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REVIEW - Hidden - Stephanie St. Klaire

TITLE - Hidden

AUTHOR - Stephanie St. Klaire

Releases - June 30th


Firefighter Colton Sparks is beautiful, brawny, and lonely? Colton, a die-hard romantic, is looking for a Hallmark worthy happily ever after, but finding Mrs. Right has been as fruitful as playing the lottery. It’s no secret that he dreams of white picket fences, finding love, and having a family. He has the white picket fence, he just needs her. 

He’s every woman’s dream; they just aren’t his. A total man’s man with testosterone driven tendencies smothered in a tough guy exterior, he has a soft spot…animals. He understands being the one nobody wants, so he rescues animals that aren’t perfect to the rest of the world. 
When a beautiful woman comes to town, he thinks he has found her. Megan Johnson is stunning with a regal quality that doesn’t live in small mountain towns, and a mystery that has him intrigued. She also happens to be his neighbor. 

Megan thought McKenzie Ridge was the perfect place to settle, for now. It was polar opposite of the glamorous life she abruptly abandoned. Small town living was anything but simple, it was damn hard! Gone were her days of fancy make up, and designer clothes, here were the days of flannel, fur lined boots, and becoming Megan Johnson. 

Things start to heat up, and fall into place with the handsome firefighter next door, when her past flashes its depraved and wrathful face. Can she stay in McKenzie and fight her demons, or will her secrets leave her alone and on the run? 

Is there a happily ever for Colton and Megan, or is love a deadly game of chance?

My Review:

Hidden is the second novel in the McKenzie Ridge series written by Stephanie St. Klaire. 
Rescued was the first novel in the series which was amazing, but Hidden is even better. I don’t know if it is because as a reader we have met many of the characters and fallen in love with them already, but I absolutely loved Hidden. 

Colton is such a hot man with a sensitive side that speaks to every woman. There is just enough mystery to keep the readers interested as well. While being the second book in the series, this novel can be read as a standalone novel. 

Hidden has a very interesting plot. Stephanie did a spectacular job of keeping the readers interested while giving them bits and pieces of imperative information to help them put the pieces of the puzzle together. I have to say this plot was one of the more interesting plots that I have read in a while. I loved the mystery of this book. I knew right away that Megan had more going on than anyone realised, but I didn’t expect some of the events that transpired. I love when a book catches me off guard and throws some curves in my way. 

The main character Megan is developed nicely. She has a long journey ahead of her at the start of the book and I love that readers were able to go on the journey with her. Colton develops a bit as well, but his main job in the book is to act as a catalyst for Megan to do some developing herself. I love their interactions with each other. 
Colton is one of my new book boyfriends for sure. He is described as attractive, but that is not what made me fall for him. He had me at animals. So as to not reveal too much, I will leave it at that. He melts my heart.

There is plenty of heat in this book. Stephanie sure knows how to heat a room up and make a girl blush. The interactions between characters is wonderful. I love how she allows the characters to develop and bond organically. I hate it when authors force the heat in books and rush the romance. Stephanie does not do this, which leads to a sweet yet spicy romance story. I also love all the humour in the book. All of her characters are funny and love to have a good time. I really felt like I was reading about down to earth people who could be friends of mine.

Overall, I absolutely loved Hidden. Stephanie St. Klaire is an author to look out for. She has a unique take on romance novels while throwing in a dash of mystery and action to give a girl everything she needs in a book. Her characters are relatable and very likeable. Stephanie transports you into her world and allows you to imagine you are a part of her tight knit group of characters. I would and have already recommended this book to others! 

Star Ratings:

Plots: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5


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