Friday, August 25, 2017

REVIEW - Demon Flames - MJ Haag - Becca Vincenza

Title: Demon Flames (The Resurrection Chronicles Book 2)
Author: M.J. Haag and Becca Vincenza


As hellhounds continue to roam and the zombie plague spreads, Drav leads Mya to the source of her troubles—Ernisi, an underground Atlantis and Drav’s home. There Mya learns that the shadowy demons, who’ve helped devastate her world, are not what they seem. 

Trapped in Ernisi, Mya tries to convince Drav to return her to the surface so she can continue her search for her family. However, he’s determined to keep her where he knows she’ll be safe. When Mya falls ill, Drav must choose between her and his people. 

**Recommended for adult readers 

***Part 2 of 3


AHHHHHH SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST SERIES I HAVE READ THIS YEAR! I loved the first book in this series, but this second book blew it right out of the water. Give me more Drav! This book does end in a cliff hanger as it is part of a series, but trust me you will not regret starting this series. This series is such a unique and fresh take on the world as we know it and an apocalypse. I promise you have not read anything like it before!

The plot of this book is a bit different than the first, but there is still a main overall plot that will obviously be played out over the entire series. There is a location change in this book from the second. There are also TONS of revelations in this book that are needed in order to further the plot along. I cannot say too much without giving anything away, but let me just say to the authors, I LOVE where you took me and I CAN’T wait for where we are going.

Drav and Mya are amazing characters. They developed quite a bit in the first book, but they are not done developing yet. While they did develop in this book as well, they still have a long way to go. I think what I love most about these characters is that they don’t let their differences cause hate or anger between them. Instead they try to learn from it. I think this is how we all should be when facing something new or different.

There is a bit more heat in this book than there was in the first book. My face was sure heated while reading these scenes. I think that this portion of the book is so important to the story. The authors integrated these scenes in flawlessly to add depth to the story.

These authors write as if they are one. Seriously, I forget that two authors even wrote this book together that’s how seamless the book seems. The pace of this book is steady just like the last and adds a lot to the overall story. I will say the cliff hanger left me screaming and wanting to throw my book (okay so my phone) against a wall. Not because I was angry but because I have just GOT to know what happens next. So great job for making me want…. No NEED more!

Overall, I am in love with this series. I love that it is so original that I cannot even really compare it to other books. The revelations are shocking and I have reason to believe they will keep on coming. I would and have recommended this series to my friends. My only question is how quick is the next one out? I need it NOW!

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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