating. The writing style painted a picture of a dark world, where small injections of colour came from Autumn. She was spreading the colour with her fiery nature. She remains strong throughout and keeps the reader in awe of what she goes through, yet still keeps the parts that make her unique. Tate is one of those perfect mixes of someone so bad and twisted yet so addictive. You can't help but want more. What will he do next and when? 
Both of them have been broken in different ways, some worse than others. How this has effected them is shown in their actions towards each other. 
I truly loved this story. It was a story that fascinated yet surprised me. A perfect mix of a subject I enjoyed yet with it's own unique and different twist on things. The characters were incredible and addictive. Although he ending was satisfying and I loved it, I still wanted more. I had unanswered questions and wanted to see what else they had to offer. 
Fantastic book!! 5 dark stars.

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★Theodoras Descent - J.E. & M. Keep★ Release Day Tour!

In the dead of night, they call for her. The monsters and their strange, ancient city deep below the earth.

Theodora is not content to find a husband and settle down. She seeks adventure, not courtship.

She feels the primal pull of beings that shouldn’t exist and falls into the den beneath. Saved by a monstrous man from the clutches of two vampires, she quickly realizes that her nightmares couldn’t even come close to the things that haunt the underworld.

As she desperately seeks escape, can she survive the horrors that lurk below, or will she succumb to the power that reigns in the dark?

A dark, seductive force calls to her… pulls her towards its clutches…
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J.E. & M. Keep are dark fantasy fiends.

With a lust for fantasy and science fiction, they bring you an eclectic selection of works. They write for both male and female readers, with rich detail, developed characters and settings, and explicit sex. All stories are erotic, with many dark romances, and they range from demons and elves that jump into bed at the slightest provocation, to the slow, exquisite tortures of denial. Fall in love with the characters, root for the villain, and always come back for more.

Connect with J.E. Keep: 
 Connect with M. Keep: 

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Review - Unplugged (Blue Phoenix #3) - Lisa Swallow

We're back in the world of Blue Phoenix, and this time it's Liam's story! 
Liam Oliver is the bassist with Blue Phienix, with his happy and chilled out attitude, the sweet guy with the mane of auburn hair isn't generally the face of trouble when it comes to Blue Phoenix's public image. He likes to keep out of the limelight and do what he does best, make music! 
Yet, in Unplugged that's all about to change. 

When we first met Blue Phoenix in Summer Sky, when it was frontman Dylan Morgan's story. We knew from the start that Liam was the only attached member of the band. He was engaged to Honey. They had their future all mapped out and planning a massive wedding that would make any top magazine biting the bit to get a spread on. To anyone on the outside, it would seem obvious whom Honey was. Gorgeous blonde, with fake uhh appendages and lots of extensions. Her mind was fully on the ball. She knew what she wanted and was on a mission to make sure it happened. She wanted to be the wife of 'the' Blue Phoenix Bassist. Liam was just happy to go along with whatever, he thought he was in love and remembered Honey hadn't always been that way. After a few pictures ended up in a tabloid, it changed everything for Liam. He realised that things weren't right and took off for home. 

Wales, where Blue Phoenix were born. Liam has gone home to Wales to stay with his family for the Christmas break and to see what he wants now. 
Upon arriving home, Liam realises he may have arrived at a bad time. His younger sister Louise has invited her best friend, Cerys and her daughter Ella to stay for a while after they were chucked out by her partner. Liam remembers Cerys from back when they were kids. She was a groupie of his when they were younger and first starting out in the band. Yet back then she was just his little sisters best friend. Now Cerys is all grown up and proving to be quite the distraction to Liam, when he is trying to take a break from everything. Put the gorgeous distraction with a cute and funny 5 year old makes for a very different holiday than Liam was expecting. Although, all this has put everything in to perspective for Liam. Making him realise what he does and doesn't want out of life. 


