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Release + Review - Anjelica Grace - Hold on Tight

Two and a half years ago, we made a plan—had our life all mapped out—knew where we were going and how we were getting there.

It was the four of us against the world and we were so close to having everything we wanted.

But life had other plans for us.

Now, rodeo has become Chase's primary focus, and he leaves our girls and me home while he follows his dreams week in, and week out.

We've lost so much already. I'm afraid if he doesn't come back to us soon, resentment will set in and our marriage will fail.

Do we have what it takes to make it through one more season? Or will this be the end of our dreams? And our marriage?

Eight seconds...

That's all it takes to change our lives forever.

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“I won, you realize that, right?”
“Yes, cocky one, I do. What’s your point?” she retorts, clearly not realizing where I’m going with this.
“I won, therefore you arrived last…”
Realization flashes across her features and she looks up at me, where I’m still perched atop Thor, with her hand providing shade over her eyes and her lips slightly parted. “You can’t be serious. Right now?”
“Mhmm, right now.” I nod my head and fold my hands over the horn of Thor’s saddle. “I need to see you gloriously naked and getting into the water.”
“You really are serious.” She shakes her head and starts to pull her hair back. “You can tell me you’re joking anytime.”
“Allie, I’m serious as a heart attack. You agreed, last one here is the first to skinny-dip. And I want to watch every second of you doing exactly that.”
“My God, you are so full of yourself. I suppose you’re going to stay there on top of Thor, like you’re the ruler of the lands?”
My only answer is to smile at her.
“Impossible. You’re impossible.” She pulls the band off her wrist and secures her hair into a messy pile above her head then she works her boots off with a huff. “How am I supposed to dry off?”
“I brought two blankets, we can share one so you can use the other to dry yourself.”
“And what are you going to—you know what—never mind.” She steps up in front of Thor and slides her hand over his face. “You’re a traitor, Thor. You should’ve lost for me.”
She makes me laugh loudly. “He knows whose horse he is. Now, quit stalling”
More Than Winning – the FREE prequel short story!!

I was born and raised about twenty minutes north of Denver, Colorado where school and soccer were always my primary focus growing up. Though, I read and wrote as often as humanly possible, too. I’ve always loved doing both, and my love for words has only grown since my childhood.
I stayed local for college and majored in Biology, with every intention of going to medical school. That never panned out. I realized right before I took the MCAT that what I wanted most out of life was to have a family of my own one day, and to be able to write a book. It was then that I decided that being a doctor wouldn't have left much time to accomplish either of those things.
Since then, I've done child care, and tried to figure out where to go next, while also finally working on my own stories that I can share with the world.
And I hope that the amazing people that give me a chance fall as in love with my characters as I have.


Erin's Review 

I love a good cowboy romance, and this one had sexy cowboys and romance, but also plenty of real life thrown at you.  I’m torn on if I loved it, or if it was too much real life and not enough escape-from-life-romantic-fiction.  The plot is about a married couple reconnecting and prevailing over obstacles in their lives.  This is the first in a series by a new to me author. 

The blurb hints at something tragic happening in less than 8 seconds to change their lives, and in both rodeo and life and with kids, that leaves a lot of possibilities.  The plot was a little to “real” for me, as I read to escape life, and married with kids and relationship concerns is not as fun to escape into as hot cowboys rescuing me from the drudge of my own marriage and kids.  Nonetheless, the plot seemed fairly believable as Allie and Chase deal with life’s ups and downs in ways that are too realistic and true.  They have the greater good of their marriage in mind, but fail to communicate and take each other for granted, which leads to some of the struggles they face.

Chase is a manly man, providing for his family by riding broncs in the rodeo circuit.  Allie is a faithful wife, wanting Chase to do what he loves, but resenting the time spent apart.  Their characters are wholesome and life like and easy to understand and follow.  I connected with Allie as a mom, one who is with her kids more than the husband.  At the same time it was easy to see Chase’s motivations to provide and be able to do what he loves for as long as possible while making money for his family.  Sacrifice and compromise.  But the separation and lack of true communication leads to strife.  They manage to bring it around and re-connect and make it work, so good for them!

Our married couple Chase and Allie are still in love after years of marriage.  Despite some strife, they still set each other on fire, and know how to push each other’s buttons (for better or worse!).  And sometimes the makeup sex is worth the fight!

The beginning of the book seemed a bit slow, as we delved into the backstory and struggles.  The characters were a bit predictable and boring then until the girls provided some extra flair.  I didn’t get fully sucked in at any point.  And while I’m glad for the outcome Chase had, I wonder at the timing and feasibility.  Everything wrapped up very neatly for the whole family, and I wish real life were that way.

The book ended on a particularly emotional note for me as the Epilogue uses a name for one of my children, for some of the same reasons.  I appreciated the epilogue, and that everything worked out for the family.  I would reccomend this book for those who are in the mood for a romance, but a romance that’s more real life and not just hot and steamy “fluffy” romance. 

