Monday, February 23, 2015

Review - Fighting Silence (On the Ropes, #1) - Aly Martinez

Wow, she did it again. It's amazing the way Aly Martinez manages to keep on throwing out books, that seem to grip and squeeze at every emotion I have.

Okay, so my favorite book of AM's so far has been Among the Echoes, it completely blew me away, and left my brain numb for days. So I was really excited to be reading a book, that was following in the direction of Slate, from ATE even if it wasn't his book.

This time it's Till Page's story. Till, has had a completely crappy start in life. He and his 2 younger brothers, know what it's like to be hungry and not have the things they need or want in life. Their parents are an extremely poor excuse for parents, and Till pretty much does the job for both of them, by bringing up his brothers.
It makes Till grow up extremely fast, and become very hardened to a lot of things.

The one thing Till never hardens to is, Eliza. She was his safe place, and comfort when life was just too tough.
At 13 both of them end up finding each other, when they both end up hiding out in a deserted, empty apartment, in their block. It's their escape from reality, their fantasy world.
As the years pass, they become even closer. Yet they never go past the friendship status. Although it's obvious both of them want to.

Aside from Eliza, and his brothers, the only thing Till truly loves is boxing.
A gym opens up and has a kids program, where they can train, learn, even eat at the gym, and just for the cost of helping out around the gym. It's run by Slate from ATE, and it's perfect for Till, and later his brothers.

Once they graduate, things change in a number of ways. Now Eliza has college and Till is concerned she will move on without her.
One night changes everything between them, and things start to pick up a different sort of pace from then on.

I absolutely loved Till's strength, even when things were tough, and they got seriously tough for Till. He had everything thrown at him, and he just got on with it. Also I loved Eliza's rock like role for all of the Page family. She was completely adorable, and took everything on the chin.
I'm not going to actually mention any of the key things that happen to Till and Eliza, as everything that happens in this book is so perfectly written and the emotion involved will have you crying stupidly one minute and snort-giggling through the tears. It's such an incredible mix of ups and downs, and will leave you feeling a complete mess for about 30% of the book.

The ending was so crazy overwhelming, so many things happening at once, I had to pause and take stock of everything I had read. It was a fantastic ending though, and it has left a big hole for what I assume would be the opening for the next book, in the series. Which I can't wait for. I'm just hoping it's Till's brother Flint's turn.

Just like any of AM's other books, not only is there suspense and twists and turns, that will have you screaming, but the many smoldering, hot sex scenes were incredibly intense. Like fan your face hot!

Such an amazingly good book, that will leave you sad, happy, angry, possibly even horny! But, it has definitely left me wanting more. I can't wait until the next book in the series is out. I need more of the Page boys!
5 stars!

**I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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