Tuesday, May 31, 2016

REVIEW - Everywhere & Every Way by Jennifer Probst

Title - Everywhere & Every Way
Author - Jennifer Probst

Everywhere and Every Way is a romantic novel by Jennifer Probst. Jennifer is slowly becoming one of my go to authors. She did an amazing job with her Marriage to a Billionaire series and I could not wait to read more from her. Everywhere and Every Way did not disappoint. There is plenty of love, heartbreak, conflict, hot alpha males, and so much heat it could melt the Antarctic. I was drawn in from the first couple of pages and could not put the book down. I devoured it all in one sitting.

Everywhere and Every Way is the first in Jennifer's new series. It follows Caleb and Morgan. Caleb is the oldest of the Pierce brothers and the one helping his father run their successful construction company. One fateful night his life changes and the brothers are forced to face things they never wanted to. Enter Morgan. Morgan knows just what she wants in life. She takes her job seriously and will not stand down. She holds her own secrets and has her own baggage to overcome. 

The plot of this story is similar to others, but Jennifer does an amazing job of adding in unique characteristics and circumstances to make the story take on a fresh new direction. The plot itself is wonderful and I loved falling in love right along with these characters. Not only with the main characters, but also the many minor characters involved. This story hold so much more than mere romance. There is family, mystery, and heartbreak that draws the readers in further. 

The character development is wonderful in this story. This story is told from dual point of view. Because of this, we get to see each of the characters from different perspectives while also learning how they view themselves and their inner turmoil. This helps the reader fully understand each of the main characters while allowing them to become further involved with the minor characters. With readers falling in love with the other characters in the book, it leaves room for Jennifer to write more books and further allow readers to lose themselves in the world she has created. 

As I said before, the heat in this book is scorching. Jennifer allows the characters to have a slow build up to their physical encounters, but from the very first moments, they have inner lust that seems to surprise them both. While the book is progressing, these inner thoughts are quickly transformed into physical actions that are so hot that they would make the most naughty girl blush. The scenes between these two characters were wonderfully written with lots of emotion and raw passion. These parts were some of my favorite of the book.

Overall, Everywhere and Every Way lived up to all my expectations. Jennifer Probst is one of my new favorite authors. She writes with a familiar style that would draw in any romance lover, while also adding depth to her stories to make them unique and memorable. I cannot wait to read the other books in this series and learn more about this family and the other characters finding their happy endings. I would recommend this to my friends and family. 

Characters: 5/5
Writing Style:5/5

Favorite Quotes:
"I'm in a bad mood, princess. Sure you want to take me on now?"
"Why don't you try me, Charming?" -Caleb and Morgan

"Can you actually cook?"
"Yes. Don't worry, I'll satisfy you."
"What an awful innuendo. I expected better of you."
"When I'm ready to prove that, there won't be any innuendo involved, princess. Just action." -Caleb and Morgan

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