Favorite Quotes:

“There are mornings when you wake up, and everything feels a little brighter, a little happier, and a little calmer.  It’s like a blanket of happiness has settled over everything dreary and sad, and all you can see are the stunning colors of the world.”

“She is the most stunning, incredible woman, and I have the backdrop of a perfect Colorado skyline to highlight every single feature on her.”

“Never thank me for loving you.  That’s just stupid.”

“Be teh woman he knows you are.  Do right by your girls, and take up the slack that he’s going to need your help with.”

“Life has given us some pretty unexpected ups and owns, but today is the first day of the rest of our lives …, and we’ve got everything we could’ve ever possibly dreamed of having.”

Star Ratings:

Plot = 3/5 Characters = 4/5 Heat = 4/5 Writing Style = 3/5 Overall Rating = 4/5

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Release + Review - Hazel Kelly - Professor with Benefits

Today we have the release day blitz for PROFESSOR WITH BENEFITS by Hazel Kelly! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy now!

Title: Professor With Benefits
Author: Hazel Kelly
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sadie’s no princess, and she doesn’t appreciate being treated like one. As far as she’s concerned, women who don’t wear ridiculous shoes don’t need to be swept off their feet, and the last thing the world needs right now is one more hopeless romantic maiming one more unsuspecting daisy.

But when a handsome, young professor takes an unprofessional interest in her mossy green eyes and muddy attitude, she can’t help but enjoy the sparkly feeling his attention stirs in her. And the more he lays on the charm, the more she fears she’s not as attached to her loneliness as she once thought.
Too bad he’s off limits. Then again, limits have never really interested Sadie.
But dreamy professors with penetrating blue eyes and sinfully sexy stubble? That’s a subject that’s about to make her senior year very interesting indeed…

Grab Your Copy Today:
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Exclusive Excerpt:
I licked my lips, turned on by the torment in his face. No one had ever wanted me like this. It was like he didn’t even care what was at stake, like wanting me wasn’t a choice.
My mind flashed back to the first day of class when I told him I would’ve given him everything. At the time, I’d been teasing him, having a bit of harmless fun. But it didn’t feel so harmless now. Now that I realized I meant it. Now that I realized I didn’t just want to get naked for this guy. I wanted to strip down to my soul.
His eyes searched mine as he clenched his jaw, holding his tension there for ages. It was like time stood still. We didn’t move. We didn’t breathe. We didn’t blink. Soon, the thundering rain softened slightly, and a few minutes later, it let up a little more. Still, we stayed put.
I wondered what he was thinking, but nothing could’ve improved on the silence between us just then. It was perfect, delirious. Besides, I didn’t have a coherent thought in my head. All I had was a bunch of feelings, and those were even more impossible to interpret. They wouldn’t even hold still. It was like they were exploding inside me like fireworks one after another, a chain reaction of punctuated bliss and paralyzing sexual frustration.
The twenty-two bus pulled up to the shelter as the rain stopped, and Kellan waved the driver away when he opened the door.
“We should’ve gotten on,” I said, smiling as it pulled away. “See where it might’ve taken us.”
“I thought we were happy here.” His crazy blue eyes sparkled. “I was thinking we should never leave.”
“It would be easy to invite friends over,” I said. “Living right on the bus route.”
“No. No friends. No visitors.”
I scrunched my nose. “Just us? At this bus stop? Forever?”
He squeezed the back of his neck and looked me up and down like I was magic. Like I’d enchanted him, and he never wanted to come out from under my spell. “We could do worse.”

About Hazel Kelly:
Hazel Kelly is an Amazon bestselling author who writes sweet and steamy romance that will make you smile all over. 

When she's not traveling the globe in search of cozy hammocks to write in, she enjoys tackling her tbr list with a nice big glass of anything will do. She lives in Dublin with a charming Irishman and their three-legged furbaby.

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Louise's Review 

Professor with Benefits is the 3rd book in the Beta Brothers series and can be read as a standalone, as I hadn’t read the previous 2 books, I was worried I wouldn’t know the characters; I didn’t need any other information than what was in front of me.

Kellan is a professor and is loving his research in their lab, teaching is not something he loves as much. Sadie’s record with the school was rocky and she was going into her senior year on very thin ice;

When he meets Sadie through his younger brother, he is taken back by her. Sadie not his typical woman but she has so many layers that once he starts peeling them back, he is willing to break all the rules to make sure he holds onto her.

While they both knew what they were doing could get them into some serious trouble their chemistry was undeniable pulling them together like magnets.

Kelly is a new to me author and I personally enjoyed reading this book, I have added books 1 & 2 to my TBR list because I really want to know more about this group. I look forward to reading more in the series.

