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Release + Review - Biker Baby - Penny Dee


I was about to make a huge mistake.
And when I say huge, I mean, approximately ten inches’ worth of mistake.
But after the week I’d had, this was just what I needed. A night of big bad mistakes with a big bad biker.

Honey Scott
Finding out your boyfriend is a cheating loser is a real buzz kill. Finding out you’re actually the other woman, is devastating. Call it temporary insanity, but I decide the best way to get over the loser I’d dated for two years is to get under a biker with tattoos, dimples and a hard body he knows how to use.
He’s going to make everything better with numerous mind-blowing orgasms. But just for one night.
Except one faulty condom means my one-night stand isn’t so one-night after all.

Caleb Calley
After a night of insane sex, the beautiful blue-eyed brunette gave me the slip. And even with all the women on offer afterwards, I can’t get her off my mind. So when she turns up at the Kings of Mayhem MC compound I’m quick to give her a second night of amazing sex and crazy orgasms. But this time, I’m not ready to let her go.
There’s just one problem— she’s not interested.
But if she thinks she’s going to give me the slip again, then she’s got another thing coming. I know she is keeping a secret from me but I don’t care what it is. I want her and I’m going to make her mine.

Biker Baby, book three in the Kings of Mayhem MC series.



Apple Books:


As he waited for his breathing to calm, I took a moment to marvel in the bulk of the man lying on top of me. My fingers slid across golden skin colored with a collage of intricate pictures, symbols and words. My palm curved around strong deltoid muscles that were well-rounded and powerful. He was big. Strong. Lethal. And probably not interested in being the father of my baby.
The thought made me shift uneasily beneath him. I had to get out of there. I needed to be alone to collect my thoughts and find my senses. I wiggled and Caleb rolled off me. I thought he would let me go but he didn’t. Instead he turned my face towards him and kissed me hard on the mouth.
But I was leaving. I sat up and began looking for my panties on the floor. Finding them wedged under the corner of the bed, I slipped them on and began hunting for my skirt.
“Where are you going?” He asked.
“I have to go.”
“Why are you always running away from me?” He said, an amused sparkle in his eyes. “Will I see you again?”
I paused and looked at him over my shoulder. “Do you want to?”
He grinned and I was momentarily taken back by how beautiful it was.
How beautiful he was.
“Hell darlin’, I don’t want you to leave.”
I resumed looking for my skirt. “I have to leave. I have things to do.”
I found my skirt in a tangle with my shirt at the foot of the bed. 
“At least let me give you a ride home.” He sat up.
“Its fine. I can call a cab.” I stood up and slipped my shirt on.
“I’m not letting you take a cab.”
“Really its fine.”
He climbed off the bed, unfazed by his nakedness, and began looking for his boxer shorts. I paused to drink in the fine display of his muscular body and his still swollen manhood swinging between his powerful thighs. It was obvious he took very good care of his body.
He slipped on his jeans and by the time I had buttoned my blouse and found my phone and shoes, he was fully dressed and securing his wallet chain to his jeans.
“Ready?” He asked.
There was no point arguing.
As he opened the bedroom door, I mentally braced myself. I wasn’t looking forward to the walk of shame through the clubhouse. But the hallway was quiet and the clubhouse was still. Sometime in the night the music had stopped and the party had wound down.
As soon as I entered the bar, the stench of last nights partying hit me like a bat to the face and I had to hold my breath.  The bar was littered with snoring bikers and the odd club girl asleep where they had passed out. Bottles lay scattered and spilled everywhere. Stale booze and body odor were ripe in the air. Caleb took my hand and led me through the mess, stepping over discarded bottles and sleeping bodies. Musty smoke glittered in the dusty rays of sunlight bursting into the room from a window above the jukebox.
Across the room, an older biker was quietly having sex with a large, partially dressed woman up against the pool table. His jeans were down around his ankles and his eyes were closed as he lazily rocked into her. The slap, slap of her large wobbly boobs against the pool table broke the stillness of the morning.
Further away, a naked woman lay slumped at the base of a stripper pole with everything open and on display. She hugged a half-spilled bourbon bottle and snored loudly. As we passed by her, Caleb shook his head and grabbed a discarded shirt from a nearby chair to cover her.
“Is she alright?” I whispered.
“Yeah, that’s Candy. It’s not the first time she’s passed out there and it won’t be the last.”
  I glanced around me. This place. These people. This was Caleb’s world. And it reeked of bad choices. Nausea roiled in the pit of my stomach and I barely made it outside in time before losing the contents of my stomach.
“Jesus, are you okay?” Caleb asked, coming up behind me.
I gestured for him to give me a moment as another wave of nausea washed over me and I vomited again.
“You drink too much?” he asked when I finally straightened and walked over to him. “I don’t remember you being drunk.”
I shook my head. “I didn’t drink a thing.”
He handed me a helmet. “Are you okay to ride? Or do you need a minute?”
“I’ll be okay.”
He led me over to a row of motorcycles parked alongside the clubhouse. His was a big black beast with lots of chrome gleaming in the early morning light.
Before he climbed on, he touched my hand. “Are you sure you’re ok?”
I smiled brightly but it was fake because I felt weird. Out of place. I didn’t belong there.
“Yes. I’m fine.” I said, very aware that I needed to get out of there. I did up my helmet and climbed onto the back of his bike. “Lets ride.”