It's fantastic to see such a huge difference between 2 of the members of Blue Pheonix, after Dylan & Sky's tumultuous relationship and the fact that Dylan had quite a distinctive personality. Very feisty and moody. It's really exciting to see such a big difference from that kind of personality to how Liam is. He is far more lighthearted and easy breezy. He doesn't have the intensity that Dylan has. Yet these Blue Phoenix boys tend to have one particular characteristic alike. They are both incredibly passionate and know what they want, and will go to any extremes necessary to get it. There is no mincing of words when they set their minds on what they desire. These poor girls don't stand a chance. ;) Liam has shown that the chilled out and happy go lucky boys are certainly the ones to watch. It would seem that Liam saves his assertive nature for when it counts. We get to see an intriguing and interesting side of him that was quite addictive. Quite the sexy and predatory qualities that seem to work incredibly well on Liam. 

"Sweet?" I hold her by the shoulders and stare into her face. "This idea I'm sweet, I don't know who told you, but you're wrong." 
Cerys's breath rushes out in surprise. "So you keep saying..."
"Let's just say I know when to hold a girl's hand, but I also know when to pull her hair." I wind my fingers through her hair and tug her head back, dropping kisses along her collarbone, enjoying the gasp. "I'm more than ready to show you how wrong you are."

After Liam has to return for a band meeting, he finds upon his return to Wales, Cerys has gone. Just when he was starting to realise what he wanted, is it too late? Liam, finds himself lost. Cerys has gone back to her ex so Liam goes back to what he knows. Life with Honey. But it's not long before thoughts of Cerys consume him and he wonders if this is the life he really wants any more. 
Liam has to make some big decisions and potentially hurt some people badly. From there we see Liam moving on with certain aspects of his life but not others. With some heartfelt scenes that had me welling up over a character, I would never imagine myself feeling sad for. 


Time moves on and Liam is trying to reconnect with Cerys. He knows what he wants and is hoping she feels the same. There is again some really sweet scenes where Liam proves how perfect he is. He is fantastic with Ella and wants to show Cerys how great they would be as a family. His dedication made me sigh repeatedly. Whenever I wanted to say "Awww how sweet is he?" He would then go crazy cave man and I couldn't quite manage to call him 'sweet', he was far too sexy for that word. Liam is far from my usual type of book boyfriend, yet he is so full of surprises, he exceeds the norm. 

In true Blue Phoenix, crazy-chaotic-world style, things go a little mad for Liam and Cerys. Cerys's nasty ex decides to do a huge number on her and throws everybodies world upside down. The pace kicks up a notch, the suspense is biting, and my breath is held. Lisa Swallow, certainly knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats, and I absolutely love these moments. You never know when they are coming, or how they will play out, but each time my nails are bitten lower and everyday tasks are forgotten while glued to the screen. Add the edgy suspense to the panty twisting moments with lascivious Liam and mix it up with the tender and sweet love story stuff and you get another Blue Pheonix boy living out his crazy life!! I swear these Blue Pheonix books are just getting better and better! 

The different aspect to Liam's story was that his story concluded in one book. So there is no cliffhanger, no HFN endings. It's all contained in one story and the ending is perfect! It's sigh-worthy, gasp-worthy, even drool-worthy if you feel the need, but it is definitely a fantastic conclusion to Liam and Cerys's wild journey. Liam has been awesome, I'm now ready for Jem, bring him on! :) 

Review - Indiscretion; Volume 3 - Elisabeth Grace


I'm really enjoying these instalments from Elisabeth Grace, for Indiscretion. 
Volume 3 seemed to take a different twist from the other 2. It's getting far more tense and there is an air of mystery about everything.
The relationship between Max and Chloe seems to be up and down all the time. They aren't allowed to be together because of being enemies through the business side of things. Although when they do get together it is seriously hot. 
Yet now we have the added issue of the mysterious person causing extra problems. Strange things are happening to Chloe, somebody is trying to tell her something and scare her at the same time. I have no clue who and it's actually quite eerie.
So again we have another huge cliffhanger at the end, which is awesome as there isn't long to wait until the next volume comes out and it's usually quite a big cliffhanger. This one again paints Max in a very bad light and I'll be interested to know what he has been up to. It's obvious he is keeping secrets and I'm wondering what they, and are hey connected to the mysterious brunette.
Again, I enjoyed the story. It was short and sweet and very entertaining.

