Tuesday, December 6, 2016

REVIEW - Taunt - Eve Dangerfield

TITLE - Taunt
AUTHOR - Eve Dangerfield


Daniel Schwartz never meant to uncover the apocalypse, unfortunately for her that’s exactly what happened. Yet while it’s clear to the Kiwi hacktivist what she should do; cover it back up and get completely smashed, the rest of the world doesn’t agree. A shady corporation places her in a beachside prison where they promise to hold her until she agrees to talk. Dani would be pretty annoyed if she weren't: 
a) Biologically incapable of being annoyed 
b) Very intrigued by the men hired to guard her 
c) Extremely hungover 

John, Colt, and Seb have poured a lot of time and money into their private security business the last thing they need is to waste six weeks babysitting a hyperactive hippie. Sadly they’ve signed a dubious but watertight contract. Each of the three men finds himself drawn to the weird, pop-obsessed Daniel and she to them. As they become entangled in each other’s lives Daniel is forced to answer some big questions such as; how can you escape when there’s nowhere safe to go? How can a commitmentphobe fall for not one, but three different men? And, most importantly, should New Zealanders kick people who call them Hobbits? (Yes.) 
Taunt is a heart-stopping erotic thriller; chock full of science, nail-biting suspense, period jokes and good old fashioned lust.


Taunt is about a 27 year old woman named Daniel Schwartz. Daniel is a terrorist. Daniel knows a lot and she is a unique woman who doesn’t have feelings like others. She’s a genius. Cynthia who is her friend studies volcanoes and they did studies. The two of them know a secret that the world is going to end. Daniel gets kidnapped and that’s when the security of 3 men keep watch over her for six weeks. John, Colt and Seb all work for a private security firm. This lady Leslie Elkin from Middlebend hires the three of them and they leave for California.

I’ve read other books by Eve’s but this one is really different. It’s set in the future and in an apocalypse. However, Eve doesn’t disappoint in her writing as this story was very interesting to read. There are different POV's. I kept turning the page wanting more. This story had some serious action. 

I really liked reading about John, Colt and Seb. The three of them are sexy-built military men. They thought Daniel was a man at first but when they saw her. They were all attracted to her. Daniel was attracted to all three of them as well. She didn’t know how to feel. The chemistry between all of them was hot.

I really couldn’t stand Leslie Elkin. As I was reading, I wish I could’ve just yelled at her. She was a mean lady. 

This story made me laugh and had me on my toes with all the action. If you like reading about sexy men helping out a lady then I’d recommend this story. However if you don’t like reading about steamy scenes or 4-somes then this isn’t the story for you.

Parts of the story I liked:
“I’m a human being not a fucking Tickle-Me Elmo.”

“They’re a trilogy. You’re supposed to experience all three of them or it’s just a waste of everybody’s time.”

“I just didn’t realize you’d joined Chippendales in my absence.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 4/5
Characters- 4.5/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing Style- 4/5
Overall Rating- 4/5

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