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Release + Review - Beautifully Broken Control - Catherine Cowles

"Catherine writes the best broody, damaged heroes! I freaking loved Cain, and he and Kennedy were a perfect match!" 
—Susan Stoker, New York Times bestselling author

Beautifully Broken Control, an all new emotional small-town romance with the perfect blend of sexy and suspense from Catherine Cowles, is out now!

A woman trying to rebuild her life.

Kennedy is doing all she can to escape, to prove that she’s not the monster her father was. A simple life of peace and service is all she needs.

A man haunted by a past he can’t forget.

Cain has buried his demons under layers of control and success. The only thing he needs is his company and his solitude. Certainly not a woman with captivating green eyes filled with ghosts so similar to his own.

He’s a reminder of the life she’s left behind. And she’s a threat to his tightly guarded control. As sparks fly between them, they discover that what they might need most is each other.

But with pasts like theirs . . . you never know when darkness might descend. 

Johnaka's Review 
“Unexpected love, 5 stars” 

Kennedy is running from her past. She thought she was doing the right thing only to have it blow up in her face. So now she’s trying to atone for the sins of another. Kennedy’s just trying to get by. She has friends that she keeps at a distance and works her fingers to the bone. She didn’t expect Cain. Cain who is full of suspicion.

Cain is used to those trying to get close to him to take advantage of him. When he finds out there is a new girl in his group of friends and no one really knows her he starts to get suspicious. Even with the red flags popping up in his head he can’t help but stay away. He wasn’t looking for a relationship let alone love, but it just may have landed in his lap.

I loved how distrustful Cain was but he automatically saw the good in Kennedy. He didn’t hold the sins of another of her head like she did. I loved how Kennedy was supportive of him and pushed him to do what he wanted. I love how she reminded him that money doesn’t mean happiness. If you take a chance on Beautifully Broken Control, I think you will enjoy it. I cannot wait to see what Cowles does next.

Plot-5/5 Characters-5/5 Heat-5/5 Writing style-5/5 Overall-5/5

Louise's Review 
Beautifully Broken Control is book 4 in the Sutter Lake Series giving us Cain and Kennedy’s story, with only knowing very little about each of them I couldn’t wait to find out their stories.

Kennedy has left her old life behind her, one that she feels guilty about and will for the rest of her life. Volunteering and being the best person, she can she is slowly giving back and moulding herself into the woman she wants to be. When Cain decides he needs a break he calls his best mates what better way to solve all your problems than with your chosen family.

Trouble hits Cain’s company he is put in an awful position of figuring out who has betrayed him, with his demons circling him daily he pushes Kennedy away. When Kennedy comes face to face with danger; is it her old life or her relationship with Cain that put her there?

I personally really enjoyed this story, Cain and Kennedy were a mystery going into this book. I really enjoyed getting to know both these characters and it was great to check in with old ones.

I look forward to what is next from Cowles.

Star Ratings; Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5

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