Thursday, January 25, 2018

REVIEW - Taking Charge - Rebecca Barber

TITLE - Taking Charge

AUTHOR - Rebecca Barber


Beau McIntyre knew the party had to end sometime – he just didn’t realise it would end so soon. After receiving a frantic phone call from his younger brother, Beau is forced to face his responsibilities and return to the small country town and the farm he grew up on.

After finding her fiancé in bed with another woman, Payton packs up her life and her livelihood and escapes her personal torment by fleeing to the country. Settling in a small town, she works her butt off to establish her bakery and turn her dream into everything she ever wanted.

The moment Beau meets the voluptuous Payton, there's an instant spark and he quickly decides that despite the drama facing his family, Payton could be the one good thing in his life. The only problem is that Payton clearly has no interest in anything more than a night or two of uninhibited passion.

Will Beau be able to convince Payton to give him a chance of something more, by letting go of her painful past?

Jennifer's Review:

Taking charge is a really good novel. It has a lot of good aspects to it, including the characters. This author did a great job creating a world in which the reader wants to continue to explore. This book has romance and he along with some humor

The plot of this book is like most romantic comedies. There's a guy and there is a girl and for whatever reason they cross paths. What I like about this book is that there's a lot comedy between these two. It's not one falling head-over-heels for the other. It's more realistic. I feel like I was really able to invest in these characters because the author had such a solid plot.

The characters in this book are very lovable. You have Payton, who is a baker and has recently moved to the area. Then you have Beau who has recently come back in the area but actually grew up there. I like the dynamic between the two because they're both kind of new to the area. Even though Beau grew up here, it doesn't really make any difference. Things have changed a lot since he's been back so I feel like that definitely added layer to the book that it needed. I really like this story arcs for both of them as well. Payton has a lot of stuff in her past she needs to get over. Beau on the other hand has his past coming back and knocking on his front door. What's he gonna do?

AND the chemistry between these two! Let me tell you it is explosive. I really loved reading the scenes between these two characters. Even though they didn't fall head-over-heels at first, they definitely fell head over lust. The slow burn between the two and them getting to know each other was really interesting for me to read.

I really enjoyed this author's writing style. This pace of the book with steady with lots of minor characters to get to know as well. As I said before, I really like the way the author created a whole world for us to want to explore more. There are definitely more minor characters that I cannot wait to dig into their stories. I over all I liked the way this book was written.

In conclusion, this was a very well written book. If you like romantic comedies, than this book would be perfect for you. Not only is there humor, but there's also some serious situations going on as well. You won't feel like anything is missing in this book if you read it. So give it a chance.

Star Ratings:
Heat :5/5
Writing style: 5/5

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