*I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*

Review - Shhh... Gianna's Side - M. Robinson

Woooahhh another crazy ride on the Mack & Gia roller coaster!!

So, I started with Mack's POV first as that's the way that was recommended. I guess after finishing both sides it probably was best, but to be honest both sides had such huge revelations, both completely different too. I assumed, once I knew the big reveals from one side, that there wouldn't be any more secrets and lies to discover. Oh how wrong I was. 

Gia's story runs in the same style as Mack's. Starts in the present and flits backs and forth from the past, showing how things were when Gia and Mack were younger. Then on to what happened between them, and then on to the present. Now obviously this is a different POV, so it's not going to be the same. Trouble is, when things were adrift or different I wasn't sure who was telling the truth. When I read Mack's POV she seemed most convincing, yet when I read Gia's story, she did too. ARGHH who do I believe! 

Gia and Mack were inseparable. They grew up doing everything together. Their parents worked together and then moved next door to each other. They had high expectations for both the girls. Mack was the over achiever, did well in school and was well liked. Gia struggled more than Mack and suffered under her fathers constant comparisons to Mack. Gia was a girl in pain, she hated who she was and what she was becoming, yet she had to keep up the facade. She was suffering under the fake persona. Eventually things started to look up when a new teacher started in the girls senior year. Gia had never known anyone like Mr Nichols before, he was older, gorgeous and listened to her. Something nobody ever did. It wasn't long before she was infatuated with him. She thought nobody knew, she was wrong. Gia also had a boyfriend. The gorgeous Jake, now at College. He was devoted to her, but he wasn't always there. Yet, Gia could still look, couldn't she? 
Only Gia was playing with fire. Things start to go crazy from here, in all sorts of ways that are far from obvious and incredibly complex. 
I'm still in shock at the genius plot of this story. So many lives intertwined, so many secrets threading through it all. 

I absolutely loved Gia's take on the story, just as much as I loved Mack's. They were both unique and amazingly well written. I couldn't pick one as being better than the other. Although I will say, you can't possibly read just one side. You have to read both or you miss out on so many other bits that aren't always present or talked about in the other side. 

Both girls each had their problems. Totally different problems that have been born of an incident that affected so many lives. To say that they both suffered is true. Some of it was self inflicted, brought on by their shame and guilt over what had occurred back when they 18. But they are no longer the same people they once were. It's actually really sad, to see them both suffer in different ways. These books were so emotional on so many levels. 

This was my first book from author M. Robinson and it will not be my last. Her writing style is sharp, she painted a picture of love and lies mixed up in a crazy whirlwind, with bits and pieces spit out. It was honest and raw and I was totally hooked on every page. 

I must admit, the epilogue of Shhh, Gianna's story was the biggest WOW WTF? moment in the whole story. It certainly went out with a bang, so I was left trying to re-picture everything and all the possibilities with this new knowledge. Fantastic final chapter and reveal!! I actually would of liked to go back to Mack and Gia down the road, see what they were doing. So much had transpired after everything was finished that I felt like I would of liked to read more. 

I'm still so thankful I got to read both ARC sides of this amazing story. It was unique and nothing like I have read before. A brutal love story, showing what lengths people will go to when in love. Both sides must be read and are both equally enthralling and captivating. 
A dark and secretive 5 stars!

★Guardian - Courtney Cole★ Release Day Launch!!

Guardian RDL Banner

We are absolutely over the moon excited about the Release Day Launch for Courtney Cole's GUARDIAN!!! GUARDIAN is a YA Paranormal Romance, and a book close to Courtney’s heart. Not only is this fabulous book back in a big way, it's Courtney's birthday! To celebrate all of the awesome she is making a few select titles only .99 TODAY ONLY! Grab them all and thank us later.


