Monday, March 26, 2018

REVIEW - The Consequences of Rejection - Rachel Van Dyken

TITLE - The Consequences of Rejection

AUTHOR - Rachel Van Dyken


You know the universe is trying to tell you something when you get struck by lightning, but only after getting hit on by the elderly, almost getting ran over by a semi, and running into the one who got away. 
Why do they say it like that anyway? 
Like I accidentally lost her when she was the one that got in the car with my best friend and left me. 
The day after I proposed. 
We were eighteen. 
I wanted forever. 
She didn't. 
It's been ten years. 
I tried to move on, tried to get married, had that same wedding crashed by my now best friend who says the only way for me to stop pissing off the universe, is to gain closure with the one woman I can't forget. 
So I do it. 
I embark on a journey down memory lane that not only lands me in prison but on the receiving end of a fist fight in front of the entire town, this naturally happens after drunken pool sex, climbing the same girls window, and getting threatened at gunpoint by her father.
To say the universe is trying to tell me something anything, is a giant understatement. 
I just hope I survive the message. 
And then, I hope I survive her--again.

Johnaka's Review:

“Laugh out loud good, 5 stars”

RVD’s Consequences books have always been my favorite of mine when it comes to her. There is something about the extreme ridiculousness that takes place in these stories that you can’t help but laugh at. They are almost to the point of making you think one person cannot have such bad luck and yet they do! In The Consequence of Rejection you have all the players you’ve fallen for in the last three books plus now Jason’s forever girl and it’s a blast. If you need a laugh scroll up and one click now.

Jason thought he had forever when he was younger only to see her taillights as she left town. Ever since life has basically been down hill for him and his string of bad luck. Now the girl he loved is a woman and she’s back. With a little help from Max and the gang and one meddling old lady he may get the her back. Or he could end up dead, you never know with his luck.

Maddy ran because she was scared. She was scared of feeling her big feelings for Jason and scared of becoming someone she didn’t want to become. Now she’s home and she’s faced with the reality that she never got over Jason. Will she try her hardest to dodge the guy next door or will she try her hardest to get him back? You won’t know until you dive in.

Star Ratings:
Writing style-5/5

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