Monday, June 13, 2016

REVIEW - Hold You Against Me by Skye Warren

Title - Hold You Against Me
Author - Skye Warren


Once upon a time the daughter of a mafia king fell in love with a foot soldier.

This fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending.

My sister and I barely managed to escape alive, and we’ve lived in relative hiding ever since. I’m safe now, but I can never forget the boy who gave his life to save mine.

Except there’s a chance that he’s still alive. And he’s fighting a war.

Even knowing the risks, I have to find him. I have to find some way to protect him, the way he protected me. But he isn’t the boy I left behind. He’s a violent man. A criminal. And he’s been waiting for me—the final pawn in a dark game of survival and love.

My Thoughts

Giovanni and Clara come from completely different worlds. They were basically the Mafia version of Romeo and Juliet. Thankfully for them no one knew. But their world came crashing down anyways.
Clara’s father didnt love her, didn’t claim her. When her life was in danger thanks to his life style her older sister took her and ran. Leaving behind the only other person who ever cared for her cover their tracks. Will Clara ever be safe? Does her lover survive?
Gio loves a girl he could never have. Loves her so much that he puts his life on the line for her. Only he doesn’t expect to live. For years he keeps her safe from a distance, but then everything changes. Will everyone make it out alive?
Gio and Clara are explosive together. No matter how much they flight the pull towards eachother they cannot stay away. It doesn’t matter how much Clara hates Gio for putting her in the spot shes in, she lights up like a christmas tree under his touch. Gio has this priminal instinct when it comes to Clara. He just can’t help himself. Will they put the past and present threats to the side and just be? Will they flourish? They say its better to work together than apart, will this be the same?
Warren brings the story to life in a believable manner. You cannot help but hope that Gio and Clara can find a balance as a couple that they never achieved as indiviuals. She managed to make me do a double take from throwing villians into the mix that I never saw coming. The secondary characters were few and far between, yet solid at the same time. You knew where they stood and either loved them or hated them.

Heres a couple quotes I liked;

“There are a hundred walls to paint, a thousand dark memories to wash away. And we’ll face them together.”
“He is the memory of a dream when I wake up. He’s the man at the street corner, gone the moment I blink. He’s my last regret as I go to bed .”
“I used to lie with him , sharing my headphones as we both listened to the music on my iPod. Now we’re dancing to a six-string orchestra.”

Plot- 4/5
Characters- 4/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing style- 4/5
Overall- 4/5

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