GUARDIAN Synopsis:

Sometimes, things that go bump in the night are real. 

My name is Whitney Lane.  I’m sixteen years old and at first, I thought I was crazy.

I kept seeing shadows move along walls, and hearing whispers around corners, but whenever I looked, there was never anything there.

Until one day, there was.

Our world isn’t what we think.  There are things around us, good things, bad things, scary things.

Things that we tell ourselves aren’t real, but they are.

They’re very real, and they’re terrifying.

I’ve been swept up now, in a battle of good and evil, confused about love and what is supposed to be love, but isn’t.  I don’t know what to think anymore.  I can’t trust my emotions and I don’t know what is true.

There’s only one thing I know for sure.

Nothing is what it seems.

Guardian Available now


Sometimes the things that go bump in the night are real. 

Happy birthday to me. 

I close my eyes and burrow into my pillow as I try to sleep, as I try to escape this life.

It’s a life I never thought I’d have, a life I most certainly don’t want.

I’m still feeling sorry for myself as the blackness of sleep finally overtakes me.

I don’t know what time it is when I shoot straight upward like a rocket.  Something had yanked me from the oblivion of sleep, something loud and shrill scraping my window.

My room is completely dark and I glanceat my clock in confusion.

3:00 a.m.

As my heart pounds hard against my ribcage, I quickly scan every corner of the room.

In the last few hours, dark shadows had migrated onto my pink walls, but they’re familiar, nothing out of the ordinary, although in the night, they seem twisted and scary.

I remain motionless as I allow the sleep-induced fog to clear from my brain.

As I sit, I feel common sense and logic slowly returning.

Of course nothing had touched my window because my bedroom is on the second floor. Nothing can reach it.  And there are no trees near enough to brush against it.  It was just a dream.

It was only a dream.

I chant it silently to myself like a mantra as I consciously slow my breathing down, hoping that my racing pulse will soon follow. It was only a dream.

But just as I’m calming down, I hear it again.

A high-pitched shrill shriek, reminiscent of fingernails on a chalkboard, scraping down my window. I gasp and pull my feet up to my chest, which is when I notice the temperature.

I notice because I can see my breath.

Timidly, I blow a puff out again, watching the way my breath turns white in the air.

Holy crap.  Oh my God. 

What the hell?

The sound stops and stillness surrounds me once again, the silence so loud that it echoes in my ear.

Nothing moves around me, the shadows are perfectly still as they twist across my wall.  They look like mangled fingers and arms and legs, but they don’t move.

My legs are weak and shaking, but I know I have to move.   I have to move off my bed because it feels like something is under it.  Something terrifying.

With a leap, I bound across the room, my feet hitting the floor several feet away from the edge of my bed.

The floor is ice cold, as though it had been covered in a blanket of snow.

I’m trembling as I race to the far wall and check the thermostat.  Because that’s the only explanation.  I must’ve bumped it earlier, I must’ve turned the AC way down.

But the luminous numbers stare at me in contradiction.

74 degrees.

It must be broken.  It has to be broken.

My breath is coming in pants now, terrified, anxious pants.

My fear isn’t logical.  I know there’s nothing here.  I’m the only one in this room.

Or am I?

The air seems to push at me from all around, something dark, something heavy, something real.  Something unseen.

My fingers shake, my legs tremble, and then all of a sudden, they can no longer support my weight.  I go down like a pile of bricks, collapsing onto the floor.  I lie still because I can’t move, because something seems to sit on my chest, holding me down.

The shadows start to move, to slither across the walls, to reach and pull and dance.

I struggle to focus, to see what it is.

But all I can see are the numbers on the thermostat suddenly moving, rapidly counting down from 74 to 20.

Twenty degrees?

The air is frigid as I suck it in, as I try to pull the ice crystals into my mouth so I can breathe.

All of a sudden, there’s a blackness in front of me.  It hovers over me, a shapeless mass, sucking in the cells of the air, the atoms and the molecules.  It’s darker than the blackness of my room, blacker than the blackest black.

Something is here.

