Saturday, June 20, 2015

REVIEW - Milan's Return by Grae Lily

Title - Milan's Return
Author - Grae Lily


He thought he said goodbye to what was taken away from him, then, a desperate phone call, threatening everything that his family worked so hard to obtain, sent him right back to the place that ripped his heart into shreds. Forced to face his past, Milan finds himself at the center of yet another nightmare and staring into the hauntingly beautiful face of a woman who could save him from himself. Can he withstand another round of uncertainty and find all that he never knew he needed?

What I thought

In the beginning, for me the story started out slow with telling about Milan's childhood etc, but in a good kinda slow way. 
Then it got interesting and I couldn't put it down!   
This is the first book I have read by Grae Lily and I'm looking forward to reading more!  
I've never read a suspense-filled Southern Gothic Romance novel before, and I'm so glad I got a chance to read this. I want more! 

Grae Lily wrote an appealing, gripping story filled with lots of details.  I liked that while I was reading, I didn't see anything coming (suspense part).  

The characters you'll meet :
Milan's neighbors
Sheriff Ned Acker
Tuck Johnson
Merv Calvin
Mrs. Calvin (Kathy Jo)

Some quotes/parts of the story I liked:

"Something about the land that remained disturbed him. He always felt like there was something or someone watching him. It didn't help that an old tunnel also occupied that space and the creek that ran through it always seemed to be whispering as he passed by."

"This, along with so many other places that held both happy and sad memories, prompted him to want to leave and never look back. The pressure had grown to be too much. Living his life under constant suspicion of something he'd never consider doing, let alone actually do to the woman who brought him so much joy, would be unbearable to stand for any sustained amount of time."

"Paulina had fallen in love with Merced Manor from the first moment she saw it. For her, it was akin to the grandest castles in Spain. She used to dream of one day visiting a castle, so when the opportunity to not only live in something substantial like the manor was given to her, she couldn't have been more grateful.The home and the marriage were dreams come true for her."

"Looking at her was like looking at a ghost and, no matter what Sara said, the fact wasn't going to change, but he was willing to try and see beyond her physical features and get to know her as an individual."

Plot= 4.5/5
Writing Style= 4.5/5
Overall Rating= 4.5/5
       I would definitely recommend this book to others!

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**I was kindly given an arc in exchange for a fair and honest review**

*Please note* - This is just my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of everyone.  

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