Wednesday, September 20, 2017

REVIEW - I Stole His Car - Jessica Francis

TITLE - I Stole His Car
AUTHOR - Jessica Francis


She stole his car, so he stole her heart…

I saw something I never should have seen.
I took something they wanted back.
I was desperate. 
So, I did something I never would have normally done.
I stole a car.
Not just any car.
His car. 
Now I have no choice but to trust him.
Only he can help me get out of this mess.
Then, when we both become hunted,
And when feelings begin to complicate things,
Can I still count on his protection? 
Can I trust what is happening between us to be real?
Because, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.

Jennifer's Review:

HOLY HECK! I LOVED THIS STORY. Seriously one of the best stories I read all year. The title alone made me curious and then after reading the blurb I knew I had to read this story. This book has a lot of action and suspense, along with mystery and romance. Toss in a hot alpha male and an adorable little boy and you have a bestselling novel! 

This story literally blew my mind. Stealing a car is an interesting thing to do so when I read this title, I knew I was going to have to read this book. The plot of this book is that this woman steals a man’s car because she feels she is out of options. What she didn’t expect was that this man has a unique set of skills and some problems of his own. This leads to a drama filled romantic suspense with laughter and tears. 

Ava is a delightful character. I like how she is written. We start off this story where she is in quite a pickle. I think by starting her off this way, we get to see just how panicked and desperate she is. What we also get to see is how much it kills her to have to do the things she has done to survive. I think it shows strength and courage. Zander is a great character on his own. He is an alpha male with a set way he likes his life. He has his own thing going and a need to figure out how to adjust to his new lifestyle. When Ava crashes into his life, how will he handle it?

These two characters are interesting together. Ava is just trying to live another day while Zander is trying to figure out how to change his life. They are both in completely different places in their lives, but somehow when they are working together, they are able to find common ground. I think this leads to some of the heat in the book. I like these two characters together.

The writing style of this book is interesting. I love how the author threw us into the deep end from the beginning of the story. There was no “let’s get to know Ava before her life gets uprooted.” Instead we get “let’s meet Ava who is in a terrible situation with no way out.” I think this creates tension in the beginning for the reader and makes them want to keep reading. The pace of this book is pretty fast, but it fits with the theme of the book. I think all the action gives the reader what they need to fully immerse themselves into the book.

Overall, I loved this story. I really hope the author continues to write about other characters in this series. I really loved the action and suspense along with the humor that was written in this book. I would 100% recommend this book to others and read more from this author. Great job!

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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