Louise's Review
Biker Baby is book 3 in the MC Series and after binge reading books 1 & 2 I could not wait to get my hands on Celeb and Honey’s story.
A 2-year relationship down the drain, Honey decided to go out and get under the sexy biker, having what was the best night of her life she slips out into the night leaving behind the nameless man. When 2 pink lines change everything, Honey is determined to get into the clubhouse and find her baby daddy. Just when they have everything sorted a bomb is
dropped that leaves Honey and Caleb wondering where they stand.  
I loved these 2 characters; Caleb shows his sweet alpha side making you fall in love with
him and everyone’s dream man. Honey continues to put up walls to protect herself and her baby, remembering every time her mother got in her ear about what men do and don’t want. 
I personally loved this book, I read it in 1 sitting not able to put it down; adulting thrown out the window. I cannot wait to read Chance’s book I have a feeling it is going to break my heart; Dee you have jumped to the top of my favourite’s list.

Star Ratings; Plot: 5/5 Characters: 5/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 5/5 Overall: 5/5


#1 Kings of Mayhem

Apple Books:

Louise's Review 
Kings of Mayhem is the first book in this MC series and I could not put it down; filled with a
rollercoaster of emotions leaving me on the edge waiting for book 2.
Indy has come home to bury her father after running away over a decade ago to pursue her
dreams, knowing that she is going to come face to face with the one man that broke her all
those years ago she was determined to ignore him and all those feelings that come rushing
back to the surface. Cade was young and naïve when he was manipulated and lost the best
thing that he ever had, for years no one has ever compared and he never got the chance to
tell her what happened, now is that time and he is determined to win her back forever. When
all their lives are threatened can Cade protect the people he loves?
Penny Dee is a new to me author and I can say that she has me hooked, writing a good MC
book isn’t easy and she has nailed this one; dual POV with flashbacks to give you history
between Cade and Indy.
I cannot wait to start book 2, Brothers in Arms.

Ratings; Plot: 5/5  Characters: 5/5  Heat: 5/5  Writing Style: 5/5  Overall: 5/5

#2 Brothers in Arms

Apple Books:

Louise's Review 
Brothers in Arms is book 2 in the MC series and it has picked up right where Kings of
Mayhem ended; setting aside everything I had planned for the day I dove head first into this
Manic and restless Cade has lost too much and it’s taking its toll, pushing Indy away is the
only way he thinks he can protect her; but when she calls him out and starts to push back
she realises what game he is playing. Cade is trying to protecting his girl and family; but
finding the person who is set on destroying everything and everyone he loves is at the top of
his to do list.
Cady and Indy have the most amazing chemistry they continue to grow throughout this book.
You will need to remember your tissues as this story pulls at all those heartstrings. If you
have not read book 1 it is a must, Dee has left me hanging for more and I cannot wait for
Biker Baby to hit my kindle.

Ratings; Plot: 5/5  Characters: 5/5  Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 5/5  Overall: 5/5


Penny Dee writes contemporary romance about rockstars, bikers, hockey players and everyone in-between. She believes true love never runs smoothly, and her characters realize this too, with a boatload of drama and a whole lot of steam.

She found her happily ever after in Australia where she lives with her husband, daughter and a dog named Bindi.


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