With me. 

“Dad?” I whisper in a white puff.  Because what else could it be?

I reach out a finger to touch it, and then I can’t see anything else, because the darkness of it surrounds me, bleeding into everything else, even my vision.   The shriek is back, screaming into my ears, bleeding into my brain.

Then there’s nothing.


Barnes and Noble (Coming as soon as it goes LIVE!)

 To celebrate the release of GUARDIAN and Courtney's birthday the following books are on sale for .99, today only!

Birthday book Sale Banner



Courtney Cole is a novelist who would eat mythology for breakfast if she could. She has a degree in Business, but has since discovered that corporate America is not nearly as fun to live in as fictional worlds. She loves chocolate and roller coasters and hates waiting and rude people.

Courtney lives in quiet suburbia, close to Lake Michigan, with her real-life Prince Charming, her ornery kids (there is a small chance that they get their orneriness from their mother) and a small domestic zoo.

Website |Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter SignUp| Pinterest

My Review:

This is the first Young Adult Paranormal book I have read in ages, I haven't read any good ones for quite some time, so I haven't really been looking for any new ones lately. Then I was asked to read Guardian and straight away, I knew it was going to be good and exactly what I had been missing. 
Whitney, has had a rough time lately. Her father passed away, saving a boy from drowning. Weeks later she is still trying to come to terms with losing him whilst looking after her little sister, as her mum seems to be having a breakdown. She has retreated in to her own mind, and Whitney has the worry of her sister and herself being split up, and put in foster care if she asks for help. So she gets through every day the best way she can, surviving. Oh and she has only just turned 16! On top of all this, Whitney thinks she is going crazy. She is seeing things that she isn't sure are there, and feels certain things around her, even touching her. She isn't sure whether she is imaging them, although they seem so real. Yet with the stress she is under and how much her fathers death has effected her, she puts it down to her going mad.  
Just when everything was at it's worse, in walks Brady. He is gorgeous, perfect and is obviously totally hooked on Whitney. He actually seems a little too good to be true. She even starts dreaming about him, dreams that seem eerily real. 
It's at this time she also meets another new face, Carter. Dark and brooding swimmer Carter, who doesn't seem to take to Whitney all that well. Although they don't know each other, she still feels curious about what it is that bugs him. Whether she has done something wrong. So two new gorgeous faces around, yet the things that Whitney is seeing and feeling are getting worse. Far more frequent and feeling more real than ever. Also it would seem her mother is getting worse too. Her condition is getting far more scarier and Whitney needs help. She finally decides to call her grandparents, who get on the first plane to come stay with her. 
Without giving away all the big secrets and twists within this fantastic story, I can't say a great deal more. 
What I can say is, there was some fantastic twists and turns that left me shocked yet excited. Things that I didn't see coming. Which made this story quite unique. Sometimes, it can be hard to find something different within the paranormal genre, a lot of subjects get rehashed and re twisted and not always for the best. I was really impressed and surprised at where this story went. It was different and intriguing and I was hooked throughout the entire book. It was so good to get back into paranormal books again with something new and captivating. 
Whitney was a fantastic main character, although she was a lot younger than any mc's I have read about lately and I must admit, I did worry if I would be able to get into it again, after reading so many adult age books lately. Yet, I really had no worries. After everything that happened to her, she was far older than her 16 years. She had been forced to grow up and didn't seem like 16 at all. All the other supporting characters were equally as exciting and enjoyable. 
The writing was fantastic, I loved how addicted I felt to everything within this story right from the first few pages. I was captivated by the writing style and enjoyed the feeling of being glued to the pages again. 
A fantastic paranormal tale that will have you gripped from the start, and left questioning lots of things long after your finished. 
4.5 stars! 

