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Release Blitz & Review - Love Entwined by M.C. Decker

Title: Love Entwined
Author: M.C. Decker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
  Release Date: June 22, 2016


Are second chances possible in a world plagued with devastating loss, difficult obstacles and everyday commitments?

Having a very genuine understanding of death and grief, Ireland O’Brien has been able to put aside her anger and move forward with a career of helping orphaned children – making their lives better, even though she’s kept her own pain deeply buried within her heart.

Architectural engineer J. Bentley Roberts has also experienced his fair share of heartache. Nearly two decades ago, he suffered the loss of his role model and high school sweetheart in the same tragic accident. And, more recently, Bentley said goodbye to his marriage – leaving him to not only dust himself off, but also to help pick up his teenage son in the unsettling process.

As both of their best friends get ready to say their “I dos,” Ireland and Bentley find themselves together again after twenty years apart.

Will they be able to fight their past demons to finally find the love that’s always entwined them?

Our Review

Love Entwined is M.C. Decker’s third novel. It’s a stand alone and has nothing to do with her other two books. For those of us who have been with her since the start, I know some of you wanted a different book before this one. You may even be a little disappointed, well don't be. Because Bentley and Ireland are the Bee's knees. 
Ireland and Bentley have known each other since they were kids. Growing up he would play wedding to make her happy, and she would help him build whatever he was working on to appease him. In their early teens they fell in love, only for tragedy to strike and tear them apart.
Ireland is damaged. She feels like if she doesn’t fall in love then she can never get hurt again. But life knows her weakness, Bentley. There is nothing that can keep him from her.
Bentley, thought of a different woman on his wedding day. Maybe that should have been a sign for him not to marry Staci. Now he's divorced with a son, and life's okay. Then he sees Ireland and remembers what it's like to live again. To truly love and be loved. But will it last?
M.C. Decker has always been known to throw us for a loop. Within the first few pages I was already questioning her sanity. Once again she made us root for the couple who didnt have a chance.
I loved the secondary characters. I wanted to high five Ireland for loving Tanner so much that she was willing to step aside so he wouldn’t be apart of a broken family. Even though it meant she would be alone again. Bentley’s mom Rita was a riot and wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Kate, Ireland’s best friend was a handful in the best way.
I never saw half of the surprises coming. Decker will keep you on your toes until the very end. This is one of those books that you have to read in order to fully appreciate it. Here are a few of my favorite lines;
“You two have almost come full circle—first as ring bearer and flower girl and now as best man and maid of honor. Now we just need another wedding”
“She was intoxicating and I had to know who she was— how she fit into my life.”
“She could’ve told me that aliens would soon invade planet Earth and turn us all into sea creatures within five minutes, and I wouldn’t have been more shocked.”
“Although I’d talked a big game, I didn’t intend on rushing anything between us. If I’m being honest, I just enjoyed watching her face flush and her hands fidget when I said something inappropriate.”
Plot- 4.5/5
Characters- 4.5/5
Writing style- 4/5
Overall- 4.5/5

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Author Bio

M.C. Decker is the author of the Unspoken Series, which includes Unwritten and Unscripted, and the upcoming standalone novel Love Entwined. She lives in a suburb of Flint, Michigan with her husband, Brian, and spoiled-rotten Siamese cat, Simon. For the last decade, she has worked as a journalist for several community newspapers in Mid-Michigan and Michigan’s Thumb region. She enjoys all things '80s and '90s pop culture: movies, boy bands, music and especially the color, hot pink. She also strictly lives by the motto, "Life is better in flip flops," and is a diehard Detroit Tigers fan.

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