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REVIEW - Shifters in Love - Heather Hildenbrand

TITLE - Shifters in Love - Boxed Set
AUTHOR - Heather Hildenbrand


Werewolves, cougars, and sexy grizzlies… this collection has something for every shifter lover! 

Guarded By The Alpha 

Wolf shifter and soldier, Zak Armsford, has never been accused of being a good guy – but then again being good doesn’t get the job done. Now that he’s a free man, he’s not exactly white collar material. So when his friend calls with a protection detail, Zak is just hungry enough for some action to say yes. 

Turns out he’s been hired to protect the Princess of Fort Jericho herself. Del Santoni. And Zak can’t walk away a second time. To keep Del alive, he’ll ruthlessly use his supernatural strength, his connections, and Del’s own secrets against her. 
On the run, Del struggles to learn the truth. Is Zak her Fated Mate – or her mortal enemy? Because it’s not just Del’s heart that’s at risk – it’s her life. 

On The Hunt For His Cougar 

As alpha of a crew with haunted pasts, Hunt Blackburn has only 1 rule: No Mates Allowed. When a bar fight leaves Hunt’s crew on the hook for damages and possible assault, Hunt knows he has to step up and fix what’s broken. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as simple as a few screws and nails. Not after Hunt meets the bar owner, Patrice Monroe, a cute, curvy brunette with a past of her own. 

Patrice has secrets and her safety requires that she keep them. Lay low. Don’t stand out. So when an anti-shifter activist comes poking around, intent on running shifters out of town, Patrice knows she can’t risk being discovered now. Not even by someone as irresistible as Hunt. 

Will Hunt break his own rule for Patrice or will he love her and leave her in order to keep her—and all her secrets—safe? 

Wilde Bear 

Ever since his father died, Xavier Wilde has thrown himself into his work. As the leader of the Blue Bear Search and Rescue Team, his job is simple, save lives. However, things become a lot more complicated when a cute curvy brunette from the Department of Transportation comes to help the team with a new job. 

Laurel doesn't let anyone tell her how to do her job. Especially not some polar bear shifter who thinks he's God's gift to Search and Rescue. In their line of work, mistakes can cost people their lives. So how can they trust each other to keep everyone they care about safe when they're both hiding their own secrets? 

Warning: Every story in this collection is a standalone with no cliffhangers and at least one hot-as-hell alpha who will leave you tingling! Mature readers only. You’ve been warned.

Jennifer's Review:

The Shifters in Love Boxset by Heather Hildenbrand is amazing! Three books with sexy alphas and strong females? This is perfect for me. It doesn’t hurt that each story was astonishing on their own. These books all have action and romance. If you love yourself a hot alpha, then pick this set up.  The only disclaimer I will give is these three books are from three different series, but are all stand alone novels.

Guarded by the Alpha I had already read before on its own. I really loved the story. The characters are written very well and the plot is interesting. This book opens a world that could continue on into a series.  I really liked the interactions between the characters. I also loved the heat in the book. There was also a bit of mystery as well. Overall, wonderful novel.

On the Hunt for His Cougar is the second book in this boxset. This book has another strong alpha, but I would have to say he was my favorite out of all of them. Something about him just spoke to me and made me want to claim him as my own. The female character in this book is written well as well. There is a lot of action in this book and a bit of mystery as well. There is also a ton of heat in this book. This was my favorite book of the three.

Wilde Bear is the third and final book in the boxset. I really enjoyed this book. This is the only book I had any complaints about though I loved the plot and heat in the book, but the characters annoyed me a bit. I understand why the author wrote them that way, but I wanted to smack them both. With that being said, it didn’t take away from the book, it means it was not my favorite. This book still has a lot of action and heat.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this boxset. The alphas were strong and protective just like I love them. The females, for the most part, were all strong on their own as well. I like when authors write strong female leads that are strong, but still can submit to needing a man to help them protect themselves. I would recommend this boxset to others. 

Star Ratings:
Plots: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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