Thursday, December 12, 2019

Release + Review - Distract Me - Ceri Grenelle

Who said dating your baby’s daddy would be complicated?

For the past few years, I’ve been raising my former best friend’s kid. So when she storms into town, wanting the child back, it’s not surprising that I need something to distract me from panicking. Enter sex god artist, Nick. He drives me wild and gives me the confidence to pursue my dreams. But when I discover my kid is his, I’m faced with a dilemma. Do I tell him, and risk him taking her away? Or do I keep it to myself and jeopardize the best love I’ve ever known?
I made a mistake years ago. The result? A baby I’ve been looking for, desperately wanting to be part of their life. After years of fruitless searching, I’m about to blow my lid from frustration.
It isn’t until sexy as sin Meera comes into my life that I’m able to relax. But when the trail for my kid leads me to Meera and her daughter, everything we’ve built together might shatter. All because of a hidden truth. 

Jennifer's Review 
Interesting take. Distract Me is a stand-alone novel in the Stupid Awesome Love series. I read it as a stand alone and did not feel like I was missing anything. I will say that it was obvious that some of the other characters had their own stories, but I didn't feel the need to have to read them first. This was a decent story with some strong points, but it also had some downfalls for me.

The plot of this story was interesting and refreshing. The idea that the main hero was looking for his child for so long while avoiding any other serious attachments is amazing. Add in the one woman who may make him change his mind? I liked that about this book. The characters were original and the heat was great.

My only complaint about the book was the writing style. I just don't feel like it meshed well for me. Sometimes the characters used words that didn't seem to fit their personality. I also felt like the story progressed a little too slowly for me personally. All of these issues were a personal issue for me though.

In conclusion, this was a good story. I enjoyed many aspects of it. With that being said, I also had some issues with it as well. I would say that for some this book will be a huge hit. Give it a shot.

Ratings: Plot: 4/5 Characters: 4/5 Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 3/5 Overall: 3/5

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Ceri is the author of quirky and sexy contemporary romance novels. She has a major weakness for sappy cuddle moments as much as hot and steamy sex scenes, and a penchant for writing snappy and sarcastic dialogue. She loves romance that isn't afraid to be awkward and uncouth, and thrives on flawed characters with big hearts.
A New York native, Ceri now lives in California with her two cats, Mercy and Eugene Fitzherbert, who should be very thankful she didn't name him frying pan. She is a proud functioning introvert and lover of all things geeky. You can find her haunting the Twitter machine or posting pictures of her ridiculous cats on Instagram.
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