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Release Blitz & Review - Picturing Perfect - Rebecca Barber

Title: Picturing Perfect

Series: Meet the McIntyres #2
Author: Rebecca Barber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 25, 2018



One night
with Carly in my arms shouldn’t change anything.
I’m not
looking for a girlfriend.
already got enough female drama in my life.
Between my
crazy mother and unsettled sister, I’m fully loaded.
Why then
can’t I get the image of Carly’s long legs out of my head?
Why can’t I
stop imagining how they’d feel wrapped around my waist.
It’s a good
thing she’s not interested.
Either am
Am I?


It was an
innocent New Year’s kiss.
It was
nothing. Just a dare from his little sister.
Why then,
can’t I get him out of my head.
Why can I
still feel and taste his lips on mine.
I want
more. Much more.
But I don’t
want to want more.
I don’t
have time for more. There’s no room in my life for more.
certainly no room in my life for a man like Gage McIntyre.
Is there?

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Picturing Perfect is the second novel in the Meet the Mcintyres series. What is unique about this story is that it is set in Australia. Or maybe it is just unique to me since I am from the US. Either way I really liked this aspect of the book. This book has everything the first book had. It has comedy, romance, and a bit of family drama. Perfect combination.

The plot of this book was a little bit different than the first book. This book has a little mystery in it, at least to the characters. I feel like the reader really is the third person in this in the sense that they get to know everything that's going on. But I really like the plot of this book as well. It was again not love at first sight, but this one had an interesting aspect because these two were kind of thrown together in different settings and  That's how their relationship began. I think adding the layer of them running in the same circle, abs an added layer of anxiousness as you're really rooting for them to make it because if they don't it can affect the whole dynamic of the circle.

The characters in this book are as dynamic as the ones on the first book. And we do get to see the characters from the first book in this one as well.  In this book, the main character is Carly, who is Payton's best friend in the first book. She is a very strong character, but once you get inside a her head, you can see how even if somebody strong on the outside and portrays confidence that they can still have  insecurities and have things they need to work through on the inside. Then you have Gage. He is one of the brothers. He's a veterinarian which I mean obviously make hot anyways. I also like that he seems to have a little bit more going on than what is presented in the first book. I really liked his character as well.

The heat in this book is there ,but not as much as the first book. And I like that about this book. Not all the books have to be the same in every single aspect. It should really feel realistic to that couple story. I really did like the flirting with each other and the slow burn, and when things did finally get a little bit more serious I really liked that aspect as well. It was written perfectly.

Again, I really like the writing style this author uses. I never feel like anything's missing in the story. She does an amazing job at incorporating every day issues into these characters lives. I feel like even if you can 100% relate to them, you can kind of at least empathise with them. I also like all the Australian slang language. I know she didn't do on purpose, but I feel like I'm learning more about the Australian culture.

Overall, this was another wonderful book by this author. I believe that you could read this book without reading the first one, but I mean why would you want to miss out on Payton and Beau? This is a really good series to start if you're just looking for a nice romantic comedy that also has some serious notes to it. I would 100% recommend the series to others and I can't wait to read future books about some of the other minor characters that I'm sure we're gonna get to read about. Buckle your seat belts because I have a feeling that the series can go a long ways.

Star Ratings:
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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Author Bio

I’m just me. A clumsy, introverted, bubble bath loving, chocoholic who would rather read a book than go shopping. And god forbid if you try and make me shoe shop!

I’m one of four kids to school teacher parents. A wife to a football obsessed husband. Mother to a fur-baby who isn’t aware of how big he is. Aunt to the most crazy/adorable little girls. And sister to two very determined sisters and one easy going brother.

I live in Canberra Australia and work too many hours a day at my day job.

I’m a book whore who can easily (and happily) read a book from start to finish in a day and when I do have spare time, you’ll find me in the writing cave.

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