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Review - Faith's Temptation by Angie Sakai

Title - Faith's Temptation
Author - Angie Sakai


Faith Landon has always lived a simple life as the coal miner’s daughter. Growing up with two brothers she was always taught to never back down and never give in to anything. Then one day something happens that changes her life forever. Now faced with the choice of fight or flight, she leaves home and doesn’t look back. 
Ryder Porter was born and bred to take over the DDMC, but one choice of a patched member fifteen years ago sends Ryder and the whole MC into turmoil. Now left to clean up the mess. Ryder finds himself alone and wanting more in his miserable life than the ‘Lolly’s’ and whores. He sets his eyes on Faith. Ryder loves a chase and Faith is not his usual easy conquest. 
Faith’s never been one for giving in, but will Ryder be able to persuade Faith to give in to this temptation?

What I Thought

Faith’s Temptation is the first book in the Dueling Dragon’s MC.  Angie Sakai is a new to me author. This is her first book she wrote and it was interesting as this is my first MC read.
Faith’s Temptation is about a young lady named Faith Anne Landon from Mobile, Alabama. In the beginning the story it tells about her family, her best friend Peggy Sue and her boyfriend, Beau. Well something happens and she decides to leave her hometown and start a new life. She stops at Calvert City, Kentucky.

Ryder is the male main character in this story. He is the president of the Arizona Dueling Dragons Motorcycle Club (MC).  Basically Ryder doesn’t have a choice in what he is doing at the moment because of his father.
Faith ends up getting at a job at the Diner truck stop that Layla owns. Layla is Ryder’s sister.     As the story unfolds Ryder and Faith get to know one another by talking and hanging out. They’re both attracted to each other.

I like the characters in this story. Faith and Ryder especially when they open up and tell each other their past.  All of the characters in this story could be real. The writing seemed to be ok. At first with reading this book, it didn’t hook me in the beginning but I kept reading because it was interesting and I wanted to see how it ends.

There is only two things that I didn’t like. The first one was I felt there were curse words that didn’t need to be in certain places. It seemed like every page there was at least one in it. It got “old”. The second one is I’m not a huge fan of cliffhangers so that got me by surprise because I don’t like to read books like that unless the 2nd one is out. However with that said, I’d still like to read book 2-Ryder’s Temptation to see how this story unfolds.  
I’d recommend this story to anyone that wants a new to me author and if you like to read about MC books.
Parts of the story I liked:

“I know you felt the connection between us, so when the time comes, don’t fight it, just let Ryder take control.”

“Faith Anne Landon, I love you. You have got my heart. I don’t know how you’ve turned me into the man I am now..But… You had me the second I saw you in the diner that first time.”
Plot- 4/5
Characters 4.5/5
Heat – 3.5/5
Writing Style- 3/5
Overall Rating- 3.5/5

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