Monday, January 11, 2021

Release + Review - Professor Perfect - Alana Jade

One night in Vegas.
That’s all it took.
One glance stole my breath. One touch lit me on fire.
We live on opposite sides of the country, so one night of fun should be okay, right?
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and now it’s time to move on.
But our chemistry was unforgettable.
And erasing Jackson from my mind is impossible.
But then my Vegas fling suddenly flashes before my eyes.
Not from a memory, but because my new university professor is none other than Jackson West.
Our connection is still as strong as the night we met. The air changes whenever we’re near. So there’s only one of two things I can do…
Ignore my new professor, keep it strictly professional.
Or, find out if we can keep this a secret.
I don’t know which path to take.
But I also don’t know if I can stay away…

Louise's Review

Perfect Professor is a standalone novel that had me hooked with just the title!

Jackson is witnessing his best friend get married in Vegas he continues to run into a gorgeous auburn-haired woman; his divorce is almost final and while he is 39 years old he is starting over. Mia is a mature aged law student on mission to help her BFF fix her relationship. One moment she finds herself having the best 1-night stand of her life with Jackson, next looking up at her new professor wondering how she got herself into this position.

Sometimes going after what you want is the best thing that can happen to you regardless of how it happens.

I personally enjoyed this story; Jade is a new to me author and I enjoyed the teacher/student and age gap romance. I look forward to reading more from Jade in the future.

Star Ratings; Plot: 4/5 Characters: 4/5 Heat: 4/5 Writing Style: 4/5 Overall: 4/5

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Lifting my head, I lean back into the couch. Jackson shuffles even closer to me as his hand moves to the other side of my face, deepening our kiss.
Holy hell. I’ve wanted this to happen again so badly. It’s only a relatively short amount of time since our last kiss, but it feels like a lifetime ago now.
Although this time, we are in the real world. Not a vacation in Vegas.
He’s my professor.
I’m his damn student.
I push him away suddenly, my fingers lightly touching my lips. Both of us are breathing heavily.
Jackson hovers over me, unsure of what to make of my sudden change of mind.
He begins to lean back in, but I stop him.
“Didn’t we just agree that we can’t do this. That we never happened.” My hand waves between the two of us.
“Yes, you’re right. It can't.”
"But it did... and I want more."

Alana Jade is a sweet romance author from Sydney, Australia.
She’s a wife, mother to 6 children and fur-mum to one spoilt pug called Harper.
Alana’s loved writing sweet love stories for many years and always tries to give her characters the happy ever after they deserve.
When she’s not madly tapping on her computer or plotting a new story in her journal, you’ll find her curled up on the couch with Harper watching Friends, or reading a good book on her kindle.


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