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REVIEW - Havelock: One - Jane D. Everly

Title - Havelock: One
Author - Jane D. Everly


Eliana Havelock is a female with no past, whose determination to bring down a Karachi arms dealer catches the attention of the British Secret Intelligence Service. MI-6 is currently fractured due to political upheaval with many of its covert programs dissolved or disbanded. When Eliana presents the opportunity to divert an international arms disaster, the head of MI-6 partners her with one of it’s best and brightest, the enigmatic, Connor Blackwell. But in a world of secrets and hidden agendas, who can Eliana trust? And what, or who, is Eliana really after?

What it's all about

Eliana Havelock, a woman who had a past and a family, and yet she does not exist.

" Who are you Eliana"
What I thought

When the offer of book one in a spy serial, landed in the inbox of a "romance book blog" I'll be honest, I raised my eye brow, but I read the blurb and I was intrigued. I've never really got down with the serial thing before, but hey, why not give it a go.

And I'm glad I did!

Eliana is a woman in her mid thirties, who has mad spy, ninja skills. Some thing has happened to her father and she is on a one woman mission to find out what. Her mission leads her to the middle east where she is captured. She uses her skills to gain control, until MI6 capture her. Not so great. Or is it?

"You bring back an unsanctioned POI, and then you lose her! She had no prints, no priors, no identification. All we have is a grainy picture of her at a border crossing in god knows where. We know she was grabbed by Spiral. We know she is dangerous. Anything I'm missing?"

This is where we meet Blackwell. He is in Karachi on official business chasing down a lead on "Spiral". When he turns back up at MI6 with no new evidence and an unknown female. His boss  Rawlston is not happy. She's even less happy when Eliana educates her on some info she knows.
Information that could ruin MI6 and explain multiple unexplained deaths worldwide.

" She is not going to sit there and get nervous. She is here because she wants to be. We didn't find her, she found us. Making her wait accomplishes nothing"

Much to Rawlstons disdain, she is forced to trust Eliana and utilise her, putting under the protection and surveillance of Blackwell.

"There was a moment there, I felt it. A bit of a spark. You can do a lot of things with a spark"

So many questions.
What is going to happen to them and between them?
What on earth is happening with Jeremy Lampert? and why was Vanessa crying?
How much more damage is Treadik going to do?
Hopefully we'll find out in the next instalment when they arrive in New York.

Star Rating - 4 Stars

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