Friday, June 5, 2015

REVIEW - Yesterday's Secrets...Tomorrow's Lies - Donnita Lachey


TITLE: Yesterday's Secrets...Tomorrow's Lies

AUTHOR: Donnita Lachey


Lauren Reynolds is a woman who knows what she wants…or at least she did, until she met Justin Wilder…
With small town Texas in her rear view mirror, Lauren’s course included a partnership in the Bostonian law firm, Anderson & Anderson, as well as a marriage with her law professor, Aaron, also a partner in the firm. 
Slated for the soon to be abdicated principal partner, Mason Anderson’s, chair. Lauren appears to have it all; until she meets Justin Wilder.
Justin, tantalizingly wealthy, sexy, connected and her ardent admirer, is also employed at Anderson & Anderson as a paralegal preparing for the bar...


Where to start...where to start...sadly the characters in this book weren't well rounded.
The three main players in this book, I knew about as well, as I knew the secondary.
I think Donnita was in a little over her head with this story. 
You went from one characters thoughts, to another one who wasn't even in the scenes, without a page break. 
There were too many unanswered questions. The biggest one being what was Aarons mystery illness. One day he has six months to live, then in the next page it talks about them traveling all over the world hoping to find a cure. A cure for what? 
I could keep going but I wont.

I give Donnita credit for putting herself out there. It's a scary thing hitting the published button. Unfortunately though I can't give her anything more than 1 star.

 **This is my own personal, honest opinion. It does not mean, that everyone who reads this, will not enjoy it. It just wasn't for me**

**I was given an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review**




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