Friday, December 8, 2017

REVIEW - Miss Mechanic - Emma Hart

TITLE - Miss Mechanic 
AUTHOR - Emma Hart

Released December 12th


Two mechanics. One rivalry.
She’ll prove she’s as good as she says she is.
He’ll prove her place isn’t under the hood.
It’s over it.

“Don’t let the bastards get you down.”
For twenty-six years, I lived by my daddy’s motto. Which is why “Mechanic Wanted” is all it takes for me to apply for the job at the garage we once owned. 
And I meet the biggest bastard of them all.
Dexter Ryne. Hotter than Hell in July and a firm believer that my place is on reception, taking phone calls and looking pretty. Not getting dirty under the hood of a car. 
Determined to prove each other wrong, we make a deal.
I have three weeks to prove my worth as a mechanic. If I don’t, I’m on telephone duty.
If I do, he’ll accept defeat and make my job permanent. 
Now, all I have to do is fight my attraction to the cocky little… beep.
Problem is, an engine isn’t the only thing he knows how to make purr…

Johnaka's Review:

“A woman in a man’s world, 5 stars”

Women don’t belong in the garage, or at least women that look like Jamie. That’s Dex’s opinion and there is no changing that. A measly three weeks’ time won’t change that. Dex thinks he knows what he wants when it comes to a woman only for Jamie to blow those ideas out of the water. The sooner he accepts that the sooner they can be together, or so he hopes. Between her hot temper and his crazy family who knows how it will play out.

Jamie grew up working on cars. Motor oil runs through her veins. She was heartbroken when her family shop was closed. Now there is a new owner and he needs another mechanic, a position she’s more than qualified for. Jamie and Dex don’t start off on the right foot at all, both out to prove the other wrong. But somewhere along the line they not only earn each other’s respect but they start to *gasp* like each other! What will happen if that raging mouths collide in the bedroom?

I loved how strong and sure Jamie was of herself. Dex might have been stuck in his ways to start with but quickly changed his tune. I loved how these two communicated with witty, sarcastic banter. They were absolutely explosive. I laughed when they finally realized that maybe their families had it right all along. Seriously go one-click if you need a good laugh. Miss Mechanic was a quick read that left me satisfied at the end. I saw the story playing out in my head like a movie. To me it was realistic, and you’ll probably feel the same way. 

Star Ratings:
Plot - 5/5
Characters - 5/5
Heat - 5/5
Writing style - 5/5
Overall - 5/5

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