Thursday, March 10, 2022

Release + Review - Deviant Reign - Tracy Lorraine

 USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracy Lorraine brings you the next installment of her new dark mafia, high school bully romance series.

Watching her walk away for a second time... nearly destroyed me.

But it was nothing less than I deserved from the things I put her through.

I should have let her go. I’d already caused Emmie enough pain to last a lifetime. But I’m a masochist.

Her pain is my pain.
And she’s mine.

Whether she likes it or not.

She’s my wife.

And the sooner she understands that she belongs by my side, the better.

Till death do us part...

I’m not letting her go.

Nothing she can do will convince me that we’re not made for one another.

We might be toxic. Combustible. A match made in hell.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And together.

We will reign.

Dear reader,
Deviant Reign is the third and final book in Emmie and Theo's deviant trilogy, and the sixth book in my dark mafia, high school romance series Knight's Ridge Empire.

Louise's Review
Deviant Reign is book 6 in the Knight's Ridge Empire and the 3rd and final book for Theo & Emmie, this story is full of love, hate, resentment and every other feeling under the sun! Theo is quote possibly the most dedicated teenager I've ever uncounted, Emmie brought him to his knees in all the best possible ways. Emmie is torn, her family connections are coming into play and finding the balance is not as easy as she expected. We finally get the answers we seek, but we all know Tracy by now to know that she has left breadcrumbs for what is to come and I personally CANNOT wait!!! Theo & Emmie are the forever love you crave when reading the perfect book. Star Rating: Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5

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Meet Tracy Lorraine:
Tracy Lorraine is a M/F and M/M contemporary romance author.

Tracy has recently-ish turned thirty and lives in a cute Cotswold village in England with her husband, baby girl and lovable but slightly crazy dog. Having always been a bookaholic with her head stuck in her Kindle, Tracy decided to try her hand at a story idea she dreamt up. Molly and Ryan were born and the rest is history, as they say!

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