**I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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★Cover Reveal - SERIAL (Volume One) - Lily White & Jaden Wilkes★

Title: Serial (Volume One)

Authors: Lily White & Jaden Wilkes


“Would you like me to take you straight home, Sir?” my driver asks as I settle into the back of the company car. It's long, sleek, black and classic. Unfortunately it will also stand out too much in the neighbourhood I want to cruise tonight.
I am just looking. Window shopping if you will. I haven’t killed a woman for almost three months now and I can feel the urge building up in the back of my brain. Work was a bust, it’s a good thing I’m the boss or I would have been fired every damn time I start to cycle. I get so distracted I can barely remember my own name.
I can’t help it, I truly can’t. I’ve researched addiction, Googled the fuck out of everything from, “How do I stop killing” to “Frontal lobotomy results sociopathy” when the going gets tough.
It’s not a morals thing. Don’t get me wrong. I believe I am on a mission and the women who choose me are already dying by the time they accept their fate.
It’s more of an inconvenience and timing thing. I’ve been doing it for over a decade. I’ve killed many, many women. I couldn’t tell you how many off the top of my head, I’d have to count my trophies to be sure, but ballpark around twenty five.
Chances are I’m going to get caught eventually. And I don’t want to get caught. Getting caught will be such a bore. Such a drag. Such a stock fiasco. Our company shares will plummet once it’s realized the head is such a fucking nutjob.
I’m usually very good at business, the thing that allows me to slit the throat of a woman and take my knife to her breast is the very thing that allows me to make logical business decisions without flinching.
Every CEO is a sociopath. They have to be. Business is not very pleasant, and only the worst men with the darkest hearts survive up the tangled rivers of boardrooms and back room deals.
So I try to fight my urges, for my family, my business and for the simple fucking fact that I don’t want to end up behind bars.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

★Cover Reveal - Heart - Nicola Hudson★


Sometimes it doesn’t
end with happy ever after.

Neve believes Jake is the one.  She is miles away from home, struggling to
fit in at university and missing the people she loves.  The only thing getting her through is the
knowledge that Jake will be visiting for the weekend.

Jake believes he isn’t the one.  His family and lifestyle mean he can’t give
Neve what she deserves: so much more than him.
He arrives for the weekend, knowing that he has to break her heart,
along with his own.

Sometimes we make decisions
and have to live with the consequences.
Each of them struggles to cope with the aftermath of the
weekend.  Each of them is unhappy.  Each of them refuses to do something about

Sometimes it isn’t
about a boy meeting a girl and falling in love; sometimes it is about what
happens next.

Heart features characters from Nicola Hudson’s first New Adult
novel, Curve, but can be read as a
standalone novel.

Release Date: November 28th

noun  [härt]

 1. The muscular organ
that pumps blood through the circulatory system.

2. The central or most
fundamental part of something: its essence.

3. Courage or

4. Slang (verb) To like
something very much, to love.


“Sit down, Neve.”  He never called me Neve.  Ever. 
Can’t I put some clothes on first?”
“Please, just sit down.”  The quietness in his voice had me worried and
so I obeyed. 
Big mistake
That was the moment I let it happen.
“I can’t carry on doing this.”
“Carry on doing what?  What are you talking about?  Why are you acting so weird?”
“This.  Us.  I can’t do it any more. I want out.”  The bastard couldn’t even make eye contact
with me as he broke, no, shattered, my heart.


Of course I knew it would hurt but I
hadn’t expected it to feel like I was ripping my own heart out.  I mean, I knew it was coming, didn’t I?  What I hadn’t thought about was what it would
do to me, seeing her hurt like that.  I
know her too well to fall for the angry mask she tried to conceal her hurt
with.  That was the moment I felt like
the biggest bastard in the world.  That
was the moment I almost relented and took back the lies I had spoken.  I just wanted to take away the pain I had
But it’s better if she feels angry;
it will distract her from the hurt.  And,
as tempted as I am to pick up my phone and make it all better again, I
can’t.  I have to stay strong.  For her.
This is all for her.
It always was.

It always will be.


Nicola Hudson is a British author who lives in Birmingham, England.  
She is also a full-time high school English teacher and avid reader – her taste runs from New Adult novels to the classics.  Her dream day involves reading, writing and plenty of chocolate.



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