Monday, January 25, 2016

REVIEW - Fringe Benefits - Natalie Alder

TITLE - Fringe Benefits (The Tapestry Series #4)

AUTHOR - Natalie Alder


When William Becker, owner of a prestigious race horse farm, strikes a deal with Watchover Farm it puts him in touch with the farm’s beautiful broodmare manager, Leslie Scott. 
Just released from prison, Leslie’s dangerous ex-boyfriend is out to get her and a disgruntled former barn hand of William’s is only too willing to help him get to Leslie, the fringe benefit of William’s lucrative deal. 
If she escapes this killer, will she escape the next potential killer waiting in the wings? 
Can William handle all that comes with loving Leslie? 

My Review:

Fringe Benefits (Book 4 in the Tapestry Series) by Natalie Alder was a great read! 
This is the story of William Becker, owner of Bridgetown Pass Farm. William raised his three children Cole, James, and Audra on his own. William’s children want to see him in relationship since their mother passed away. 

William received a phone call from Myrna at Watchover Farm about a proposal, if Jericho does well in the races. 
The owner Leslie Scott meets William and they seem to have an attraction for each other. When Leslie returned home she was in a tizzy.  Another character that we meet is Leslie’s sister, Anne. 
The story unfolds and it gets really interesting.  There is some action, love, sexy scenes, laughter, a little bit of sadness, and hope.

I've read this series from the beginning, but this one is really touching. I felt so many emotions, which is what makes a book a great read in my opinion. 
I liked reading all the details about William since this is his story. There’s nothing I wouldn't change, all the characters involved need to be there. 

I really like how Natalie incorporates some parts of the other three books into this one.  Natalie’s writing style grips you from the beginning and I don't want to stop reading. I'm not sure if there’s going to be another story in this series, but I’d hate for it to stop as I enjoyed reading about the Becker Family!    

I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes to read books about romance, or with a farm family mixed in, but I’d start at the very beginning with Crewel Work!

Parts of the story I liked:

One of my favorite parts was when Sara and Audra made a nice gesture when naming their children. It made me say “aww”, and I smiled.

"He's stunning. Simply Stunning. Dark hair with a bit of curl, brown eyes, and amazing lips."

"Angel, don't you ever doubt how special you are. You deserve to be cherished and adored. Now, I'm sorry he broke down your confidence but what he did to you was because of his own insecurities. I see the beauty in you and thank you for sharing that with me because God, Leslie, when we are together it's pretty damn great."

"Man, poor girl. You really protect when you protect. "I know. I went a little overboard. But I love her something fierce."

"Oh, baby. This isn't an interview. I appreciate knowing more about your cancer and prognosis, and I'm glad it's so good, but it's not your cancer I'm hoping you'll let me love, it's the woman inside."

Star Ratings:
Plot -5/5
Characters- 5/5
Writing Style- 5/5
Overall rating 4.5/5 


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