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REVIEW - Plaything, Volume Two - Jason Luke & Jade West

TITLE - Plaything, Volume Two

AUTHOR - Jason Luke & Jade West


Part two in the Plaything series. 

The clock is ticking. 
I'm holed up in Hell, destined for sale as a rich man's plaything. 
They've beaten me, they've bullied me, but they haven't broken me. Not yet. 

There's only one man standing between me and a life of misery. 
The man they've instructed to train me... to make me willing... to make me a good product... Robert. 

He's trying to teach me the art of submission, and I'm trying to learn. I tell him I've got this, I can do it, I can be the woman I need to be to get through this horrible mess alive. 

What I haven't told him, is that it's becoming a whole lot less about the lessons, and a whole lot more about the man. But it can't be. In a few days he'll be gone, and I'll be off to my new life. 

My new life without him. 
I just pray I'll be ready.

My Review:

Volume 2 of the Plaything trilogy, and we start straight back off at the cliffhanger in Volume 1. 
We find out about the mysterious pictures that caused such anger with Robert, and Amy gets her chance to explain. 

In this second volume, it's more about getting to know the 2 main characters, Robert and Amy. We find out more about Amy, and her past. We also understand a little more about what it is that makes Amy the way she is. Robert kind of dissects her, without the intention of doing so. It was meant to be just talking, but it's the most information we are given since the beginning. 

I would still say Robert is still a huge mystery. Other than the main facts we were given, we don't know a great deal about him personally. What we do find out, is that Robert is obviously blessed with some sort of god given sexual gifts. ;) Yup, it's hotter than hot in this second installment. Also very intense, and everything seems to have a bigger purpose, every reaction is part of a bigger picture. And it would seem Robert has things extremely well thought out halfway through, and a big plan that could find Amy's predicament a little easier to survive. That is if he doesn't get too attached in the meantime. 

So on the whole, still enjoying this novella series immensely. This second part was slightly slower in pace, but far more information was given. Small cliffhanger at the end, if you take it that way. Can't wait for the final part. 

**A copy of this book was provided, in exchange for a fair and honest review**
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