Star Ratings; Plot: 4/5  Characters: 4/5  Heat: 4/5  Writing Style: 4/5  Overall: 4/5

Release + Review - Maya Hughes - Fearless King

My first crush. My first heartbreak. My brother’s best friend.

The butterflies in my stomach turned into full blown eagles the second our lips touched. A kiss under the stars that changed our relationship forever. 

After a lifetime of wishing, I stared up into Ford’s eyes with his fingers caressing my cheek and my heart racing.

The evening ended with my heart bleeding on the ballroom floor. 

He destroyed my heart two years ago...but now he wants back in my life. 

This time I won’t fall under his spell. I’ll resist his sexy, scruffy beard, and panty-melting smirk. 

I thought I was over him. Hell, I fully planned to wave to him through my rearview mirror...but with one text, in the middle of the night, I know I'm in over my head.

Ford: I need you.

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Maya Hughes has always loved romance novels. One look at her Kindle is confirmation. She started writing her first romance novel while pregnant with her third child and she hasn’t looked back. Now, her romance writing addiction has replaced her romance reading addiction. 

You can find her writing on her foldable keyboard and phone anytime inspiration strikes. Her sweet and steamy stories range from rockstars to small towns and everything in between. When she’s not writing, she’s playing with her three kids, running errands or vegging on the couch with the love of her life and biggest fan, her husband. 


Louise's Review 

Fearless King is book 4 in the Kings of Rittenhouse series, while this can be read as a standalone these characters are recurring. Having only read Shameless King previously I didn’t feel that I was missing anything but learning more of the back history would have completed the story.

Ford has had his head down and getting on with his career, since losing the trust with his best friend Colm, the last thing he needs is for him to find out he is crushing on his little sister. Olivia has had a plan for her life since she was little, but starts to wonder if this is exactly who she wants to be anymore, with the pressure from her brother and carrying the guilt of failure she is starting to pull away. When Ford is asked to dig deeper to find out what is going on with Olivia he remembers all the reasons why he wants her but also that brings the worry of all the reasons why he shouldn’t be chasing her.

Are they able to cut through the secrets, lies and anger to make their relationship work?

Fearless King has a good plot and characters throughout and I personally enjoyed reading this book, I did feel that the pace was slower than my liking but having read another book in this series I knew that this is how Hughes writes. I look forward to more stories in this series, I can’t wait for Colm to be brought to the surface and find his HEA in Heartless King.

Star Ratings; Plot: 4/5  Characters: 4/5  Heat: 4/5  Writing Style: 4/5  Overall: 4/5

Release + Review - Emma Louise - Struck

Notorious playboy.
Gym rat.
I’ve been called them all.
Until one-night changes everything. Changes me.
Trying to drown a broken heart in cheap whiskey and a willing body leaves me with the last thing I ever expected.
All that matters now is my son. There’s no room for anything, or anyone else.
Until her.
A free spirit. A nomadic soul.
She intrigues me. She excites me. She’s everything I never knew I needed.
In the end, loving her was the easy part. It was letting her go that almost ruined me.
Struck is a surprise baby/single dad romance and can be read as a complete standalone.


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A longtime lover of all things romance, Emma Louise is a book blogger turned debut writer. She’s a diehard bibliophile, addicted to tea and speaks fluent sarcasm.
She lives with her husband, three children and overgrown puppy in South Wales, UK.
Having been an avid reader for as long as she can remember, she’s recently decided to try her hand at writing love stories of her own.



There is a giveaway for a $20 Amazon gift card + a signed paperback of Struck (1 winner, open internationally)
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Johnaka's Review 

“Will he get his HEA? 4 stars”

TJ, TJ, TJ…how we have all been waiting for your story. Now that we have it, I don’t know what to think. Louise didn’t take the story where I thought she would but I adored it. I enjoyed Breeze I thought she brought life back into TJ’s life. She accepted him without a question and I loved that. Yes, there were times she questions everything but what young person doesn’t?

If you take a chance on Struck I have a feeling you will highly enjoy it. You don’t have to read the two books that come before it but I do recommend you do so.




Writing style-4/5


Jennifer's Review 

What an emotional rollercoaster! Struck is unlike any book I have ever read. The plot was unique to me. This story has romance and drama, but it also has shock, heartbreak, and agony. Seriously one of the best books I have read in a while.

The plot of this book is interesting. I won't lie and say I was not a little disappointed at first when I realized the main female was not who I thought it was going to be. With that being said, keep with the book. This is way better. This book I would say is about redemption and finding where home is. The author did a great job.

Oh Breeze. You are the character I never knew I needed. Breeze is a free spirit. She has one goal in life and that is to travel just like her mom did. She feel restless inside and thinks traveling is the only way to fight that feeling. TJ is such a great character. Boy has he made mistakes, but when the shock of a lifetime falls into his lap, the shows that he can be the man he needs to be. I loved that about him.

