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REVIEW - His Angel (Trident Security #2) - Samantha Cole


 TITLE: His Angel (Trident Security #2)

AUTHOR: Samantha Cole




The 'Sexy Six-Pack' is back! The men of Trident Security are ex- Navy SEALs, hardened warriors with hearts of gold.

Angelina 'Angie' Beckett has been waiting a long time for Mister Right. Unfortunately, all her boyfriends have turned out to be Mr. Wrong. None of them have been able to hold her interest for long and give her what she craves in a relationship. That is, until she meets her new neighbor's boss.

Ian Sawyer stopped believing in 'soul-mates' after his fiancee walked out the door ten years ago without a backwards glance. Now, he needs for a woman to spell out exactly what she wants from him. When he starts to fall for the woman he's protecting, he can't help but wonder when she'll realize that love is not enough for a lifetime of happiness.

When trouble knocks on Angie's front door, she puts her life in Ian's hands. His security team is determined to keep her alive at all costs, but will someone die in her place? And when the smoke clears, will Angie walk out of Ian's life forever?

Warning - 18+ Contains elements of BDSM, hot sex and even hotter Doms!

My Thoughts:

  *Received free copy in exchange for an honest review.*

His Angel is the story of Angelina (aka Angie or Angel) and Ian. Angie is a woman who has a hard time dating. She feels like something is missing from her relationships both emotionally and sexually. Ian has a particular type of lifestyle. He has been burned in the past by a woman and refuses to let any other woman get close to him again. When Ians co-worker and friend moves next door to Angie, Ian is immediately attracted to her and finds himself visiting his friend more often in hopes of seeing her. Angie has noticed Ian and is attracted to him as well, but thinks that there is no way he would ever be interested in her.
Ian works for a security agency. When he gets a job to protect Angie at all costs, he spends more time watching her. After a blind date of hers falls through, Ian asks her out, which starts their romantic relationship. Not long after they start dating, Angie finds out about Ians BDSM lifestyle. While she is a little freaked, she is more intrigued and allows Ian to introduce her to the lifestyle. Hot sex scenes and emotions proceed, while Angie and Ian find themselves falling deeper than either had imagined.
I enjoyed this story, but at the same time I felt that it needed to be blended more. I understand that the characters needed to fall in love and have their getting to know you stage, but I feel that the mystery (aka Angie is in danger) was lost while we were watching them fall in love. I kind of felt like it was two different stories in a way.  In the beginning we are introduced to the idea that Angie might be in trouble, but then it is put on the back burner for a majority of the book. After Ian and Angie become close, the danger aspect is used as a way to bring a climax to the story. I think that worked fine except I would have liked to see some clue that she was going to be in danger before the climax of the book. That is just me personally though.
Ian and Angies relationship was a good one. I liked how he introduced her to the BDSM lifestyle and how she struggled a little, but eventually was able to acclimate. With that being said, I think she was a little bit too accepting at first. I felt like they moved things a long quicker than I think it should have. Angie never thought a BDSM lifestyle was real until she found out about Ian. She was told by a random woman she had never met in a bathroom, which I figured she would freak out a bit more at this point. I understand her intrigue, but I guess I figured she might have been a little more reluctant at first. She even jumped right in that same night and asked Ian to introduce her to the lifestyle. I think that someone being so new would have wanted to go slow to make sure that it was what she really wanted. After asking some questions, I think that I would have liked to see her without a night or two while she thought about the information discussed.
 The actual BDSM portion of the book I found to be interesting. The explanation of the BDSM club and the patrons was told in a way that I could imagine it.
 With that being said, I really did enjoy this book and learning about Ian and his lifestyle. I think that Angie and Ian progressed their relationship a little fast, but it was still a good relationship. I loved how Ian kept denying his love for Angie, but when he thought he lost her, he was forced to deal with the fact that he was indeed in love with her. Angie admitted she loved Ian to herself quicker than Ian, but I think she knew she would fall for him from the beginning. I would recommend this book to my friends and would enjoy reading other books by this author.

Favorite Parts of the book:

“Uh-uh. I asked you to dinner and it’s my treat. I’m not expecting anything in return, Angie, just the pleasure of your company for the evening. And maybe a goodnight kiss, if you decide you had a good time.” –Ian trying to convince Angie to go to dinner with him

“Seriously, Heather? Who let your skanky **butt** in here? You wouldn’t know art if it slapped you. Oh, wait a minute, it looks like you already took an oil painting to the face or is that your makeup? I can’t quite tell.” Kristen

 “What was that for?” - Angie
“Well the Dom in me felt like it.” - Ian
“Well, tell the Dom in you to have a little sympathy for the half-unconscious. You wore me out.” - Angie

Star Rating:

Plot = 3.5/5
Characters = 4/5
Heat = 5/5
Writing Style = 4/5
Overall Rating = 4/5

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**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**




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