The heat in this book was there from the beginning. This is a fighting attraction kind of book. The initial attraction comes off as dislike. That builds into something more until it combusts. I loved that about this book.

I have not one complaint about the writing style of this book. The pace is steady. The story is told from a dual point of view. The characters are dynamic. This book made me tear up. The emotions run so high that I didn't know if I could make it without stopping. Alas, I did with no regrets.

Overall, this was a great story. I loved characters. This book has all the feels. If you love you some romance with a bit of shock factor tangled in, this is the book for you.

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Release + Review - Marie Harte - Smooth Moves

Don't miss this brand new contemporary romance, standalone title from Marie Harte. 

SMOOTH MOVES is available now!



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Ex-Marine Cash Griffith is a beacon for trouble. Working for the family moving company, he does his best to keep a low profile, but he can’t help finishing a fight someone else starts. There’s one person at work who annoys and baffles him. But if he even thought about taking her on, she’d put him down. Hard. Which is a real problem, because Cash wants nothing more than to tangle with sexy Jordan Fleming.
The ex-Army MP has her hands full with her new job and her rebellious teenage brother. Getting him through summer school is a chore. Figuring out what to do with her life now that she’s a civilian is disheartening. But one thing she lives for—doing battle with the obnoxious, arrogant, incredibly hot Marine at work.
Their battles turn into true camaraderie, then into something more. Helping each other out with family problems, Cash and Jordan learn to trust each other. One kiss leads to another, and friendship starts turning to love. But when dangerous secrets come to light, their bond will either break or strengthen into a future they both deserve.   

About the author

Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte has over 100 books published with more constantly on the way. She’s a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. Visit and fall in love.

Johnaka's Review 

“two vets finding HEA, 3 stars”

Cash doesn’t find trouble it finds him. Ever since he got out of the service it’s like he’s at the wrong place at the right time. He works hard and tries to keep his head down. Except for where Jordan is concerned. He can’t help but look at her and want her. The question is will he make a move?
Jordan’s life is complicated. She never expected to get out of the military but she is. She never saw herself taking her younger brother in but she did. Last but not least she never saw herself having feelings for one of her bosses but she does. The question is will Cash make her life better or more complicated?
Smooth Moves really didn’t do anything for me. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. It was one of those stories that was just eh for me. It could be because of me or it could be the story. I did like Cash and Jordan. Their banter was funny at times. If you take a chance on Smooth Moves I hope you genuinely enjoy it.

Writing style-3/5

Release + Review - Kaylea Cross - Stealing Vengeance

Don't miss the kick-off title to a brand new romantic suspense series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kaylea Cross.

STEALING VENGEANCE is available now!


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She’s an expert at getting into places she doesn’t belong. 

The government created Megan, transforming her into a Valkyrie—a deadly operative only whispered about in certain circles. They took everything from her and made her into a weapon. Now someone is leaking secret information about her sisters-in-arms, betraying them for money. Loyal Unto Death is the Valkyrie motto. So when Megan is recruited to find who leaked the files, she takes the high-risk assignment. Even if it means working with the man who betrayed her trust long ago. Even if it means giving her life. Because she’ll do whatever it takes to find justice. 

But this is one situation she can’t escape from on her own. 

Tyler Bergstrom never forgot the resourceful woman who escaped during the toughest phase of SERE school. So when he learns the stunning truth about her and his unwitting part in her past, he volunteers to work alongside Megan for a chance at redemption. Except she doesn’t want a partner. Doesn’t want to let anyone into her life, including him—hell, especially him. Yet whether she likes it or not, for this mission they’re partners. Now it’s a race against the clock to bring down the shadowy figure targeting Valkyries. But the threat goes deeper than they ever imagined. No one is safe. And if they can’t overcome the past and learn to trust each other, they’re both dead. 

About the author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge-of-your-seat military romantic suspense. Her work has won many awards, including the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence. A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and family.

Johnaka's Review 

“The Valkyrie are under attack, 5 stars”

The Valkyrie are under attack and we don’t know why. All we know is bodies of these elite warriors keep popping up. Megan is hand selected for the job of figuring out what’s going on. A job she is more than willing to do except for one small problem. She’s never had to work as a team before. The ones behind the mission chose Ty as her partner, a man she has a small past with. Will she be able to leave the past in the past or will she hold him responsible for a dark time in her life? Will they be able to flush out the person targeting her sisters? Only one way to find out.

Stealing Vengeance is the first Cross book I have read and I loved it. I did not want it to end. I want the next book like now. There were twists I never saw coming and a complete action-packed book. Every time you pick up a new to you author you are kind of nervous, will they be up to your standards? Cross more than crossed the finish line into the read again column for me. If you choose Stealing Vengeance you wont regret it. And now I need to go find some more badaswomen books…excuse me.




Writing style-5/5